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Snom D-Series IP Phone Review | VoIP Supply

Snom D-Series IP Phone Review | VoIP Supply

hi welcome back it’s mark here in the lab advise apply and today we’re talking about snow MIDI series sip phones no matter what you need in your office the D Series has it they have phones ranging from a very basic all the way up to the executive style let’s take a closer look at some of these phones and look at their features starting off with snowy 120 this is the most basic of the D series still very good-looking would work just as well anyone’s desk as well as on a wall or in a common area this phone has the fewest amount of lanky is infused amount of SIP identities being too and you also have to line keys you can see that the screen is backlit 0.

3 inch mono LCD screen it’s great basic phone good looks sleek looks German design you can see there are also four soft keys which are going to be context-sensitive based on what you’re doing you have an accept and cancel button you can use for for calling you have a directional pad for scrolling through menu items we also have our basic keys our headset key we have do not disturb our directory transfer hold and then a voicemail button getting direct to your voicemail like I said the great phone for almost any environment you’ll see this probably most commonly in a common area or on a wall also something worth mentioning is that this is the only phone that these series that has a 10100 network port meaning that if you’re going to piggyback a computer off of this phone just keep in mind you’re gonna be limited to 100 net connection moving along to snow me is seven one seven phone you’ll notice immediately the screen is a little bit bigger it’s a two point eight inch color screen that’s six sip identities and you also have the four contacts based soft keys you also have the directional pad accept and cancel voicemail button you have your directory Settings button transfer button hold speaker phone headset and mute also some things that are additional to this phone is that it supports a Wi-Fi dongle the sonam seven-one-seven also has a gigabit network port so if you were to piggyback a PC off of this phone you would also have a gigabit connection to that PC if it’s doing any kind of high bandwidth sort of applications and just a quick note something you’re probably noticing on the screen right now was this nice little security features we the phone out-of-the-box we start provisioning it it’ll tell you right away if you haven’t set your HTTP password for your web-based provisioning really cool feature I haven’t seen that before okay keeping it moving snow Mindy 7:35 series is a little bit different from the last one I just showed you this has eight programmable line keys twelve sip identities also has the four soft keys can contacts based you have a directional pad just like the other phones you have accepting cancel directory settings transfer hold headset speaker volume mute than your standard keypad also this phone has a gigabit in that report for both the network and PC side it is purely powered just like all the D Series phones something interesting about this phone did it has a proximity sensor so when you reach your hand you’re the phone it’ll actually bring you right to your line key display very interesting another feature worth mentioning for the snob D 735 and also all of the sanam D series is that it has a 360 degree viewable message waiting indicator also shows whether or not you’re on a call also just like the D seven-one-seven the D 735 supports the Wi-Fi dongle and USB headset and lastly the snomed e 785 the executive style phone features a larger 4.

3 inch color screen also with an integrated backlit sidecar with six keys this phone also has integrated Bluetooth which the others do not this one also supports a Wi-Fi dongle and USB a headset compatible with the other phones with the exception of the D 120 it does have two Gigabit Ethernet ports so that if you do need to piggyback your PC off this phone it will have to give a connection as with the other phones we have four contacts based soft keys we have a directional pad we have except in cancel and we have our Settings button directory transfer pause headset speaker phone volume and our mute and just like the D 735 we just took a look at the d7 85 has 12 sip identities and there you have it snow me series sip based desk phones great looking phones great company and flips fly is an authorized distributor and all of the phones of the D series are available now at VoIP supply.

com I would love to have these phones and they would work great in your environment and for your VoIP application and with great voice comes great responsibility once again this is mark here and 11 flavors apply


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