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Setup Video!

what’s up guys welcome to a new and improved version of my setup video for those you guys wondering why am I making a new one so soon because the last one was uploaded in November the reason why is because as you can probably tell from the quality I got a new camera and that camera is the nikon or niikaan however the how you pronounce it s 8200 coolpix camera and it’s a great camera has 16 megapixels 1080p video recording 14 times optical zoom it’s great it’s great you got to get it if you have the money it cost me two hundred twenty nine dollars got a hundred dollars off because it originally goes for 329 but i got it for cheaper but anyways i wanted to show you guys the new TV that I got the new pc and also a t-shirt for my t-shirt shop those you guys interested in buying t-shirts the link is in the description box and it will be I will directly linked it to this shirt right here because I know this is a very popular t-shirt and one of my subscribers actually made the design so if you are a t-shirt designer out there and you want to make some awesome designs like this then just hit me up on youtube i’ll check out your work and if it’s good and if you’re you know you’re you’re good at making designs i’ll let you add me on my personal skype and we’ll get to work on making some more designs for my t-shirt shop but i want to make this little video part right here to show you guys the quality of the t-shirt because i know some of you guys out there hesitant when buying t-shirts online due to the fact that you can’t really like feel the t-shirt and see the t-shirt like the way you got to look at it to make sure that it’s not one of those cheap types now the company that makes the t-shirts very well known company this company is actually one of my favorite company that company and the the one that michael jordan advertised for the heinz haines have with how you pronounce it and when you look at it in the light you can see that there’s no glossy effect on the on the imprint itself which is good because when it’s a glossy effect that basically means like they just they pasted it on there and a lot of people don’t like that people like these type of t-shirts better where you know the quality is good and the quality is great it’s very comfortable i got it in a medium and remember that it’s men’s sizes so please adjust the size accordingly so remember link is in the description box go buy yours now they’re freaking sweet and they look badass and also if you’re a designer hit me up on YouTube we’ll see what we can do now I’m going to start off with my setup from the left got my printer has absolutely to do with my setup my game except that is but it’s there this ps3 over here got the red ring of death I don’t well red ring of death yellow light of death I don’t know if you guys got to see it but you can see a little bit and we got my posters over here on this side the dark side of the room Medal of Honor my target that shot that should I have what a g18 over the summer Saving Private Ryan a band the brothers banner brothers must favorite mini seriously prior Ryan possibly my favorite movie then what the charger came out of my laptop get it ah there we go alright so you know let’s start with the laptop how about that so this laptop I basically bought it just for mobility purposes it’s not supposed to be like an amazing gaming laptop it’s just supposed to be for mobility purposes but when i go to pax i could take it with me skype or friends browse the web on the go you know um now we got my ps3 over there said 160 gigabytes slim ps3 however I hooked it up with a 500 gigabyte hard drive yeah I know that’s badass isn’t ah that was pretty cocky I got the xbox 360 slim version 250 gigabyte hard drive got the two controllers for the console and then Detroit ends whoo the Tritons i upgraded from the turtle beaches because the turtle beaches just broke down like every two months and these Triton’s I’ve had since August and they’ve given me absolutely no problems so if you guys are looking for quality headsets that are not that expensive go for the Tritons they’re actually very very good and you got the base right here and everything and yeah um we got my to control remote controls for the TV we got the charger for the camera this is actually cool because I can use this not only for the camera but for other things you can see it has a USB port right there and it hooks up to the wall outlet I can charge my ipod on the go to and we got my LG 22 inch TV I had to buy a new one cuz the last one the last TV I was giving me a bit of problem so I decided to go with this one 1080p and it’s it’s great i love it you just have to change the default settings when you get it we got my nice little network setup over here my network connection is 50 megabits 50 to 60 now 50 to 60 megabits down 8 megabits up with like a anywhere between 4 to 10 millisecond ping and we got my netgear router my modem that was supplied by the cable company and now my HD PVR I used to record with a dazzle a long time ago but I upgrade to HD PVR and we got all my games over here you can see a lot more ps3 games than the Xbox games because I’m used to ps3 I’m used to play station you know I like the feel of that control better than the xbox one and that’s just my preference if you like xbox better than a PlayStation that’s your preference cool um we got my blue Yeti Mike which is what I record commentaries with I used to record commentaries using the turtle beach back in I think before august i’m not sure but i bought this and it’s great it’s awesome it sounds professional and it’s amazing you have to get it my new pc all the specs are in the description box is a cyberpowerpc arm and my OPC all the specs for this pc are in the description box as well and we got my speaker system I forgot what make this is like not to make I know it’s logitech but what model number it is but if you guys are interested in what not model number it is that’s in the description box as well everything that you see here will be in the description box we got my two monitors both 20 inch acer monitors and they’ve never given me any problems and they’re great and you need to get them and I’m very organized as you guys can see I got the clipboard oh this is what came with the spreadshirt t-shirt I forgot what the hell is this ooh I don’t know what the hell is this but we’ll leave it for whatever um we got my clipboard here with some writing on it for a battlefield 3 tip video we got my writing pad with my badass-looking pen right there we got my speakers back there this is the subwoofer that I showed you guys before my eye eight gigabyte I’m gonna be getting an iphone soon so i might be selling this you never know maybe on ebay i’ll let you guys know um well I almost dropped the camera right there let me put on the strap wow that sounds totally gay also for organisation purposes we got my whiteboard right up there uh my dry-erase board and as you can see hi YouTube and also yes please click the like button that definitely helps me out we got my gaming zone poster American flags the battlefield 3 poster model warfare 3 poster and we also have a wireless mouse wireless keyboard and the reason why I got wireless mouse a wireless keyboard I used to have a wired one a but I didn’t like it I like the feeling of wireless better it’s just much much better we also got my post it’s down there and everything like that you know got to keep the organization up the eraser and my small little heater i bought this to be like a supplementary heater since this one which is the one that used to be loud but we fixed it doesn’t throw out as much heat during the cocoa days i have to turn this one on and i think that’s pretty much it i think we covered everything my new bed sheets by the way they look badass don’t they red blue and white underneath with like stripes and and that’s about it yep so remember guys my t-shirt link is in the description box go buy it it’s freakin badass I’m going to be wearing this t-shirt a lot more and i’ll probably gonna order another one that way when I have to throw this one in the wash I could wear the other one but that’s about it that’s all for my setup video I hope you guys enjoyed it I’m trying to figure out right now if I missed anything this speaker system right here is my old one I don’t really use it anymore so it’s just really like not even part of my gaming setup anymore but that’s all for the gaming setup I hope you guys enjoyed if you did don’t forget to click the like button favorite this video and for more content in the future I hope you guys enjoyed till next time peace


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