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Samsung TV : Best Samsung TV – 3 Tips

Samsung TV : Best Samsung TV – 3 Tips

so you’re looking for a samsung tv well I’m going to give you three tips on how to pick the perfect samsung tv if you’ll look at the search bar i type in the keyword samsung tv i click go and it brings me to screen filled with the samsung smart tvs as a scroll down looking at the different televisions my eye is caught by this 60 inch ok we have a 55 inch and a 65 inch so how would you determine which is the perfect samsung tv for you this is what i would do first tip number one look at the star ratings number two i would look at the number of reviews and number 3 i would go check some of the reviews those three things will give you an overall feel about the product so let’s take a look this particular 60 inch television has a four star rating which i like i like products that have a four point zero star rating or better as we can see 266 people felt like this was a 5 star product so we can say that 266 people thought that this was a 5 star product lets move along and look at the other products uh.

.. star ratings this one has a 3.5 star rating and this has a 3.5 star rating the next thing that i look at is the number of reviews i like a products to have at least 100 reviews and as we see this one product has 403 reviews the others 2 have over a hundred reviews which is good bolivia four hundred three degrees to me at this data shows what they choose in this particular product so the next thing i would do disposal price as you can see that we had prices here these amazon price over here we don’t see a amazon price we do see prices that you can’t baggage from oded is this going on which i’m sure hands on and that’s why you know houses this fall handout platitude of product as the head approximates as you can see cases why don’t we saw the price electives ticketing i want to read to yo what this particular of they cities basically was saying is that amazon price is little the momentum a advertised price eliminate that here we go retailers like times i have the right to sit at home prices in the pit but so many different responses krishna have those prices maybe communicate because our price on this i just bore inventor of the manufactures mobile era task price the manufacturer does not allow has to show you howard price it to you take for the actual says his place in the item new shopping cart or in some cases proceed to abandon ship estate to me they say it’s the f_a_a_ you’re going to get a lower price with amazon to other manufactures prices that have been advertise that you know so i think you end up with it let’s meet at my hands knocked up my hands you can see by that time uh.

.. that promotes sums up everything you know if you move o television uh… samsung i would recommend you use my spreadsheet you know uh… that it started depicted on the reviews and less that gets reviews click issues to come over here you can click on basta forced out three to one movies of your choice you can reach some ob terrible reviews and all the recent crude homeland but there’s the space community star ratings uh.

.. ticket number customer reviews and return someone views that you know that i didn’t feel about the uh… samsung tv and uh… you’re about to purchase there is somebody only screen that were taken wikiid uh.

.. updated information along with a samsung tv and there’s absolutely malevolent description where you can click and go try it out what informations samsung tv


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