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Sumvision Android TV Box Cyclone Android X4 Review

Sumvision Android TV Box Cyclone Android X4 Review

hello sir quick look at the cyclone Android x4 plus 64-bit Bluetooth 4k little Android box this is a tiny little thing you can see it’s only 9 centimeters across and there’s no external Wi-Fi antenna either it’s only what’s that’s just just over one and a half centimeters tall as well as I say there’s no external Wi-Fi antenna so what you see here is is a tiny little box inbuilt with Wi-Fi you also get a remote with this just a very basic remote needs a couple of batteries and handily they’re provided in the box you also get the power brick to power this just a round tip power brick and there’s a haich-d mi cable as well so you really do have everything you need to get started including a couple of quick guys just to help you get set up very easy to set up and there’s not too much to it you can see it’s kept very minimal around the surround a couple sides nothing then round the back you’ve got the power input you can connect this Fire Wireless or wired you’ve got the HDMI out and optical out apparently this will do for K but I haven’t got 4k content or TV so I’m going to test that around the other side there’s a couple of USB ports and a memory card slot so everything is kept nice and simple include the interface nice big button interface very easy to use with the remote although I would recommend getting an air mouse and some vision do an excellent air mouse as well this is a very simple interface that allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite apps under certain categories so let’s say we want to add Netflix to this particular class we just stick it and then it’s very quick and easy to find you just go to online video and there’s the app that you wanted on setup there’s very little in some of these and it’s up to you to fill them with whatever apps you want because there’s only a few apps this have been pre-installed which is a nice C doesn’t come with like a lot of bloatware so you can customize this however you like putting the apps on that you want to put on it does come with some basic movie players and file managers pre-installed the version of Kodi that’s installed though can’t be dated via the Google Play Store so I recommend uninstalling that and reinstalling it via Google Play you can then have the latest Jarvis build at the time of review and it really well very smooth no problems with that there was also no problems with Netflix issues hope so the interface on this is really smooth I’ve tried it on a few Android phones and tablets and sometimes Netflix interface can be a bit laggy no problems here very nice and smooth again playback absolutely fine and that was also true of the Amazon video playback as well again the interface nice and smooth and you can just stream weighty heart’s content the great thing about the Amazon app if you’ve got this loaded onto a little Android box like this is that you do have the x-ray information down the side so if you want to know who someone is but more information rather than going to NDB you can actually take a look on your TV bad news for those who like to stream from the Google Play Store when I try this out so the app started without a problem that was fine well when I went to do playback is there playback isn’t supported on this device hopefully that can get fixed in the future gamers out there are well catered for if you plug in a control pad like this the box runs really really smoothly the 64 bit processor has no problems at all with these kind of games and especially when you add a control it gives you a really really good console like experience so this driving game normally you have to use touch controls if you’re on a phone or a tablet but here I am just using this pad which plugs in via USB so you can use USB peripherals because it’s got the two USB ports and you can see it looks great on the telly as well console games have really come a long way so this is a really good option if you want a little box not only for streaming but also for some casual gaming so a really good all-round box it offers a lot of features in a tiny little package great to see that most of the video stream gaps work I haven’t had a chance to test all of them like now TV but Netflix and Amazon works fine and games were brilliant on this I hope you found this short review useful


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