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Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player Review

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player Review

the sunfish and cyclone micro a range of media players have a well deserved reputation of being reliable and cost-effective way of playing a variety of digital media on your TV the cyclone micro 4 expands upon this by adding support for miracast external storage of up to 4 terabyte and the ability to connect to different devices on your network making a worthwhile purchase for almost anyone some vision have stuck very close to the design of previous entries in the cyclone micro range when designing the micro 4 features the same compact black design as its predecessors with the addition of a fetching blue power LED and some slits for ventilation on the left and right the cyclone micro falls footprint measures roughly seventy nine millimeters by 70 millimeters making it very compact and is slightly thicker than earlier models at approximately 23 millimeters I was delighted to see the USB and card ports on the cyclone micro 4 have been relocated to the side of the device this means you could have an external hard disk drive or a small flash drive connected to the media player without obscuring the infrared receiver or having an unsightly cable protruding for the front of your setup the some visions cyclone microwave 4 allows you to connect it to your TV via HDMI or an RCA connection from two separate ports on the back unlike previous entries in the cyclone micro range the micro 4 also features an rj45 LAN connection and a wireless receiver allowing you to connect two pcs or other hardware on your network and play media directly from them however is the integration of miracast technology that has is excited here with miracast you can connect your phone tablet or any other compatible device to the player and mirror anything shown on the screen on your TV this technology works well for the most part but you may notice small glitches with scrolling text or anything animated with the current state of miracast technology sadly is not possible to seamlessly stream videos or play games or pretty much anything with lots of movement as you will experience substantial amount of distortion one thing is worth noting with the micro for as it has no internal storage like the micro 3 did and relies instead upon the use of micro SD cards flash media or external hard drives up to an impressive 4 terabytes of storage operating the cyclone for micro is incredibly intuitive the main screen gives you six pains to navigate from music video photo explorer miracast and a settings pane which are displayed in a similar way to other popular operating systems everything is very clear on each menu whether you’re setting up the device or using it to wirelessly play some media it really is simple for media you navigate down each layer and are presented with the names of all detected devices and folders until you hit the file you wish to play however no preview for images or video is provided so the accurate naming of files is essential with this device I was impressed to see the when I was playing music I could continue browsing at my leisure until I opened another file or hit stop on the remote like the other entries into the cyclone micro family there’s an incredibly wide two series of codecs and file formats the player can play I tested a variety of these myself and experienced no playback issues at all the micro falls remote control is equally intuitive and features at color-coded buttons for quick access to video music photo or the main menu there is also shortcuts for playlist and miracast for ease of use with a retail price of 50 to 60 pound for the smallest miracast DLNA media center in the world the Sun Vision microbe 4 is clearly a great deal the inclusion of networking features and the new 4 terabyte storage limit makes it even more versatile while the market for does it does well and it’s very user friendly while it does it if you’re happy to simply ship around media files with a flash drive or SD card you may be better off purchasing a micro 2 or 3 and save yourself some money but for a networked home that loves to be entertained the cyclone microwave 4 is a perfect fit I hope you found this review useful if you’ve got anything to add please let us know in the comments below thank you


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