Home PC Reviews Sumvision Cyclone Mini Micro PC Computer Stick Dongle Review

Sumvision Cyclone Mini Micro PC Computer Stick Dongle Review

Sumvision Cyclone Mini Micro PC Computer Stick Dongle Review

what’s up guys how you doing it s’mores and welcome to my review of the Sun vision cyclone portable windows mini PC dongle let’s get into it I just want to say straight aware that this dongles build quality is really very solid indeed including the male connector it’s around 4 inches in length and is centimeter thick so it does stick out the tally like a sore thumb but it’s worth it the Wi-Fi aerial is adjustable and next to that you’ll find a microSD card slot which can take an extra of 128 gigs on top of your already 32 gigs of internal storage which is great and a micro USB host slot next to that on the bottom we have the USB host port and next to that is the DC 5 volt input and the power button okay so how well does this thing actually work well let’s start with browsing the net well as you might expect it’s a bit of a bog-standard experience but that’s not to say that isn’t a good thing it loads web pages quickly and clearly so really no problems at all so what about streaming video on YouTube and XBMC well it loads youtube videos incredibly quickly no problems at all when it comes to that and the same goes with XBMC so it’s a fantastic streaming device as well but can you actually get any work done using this little dongle of course you can but it’s absolutely essential that you get yourself a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set to go with this particular device I did encounter a few framerate issues when it came to gaming on the pc dongle it wasn’t too bad it didn’t affect the gameplay that much but it was apparent but games still look fantastic considering this is just a little pc stick but you definitely need to be aware that this device will heat up if you’re gaming or streaming video for a long time but there is a disclaimer within the box telling you all about it it’s not going to blow up or anything crazy like that but be aware of it so in conclusion I think this is an absolutely great product in my opinion if they could somehow shrink it down a little bit more think I’d be absolutely blown away by it but it’s already fantastically portable for you it would be nice if they could somehow include an extra USB host port I think that would come in very handy but it’s brilliant that it’s actually running official windows OS 8.

1 and not some pirated version but what do you guys think of this little pc dongle be sure to let me know in the comments below also leave your questions there too a big thank you to Steven over at some vision for the sample the link is in the description if you want to check that out thank you very much for watching and I’ll totally in the next one


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