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Sosoon X63 3G Phone Review

Sosoon X63 3G Phone Review

hello youtubers and welcome to do spray on TV channel today we’re going to be doing we’re running a live and to to benchmark tests on the zoo soon x 63 phone and this is a 1.2 gigahertz mtk6572w cortex a7 phone and it has a 6-inch 800 x 480 pixel resolution screen for the memory this has a 1 gigabyte ddr2 RAM inform you by ron dual cameras dual cameras both or 5 megapixel on the flying back well this is running I want to remind you guys to like our video also subscribe to deals from review channel and there is a link to the zoo soon x 63 in our youtube video description now this star supports a poppy on gsm + 3g wcdma 2100 megahertz and it’s running android 4.

2 point2 and we’re just about ready this test is up just avada ready with the results now this is the black version it also comes in white and this is again this is a 3g version now so silence is it pretty it’s a new brand but we have some tablets and some phones on again on deals prime calm and the results are in and it gets a nice score of a 9406 check out the details so it has a quad-core 1.

5 gigahertz CPU let’s run it android 4.2 point2 will give you a bite ram mali-400 GPU let’s go to device info so x 63 mtk6572 cpu screen resolution looks correct 960 x 540 that’s not exactly actually get the screen resolution a little bit lower than the actual screen resolution to it but that looks like it’s correct 240 DPMS on the screen dual 5 megapixel cameras and this firm was last updated on December 21st again it gets a score of 9406 now we’ll just show you a little about show you the user interface go into the pre-installed apps so for that here’s the browser and we’re actually think we’re going to deals Prem right now so what this is loading actually let’s uh let’s just show you the build of the phone so this is it’s really like a dark navy blue it’s not black but here’s the speaker on the back five into the pixel camera here flash and here it so soon volume up volume down 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack microUSB port and this is the power / sleep button and let’s just show you the accessories before I forget so comes with a hands-free earbuds you can just press the button and answer phone calls using this and the earbuds do have a foam foam tips there’s a mic hole and about the answer button it also comes with a wall charger and wall charger is here this is a European this is a us-style plug if you’re in new Europe Australia or the UK will come with your country’s power plug adapter free only from deals Prime and here’s the UK style plug Australia and the European is a is a round style plug it also comes with a free screen protector and this is a nice three dollar value and when you order from Jules Prime we’ve actually include a free gift and this is a fifteen dollar value that she flipped face another foot case well it’s not leather but ah it has that kind of feel you can snap a phone into here and be on your way i’m not going to snap it in because they have to take it off in order to get this free youtube promo flip case make sure to ask is to please include the free youtube promo case for the free youtube promo flip case gift and we will need a request is in the other notes section during checkout and then to do that you need to actually register on Joe’s Prime calm and and then check out and read through our website ok now let’s uh well we’ll go on deaf now before we get too much further into this phone why am I you to like our video also subscribe to the deals primary channel that let’s continue ok so on the desktop we see as a camera and we’ll just take a picture hopefully not i myself but uh take a picture of the box there’s a nice beautiful women air oh I know looks like I move move my hand I take another one okay oh well the camera it looks like it has a little bit of a little day on it but it is 5 megapixels as i to-to said I you just have to wait before you move your hand away from the picture or whatever and here we are we’re out deals prime right now and we’ll just make sure the description says what and 22 did and it has a 1 gigabyte ddr3 RAM for you by trauma dual 5 megapixel cameras and you can actually bundle this phone with some of these other accessories quad-band GSM 20 100 megahertz 3g wcdma this is why it again it’s also available in the dark blue and 5.

1 i touch screen this is only point 31 inches thick it’s sorta actually really thin and here are the accessories 24 50 ml and battery hands-free earbuds USB cable and a charger and you can see here it’s actually where they were the slim so that’s a plus ok so let’s check out these settings and then we’ll do some web browsing that’s bluetooth see what else it has so this is a airplane mode VPN my device is now using input let’s check this out for our international viewers ok and storage ok so the storage is a partitioned will actually check out definitely one gigabyte dr a random under apps we can check out so there’s a one cup 1 gigabyte there and i won’t point three gigabytes here the rest is are taken up by the operating system and apps let me buy ddr3 ram with 684 megabytes free will just go to these apps and again I want to move around you’d like our video w 57.

1 booth flashlight which is a basically the camera flash switches on the back of the phone HTML viewer music mtk thermal manager phone phones photo screensavers sound recorder video player weather why GPS so it does have standalone gps ok now let’s just do some web browsing and get ready to wrap up this review so you can open multiple windows on this this will look nice and fast definitely one point five yards okay so I don’t know I’m pretty impressed with this phone runs fast it has a lot of features and apps and let’s just pop off the bat case to just confirm the dual sim slots here’s the 26,000 on battery and there’s a dual sim it looks like there’s a full-size stem and also a micro sim and well actually let’s power this off because uh okay yeah wait father’s office so we can confirm there okay so sim once into and then the TF card slot it looks like it’s actually on the top here okay so definitely dual sim dual standby and the Wits sm here’s the high me for this and there we go okay guys well I make sure that when you do order this to access to include the free youtube promo case the flip case like our video subscribe to a dose primary channel and


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