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Sony Bravia W950C Android TV (50-inch)

Sony Bravia W950C Android TV (50-inch)

yeah the yes that is me back in 2006 when I used to live in panama me in my theater group lied and told the producers apartments solace that we were stopped men and that’s how I ended up on a boat with my head shape taking shots at James Bond and today I’m gonna tell you about Sony India launching its new Ranger Android TV’s in India the smart TVs are based on Google Android platform and I’m gonna tell you but our first impression at the Sony Bravia 50 inch W 1950 see let’s take a quick look the Android TV experience and the Sony Bravia $50 instantly ninety fifty-seat bought the TV and you agree with the familiar Android boot up splash screen followed by the Andhra text logo confirming the native Android integration our first encounter with the Sony Android TV interface was pleasant and somewhat familiar for stuff the home screen offers all the features ass movies and games that you can download via the Google Play Store the TV comes with 16 gigabytes of storage I don’t which you get 8 gigabytes of memory Fri 10 stop after the interface is clean and offers flat Android 5.

0 style tiles and hearts clean lines flattened visually pleasant is the best way to describe the interface right below the feature aP’s you get direct access to all inputs to quickly switch to specific HDMI component compas it and the analog input it’s a pity that the optional touch pad mount comes as an add-on accessory that need to be purchased separately for all 1080 P models all in all the Android TV interface in the Sony Bravia Delhi 950 °c is pretty slick and user-friendly it is generally and easy to master interface Bobby absolutely comfortable but Android users will feel right at home from the very first encounter with the TV while the overall interface and menus are sort of similar to what you get on Android smartphone the aP’s library in terms of the APs and the cat urbanization is not the same as what you get and the Android Play Store on your phone the absent billable are tuned towards media consumption enhance won’t be able to get access can install on the App Center available on Play Store what we don’t like those the paltry 8 gigabytes of free memory perhaps and the strings decision to keep the touchpad as well as the cameras a separate accessories that needs to be purchased additional disabling the use of the voice in for facility as a default outta the box features the Sony Bravia Delhi 950 °c is a far cry from most modern-day televisions that are often dressed in glossy chrome and shiny surfaces this Sony TV is all about matte finish in subtle classic looks the side basil is extremely then at sixteen point two millimeters in thickness and the frame is made of high quality metal wood grain Matt finish point edge-lit LED TV with a 50 inch be a panel that uses frames dimming technology we are super impressed with the image quality the Sony Bravia w9 fifty-seat the very first thing you notice about the image quality is the black lips the TV offers brilliant black levels with almost no sign and any ugly gray tones berle awesome detail in overly dark scenes the second thing that impressed this was the contrast and brightness levels while we suggest you wait for our detailed review our first impressions have the picture quality has been pretty good the TV handles motion very well for 60 Hertz native panel we never faced any gender or motion blur issues on fast-moving action scenes the Sony Bravia EE 950 °c and 3tb offers brilliant are the box sound experience the default sound system which consists Abdul 20 watt 2-way bottom firing speakers couple with the supplied sound more like to offer that houses to sidebar and 10 what plus 10 watt bass drivers work together to deliver a satisfying aural experience Sony’s first batch of and we TV’s have a lot going for them in terms of offering smart TVs that are easy to use and offer enough content to boothwyn as far as the unit that we have with us on first impressions the Sony Bravia W 950 °c does come across as a good smart TV that offers good image and sound quality and the Android TV bit ills well implemented now that I live in India I don’t get to be in the new James Bond movie news but I’ll tell you one thing acted Spector trailer looks amazing on the new Sony brought him to take a look for yourself sweet little tricks up their sleeves and do more thing for me what do you have in mind nope you disappear and come anyway yes %uh done


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