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Stream Games To Your Samsung Smart TV Without The Steam Link Box

Stream Games To Your Samsung Smart TV Without The Steam Link Box

what’s up my friend today we’re taking a new look at the steam link. If you’re unfamiliar with what this it, it is this. A little black box with wireless and Ethernet network connectivity an HDMI for audio video out and USB 2.

0 for mouse keyboard or controller input that allows you to stream games from your gaming PC to a TV located elsewhere on your local network. yeah yeah yeah, its been out for like 2 years so whats the big deal? Well today I’m going to show you that don’t need a steam link box to stream games to your TV.

So drop a like down below and share this one with a friend if you enjoy the video. I’ve recently discovered something really cool about the steam link, but before we get into that let me give you a run down of how I use my steam link.

given that playing games on the Steam Link introduces additional lag and reduces in game frame rate from the extra video encoding and network activity added on top of a TV that likely has a maximum refresh rate of less than your monitor most of the games I play don’t lend themselves to a great gaming experience over the Link.

Considering all that extra overhead I often find myself playing less FPS intense titles like Final Fantasy; however I do on occasion play more competitive titles like PUBG with mixed results. and I do all of this from my couch sometimes with a mouse and keyboard and sometimes with the Steam Controller.

So on to how to stream to your TV without a Steam Link Box. To be perfectly clear I have not tested this on any other smart TV other than my own which is a recent model Samsung smart TV. All you need to do this is hit the home button on your Samsung smart TV remote, scroll over to the Apps app, then do a search for Steam.

It’s like majic woo, woo, woo.After you’ve got everything all downloaded and installed you’re in like Flynn with no more Steam Link Box. There aren’t really any downsides other that I’ve noticed so far other than that it still has the same drawback as the Steam Link itself which is that it down scales your games to 1080p.

and of course there is the noticeable input lag, but hey you’re probably not out for a CSGO championship if you’re streaming games over the Steam Link. Well there you have it games from your PC to your TV just got a little less complicated and a little less expensive.

That is if you’re rocking a Samsung smart TV. So I’d like to hear from any of you rocking a Sony or an LG to see if it has the same capabilities with the Steam Link Client and the also maybe if it performs a little bit better so if you do drop some comments down below and let me know.

and that my friends is all I have for this one so drop a like down below if you didn’t already and click that subscribe button if you’re not one already. So remember to game strong, stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll see you in the next one.



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