Home PC Reviews Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Bluetooth edition (Review)

Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Bluetooth edition (Review)

Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Bluetooth edition (Review)

today I’m taking a look at the Sun vision slight blown android x4 box it’s a quad-core Android box I’m just showing you we get in the pack first basic instruction sheet to triple-a batteries for the remote there is a three pin adapter here for the unit the remote it’s a simple remote but it has the basic functions that you need volume control and directional pad for moving it around the menus and on the back here you just pull it off to put the batteries in moving on to the box small form-factor as all of the Android boxes are if we flip it over we do have a small reset button here in case you have any problems there are rubber pads on all four corners onto the back section audio/visual out a USB micro SD that’s where the power goes your HDMI out and a network cable here for a wired internet connection this has Wireless built into it as well and on this side another USB port the other sides are blank okay so I’ve powered up the cyclone box here and this is the main menu that you’re greeted with this is their own customized menu so you just use the remote and go through here you’ve the media player here on the Left YouTube Cody there’s miracast their apps run into the apps to show you what’s pre-installed most of the common apps you’d expect to hear Facebook YouTube and Netflix but if you want anything else you can just click over to the Play Store register for an account there and just add the ones you want to so clicking out of that now you’ll notice if you go down here you get a shortcut menu here there’s a file manager it’s just on the internal memory you can scroll through here and search for media now this one’s slightly interesting this is a memory free up tool so you just click that and that just frees up a bit of memory now if you want to customize what appears on the screen here at the bottom you can just go in here and add the apps that you want to appear at the bottom so let’s put a shortcut for the downloads as well so if you don’t if you change your mind you want to change that you can just unclick press back on the remote so you have a customized control panel at the bottom that’s quite handy as well so you have pretty much everything you need on the main menu screen here this runs exactly the same as an Android box it’s just their own graphic user interface it makes it easier if you’re using the supplied mini remote rounding up now with my final conclusions and thoughts in terms of the performance the box is very good it’s more than able to cope with playback on HD videos some of the features that are included in this are Bluetooth and miracast both of which are quite useful the Bluetooth isn’t something that features on most of the comparable Android boxes this is a newer chipset most of them don’t have bluetooth built-in so that’s a useful addition if you’re connecting up media devices or headphones or input devices as well can’t really fault it on that the basic remote is fine for using it going through the menus if you do a lot of text though I would recommend going for one of the keyboard options with this box you might find it a bit of a chore moving through the individual letters on this you can just punch them in directly with a keyboard can’t really fault the performance of the box for the price it’s very good it doesn’t struggle at all good Wi-Fi signal only thing that I would say is the lack of a HDMI cable is a bit strange because if you don’t have one lying around you’ll have to pick one up it’s probably something that the makers should put in the pack other than that though it’s a nice little Android box they’re much more affordable now and the performance has improved quite a lot over time


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