Home Smart TV Reviews Samsung UN55ES8000F 55″ LED SmartTV Video Review

Samsung UN55ES8000F 55″ LED SmartTV Video Review

Samsung UN55ES8000F 55″ LED SmartTV Video Review

this video is courtesy of Martin Logan the world’s leader in handcrafted electrostatic and folded motion loudspeaker technology for audio files and home theater enthusiasts haha really one bird one sorry no no no no no I was just finishing not a review this is Samsung’s latest Smart TV the UN 55 es 8000 F apparently ABCD and E were killed in a tragic skydiving accident no not really at least that’s that’s off the record don’t tell anybody this is rather large upgrade in terms of both hardware and software the last couple iterations of Samsung Smart TVs they were impressive but they were tweaks on what was already a pretty advanced media system this TV yeah hi how are you uh-huh it’s one pretty big leap forward let’s start with the screen it’s bigger and also smaller Samsung reduced the bezel to around a half an inch in thickness so the TV seems to float in air you know I remember when TVs actually attempted to purposefully add black around the screens to make it look bigger now however the trend is to do the opposite they want the screen to be no bigger than the actual viewing area the es 8,000 F also integrates a camera and microphone into the top bezel you see this TV is aware once configured it’s constantly listening and sensing for motion and voice with its camera and microphone which was a tad creepy because we tested it out in the bedroom don’t let me not anyway listen check this out TV as a setup wizard’ runs you through some voice and motion tests to see if your environment meets the required noise and visual requirements anyway once you get that set up you can just raise your hand and do a sort of Queen Elizabeth way to get the TV’s attention here let me show you there we go and you can from here adjust volume go to menus activate the Smart Hub and yes even play Angry Birds just like that now their controls are subtle not quite as advanced as Minority Report but hey they’re getting there now let me start off with a voice control hang on I just want to show you something hi TV TV power off okay now is that cooler is that cool and if you think that is cool then you haven’t seen anything yet watch this hi TV power on okay alright enough of the freezing I know I just wanted you to be in awe at that moment anyway of course now I can say a whole bunch of stuff to the TV to go where I want I can say something like hi TV Smart Hub there we go I can even raise and lower the volume tons of stuff now the Samsung es 8,000 F also comes with two remotes and this the Smart Remote is rfn features an integrated mic so you can use voice commands even when the room may not be ideally suited for it which is pretty nice you just pick up the Smart Remote press the microphone button right here and then speak into it hi TV Samsung Apps pretty nice we also like that it has a basic trackpad built right in so you can use the web browser in a way that’s more organic there’s also an IR blaster that will control your cable TV box your blu-ray player right Samsung remote is actually something that’s an evolution of remote controls you see it’s one of the first times we’ve seen a simplified remote that actually works very minimal amount of buttons can be used to activate intelligently by the way additional controls as needed with this seemingly innocuous remote you can use the guide on your dish set-top box you can control your blu-ray players pop-up menu or even power on and off individual components right here it’s pretty nice now the Samsung has three HDMI inputs and supports Audio Return Channel and the new mobile high-definition link or MHL format that’s for portable devices and media control we connected the coaxial digital output of the TV to the digital input of our Samsung soundbar while the TV sound wasn’t awful just about any 2.

1 sound bar or speaker system is going to offer a marked improvement and picture quality on the ES 8000 F is superb for the best picture we recommend using the movie mode now when we measured it white levels were most accurate or close to D 65 and colors were vibrant particularly when the room light levels were dimmed Samsung has updated the interface of its Smart Hub adding larger icons for topical sections like fitness and I just got to say I don’t go to the gym coz I don’t people seeing me do that stuff now my TV’s watching me right okay sorry I know I shouldn’t have said it’s not part of the review just wanted to add that in there I should keep quite about that stuff kids also have their section family story has a section and having a dedicated area for accessing Samsung Apps and also a place called your video which is an area that aggregates all of the different features that allow you to rent or watch movies in one different section now the system even includes results from Netflix which is an update and it’s pretty awesome it makes searching and movie functions a lot better and speaking of search you can now say words and search will enter that into the field like this for instance hi TV search all Star Wars and now it’s searching for Star Wars which of course the YouTube result is the Star Wars call me maybe video which is just absolutely hilarious if you see you’ve seen it I’m sorry later now there’s a lot to like about the new Samsung 8000 series televisions and really we want to encourage new technology like voice and motion control that’s not to say however that this thing is perfect for example the motion control doesn’t work in some apps like Netflix voice control doesn’t do everything for instance I couldn’t mute the TV I could set the volume to zero but anyway while the Smart Remote could bring up our dish program guide which actually surprised us we couldn’t figure out how to get it to access the DVR all of this is to say that Samsung has a compelling an impressive system one that makes for not only a great party trick but which we actually find ourselves using the Samsung ES 8000 F has all the markings of being a step toward the future of television control with a little more refinement and advances in voice and gesture recognition technology in my end up being a giant leap forward now this week’s question is how big is your TV let us know in the comments below the video and while you’re there subscribe to our YouTube channel our Facebook page by the way is pretty active these days so if you want a quick way to stay up on all the news products and AV then make sure to like our page facebook.

com slash audio holux and if you need AV information and it’s insatiable you just you can’t okay you get the point if that’s you and you know who you are then follow us on Twitter audio holux live hi TV how are you you want I was thinking maybe you and I could go out sometime I mean I know we’ve been seeing a lot of each other with your camera and your your microphone and all so I was just thought that we could I mean you don’t have to I see how it is checked it but TV


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