Home Smart TV Reviews SONY Z9D REVIEW: Is a $9,000 4K HDR TV Worth It? 🤑

SONY Z9D REVIEW: Is a $9,000 4K HDR TV Worth It? 🤑

SONY Z9D REVIEW: Is a $9,000 4K HDR TV Worth It? 🤑

what’s going on Tech Squad andru edwards here editor-in-chief of gearlive.com and if you saw LCD TVs where it’s dead in the water as far as picture quality and top-of-the-line features ago then you haven’t seen the sony v9d now you’ll rarely ever hear the utter the phrase game-changer but that’s exactly what Sony did here with this D Series television so as you can see I’ve got a Sony v9d here in the studio and specifically this is the 75 inch Sony xB r75 z 9 d this is the 75 inch model of the v9 z series which retails for about $9,000 and yes that is fairly expensive but Sony does also make a 65 inch version of the same model and that one retails for about 5,500 shaving off about 10 inches of screen size and saving you $3,500 in the process but the question quickly becomes what makes the Sony 390 series worth that kind of cash and should you spend your money on one if you’re looking to upgrade your home theater so let’s jump into my thoughts starting with design looking at the Z 90 from the side you’ll quickly realize that it isn’t one of those crazy thin TVs you’ve probably been hearing about and typically those thin TVs are either super high-end OLED or they’re super thin LCD TVs that aren’t worth a second look if you’re trying to go high-end since those are typically edge list the Z an ID on the other hand weighs just the hair over 91 pounds when attached would stand or 71 pounds if you get this 65 inch version and it’s thick because it needs the room for intricate and complex backlighting system and that’s actually the magic behind the TV Sony did do a great job with the rear of the Zeen ID giving multiple places to connect and route your wires and cables along with panels that keep them out of view after you get everything connected and covered up you get a nice clean consistent look around back and since I don’t like wall mounting my TVs I use the stand for setup which I personally think looks great the Z an idea uses a single sand centered under the display which I prefer over other TVs that use a pair of feet that go on either side of the display which pretty much limits the type of stands you can use but obviously it’s not the physical book of the v90 matters it’s the display in the picture that comes out of it and in a word it’s incredible so what is it about the z9v that makes it in my opinion the best looking LED LCD TV on the market today it goes back to that exact lighting system that I mentioned earlier the Dean ID has 630 individual zones of LED backlights and we’ve seen this kind of architecture before on other TVs other backlighting systems but typically they have twelve zones or 32 zones 36 zones I think one guy crazy and had 64 different backlighting zones but 630 zones on a v9d just blows everything else away basically every LED here is its own zone and that means that the processor in the TV can control the brightness and darkness on the display and an extremely precise level and the result is incredible contrast with blacks that are better than any other LCD HDTV out there and it’s even rivals the best OLED and where it outshines every other TV is in peak brightness this TV can go up to 1600 myths of brightness when playing HDR content you get a jaw-dropping image thanks to the increased dynamic range and high color gamut the high peak brightness even works great when you’re watching non HDR content giving it an almost HDR light feel and in all honesty I was actually a little concerned that the TV would be too bright especially for use in a dark room but it’s really well managed and those 630 zones make it so that only what needs to be super bright can be super bright while the rest of the image on the display can remain dark so for example if you have a sunset just the Sun will be super bright but everything else will look naturally lit it’s really impressive pair this TV F with an Ultra HD blu-ray with a great master like planet Earth 2 and it becomes hard to take your eyes away from the screen now if I had to ding this TV for anything it would actually be for the Smart TV interface and I can’t really fault Sony for this because they decided to go with Android TV from Google so Android TV is what powers a Smart TV features here on this display but what it is mostly is inconsistent sometimes it’s super slow sometimes it’s fast sometimes it’s just ok sometimes it starts out fast and it’s close to a crawl like catches up again I’ve often found it easier and faster to just use one of my connected set-top boxes like an Xbox one PlayStation 4 Apple TV TiVo bolt plus and just use the built-in apps there rather than relying on the apps built into the TV so right now that’s a shame but hopefully I mean Android TV should be getting regular updates hopefully a future update means that this TV will be able to be used on its own with out set-top boxes without you having to schedule time and your calendar in order to go through all the menus so the question becomes who is the z94 again obviously we know it’s a fairly expensive television this is definitely one of the highest end TVs on the market right now and so therefore it’s obviously targeting the high-end buyer someone who is looking for a really impressive TV to be the centerpiece of their home theater viewing experience if it’s right up there with the latest LG OLED models in terms of picture quality and price tag ultimately I think the buy of the sony is the person who cares more about brightness including peak brightness whether watching standard or HDR content and those who prefer absolutely perfect black and once that individual pixel mapping will be more inclined to buy an OLED TV instead and hey Sony is actually about to jump into the OLED market as well looking to tour the market at the both end of the game but now I want to hear from you guys what do you think of the Sony c9d is it something you’d ever entertained buying do you not really care about high-end displays or are you a video file let me know in the comments down below I’ll meet you down there for further discussion thank you so much for watching as always guys we have some really cool stuff coming up very soon be sure to say lock in here on this channel in fact if you haven’t already please hit the thumbs up if you were doing this one and don’t forget to click or tap on my face when it appears here at the bottom of the video in order to subscribe for free to stay up to date on all new content released and if you want to be one of the first to know when I release a new video go ahead and click or tap on the Bell button after you subscribe and that’ll send a notification to your device whenever I drop a new video until next time thank you so much for watching as always guys I appreciate your support I’m Andrew Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video you


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