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Samsung The Frame 55 inch QLED TV Unboxing & Overview

Samsung The Frame 55 inch QLED TV Unboxing & Overview

This is the Samsung frame TV which look like a frame after hanging on the wall, It connects to only one cable It has systems of art modes in this video I am gonna unbox and quick reviewing this TV in which you can see how is the quality of this TV, how is the audio quality and how is the video quality, I am going to tell you everything about this tv in this video My name is Udit Sharma you are watching Udrawat “”””‘Let’s start.

.”””””” Let’s talk about unboxing of this TV but before unboxing the TV I should tell you that box is very big and everything is written on the box like the features the frame, 100% colour volume, and 138 CM No gap Wall Mount, One connect box art mod on etc Let’s get rid of this and let’s see what we have first after opening the box At first we have one connect box,a box in a box this is the box of one connect which will connect to your TV by only single cable because the TV has no ports all our ports are in this box by the way this box is too heavy and if we talk about the weight of this box the weight of this box is around 1.

5 kg It has all the ports we can see the power port,antelena port, lan port, HDMI ports etc We can find 3 USB port at the side also If we talk about this TV or any accessories of this TV everything is made with premium build it’s brushed aluminium to be accurate.

You will Feel mesmerized after watching this. If we talk about this box Samsung is written on the top of the box. Let’s just unwrap it.Because it’s so satisfying. Let’s just enjoy for a second after unwrapping it you can see Samsung is written on the top of the box.

If we talk about rest of the box we can find the quick setup guide nobody reads it. on my channel we call it paper wasting. Let me tell you if you are new here please subscribe to my channel so that you can enjoy the paper waste thing.

Next you will find a table mount if you want to Stand Mount the tv but I can’t understand the purpose of that because it’s TV with an art mode so you only want to wall mount it Next you have the accessory kit in which you can find the cable about which I talked earlier in the video It will connect to your TV and to your one connect box.

We talk about the cable itself the one end of the cable you will find the TV end which will connect to the TV and the second end you can find the one connect box end which will connect to one connect box Its all made of brushed aluminium now we will talk about its remote and it is the main accessory of TV and talking about this remote I just loved it man because it has all the necessary buttons it’s just easy at first you find the power button by pressing once this button you can go to art mod directly you’ll find the voice button you can see volume up down button, channel up down button and if you press the volume button in the middle u can mute the TV remote is very solid built premium quality it’s a Matt finish the batteries comes included It takes two AA batteries.

Let’s talk about other buttons of the remote we can find dedicates Netflix and prime video buttons If we talk about the design this is an angular design which is very easy to hold with all the buttons power buttons mike button etc.

Here we conclude the remote talk now let’s talk about the TV which is the main unit for which you have come to this video Friends if you talk about the TV I will suggest you not to open it alone ever well do not open it with your friend also wait for the engineer who will come for the installation Because it can be dangerous to open it alone help your installation engineer if he is alone If two engineers are come to your house for the installation no problem they will install it perfectly without any problem.

But he is alone please do help him because it is hard to to open this this TV. Let’s talk about the installation well if I tell you everything about the installation it can be boring so let’s just watch it.

Friends let’s talk about start up at first the startup screen says “The Frame” And TV was looking fantastic in the colors. I have installed all the apps like Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee 5 ,Sony liv, YouTube, Apple TV and when I connected my Tata sky through HDMI its detected my Tata sky and I found out through the TV remote I can control my whole Tata sky You have no problem in this this remote is universal remote and you can find all the apps there are hotkeys of Prime video and Netflix also let’s just go to settings and see what we have in the settings of this TV if we go into setting at first we have the picture setting option in which we can find the intelligent mode which is very effective which will give you amazing picture quality you don’t have to set anything like colour and brightness etc if the intelligent mode is on.

If you still want to set theee things at your own if you are expert you can go to expert settings and set backlight, brightness, contrast, sharpness,tint etc. It has a option of bixby voice and for some reason this remote can detect hi bixby voice wake up It will hear you if you will just say hi bixby It will hear you if you will just say hi bixby not press the physical button but this feature is not supported in the bixby language of English India it only supports English United States and English United Kingdom but for some reason this is not properly working in English United States also the light is blinking but it just don’t listen let me confirm you that.

This is a small problem This is a small problem I think Samsung will solve this problem Lets talk about the Tata sky remote you will not need the sky remote by pressing the Netflix button you will go to Netflix app directly with no lag it’s just fast let’s press the Prime video button and by just touching the Prime video button the Prime video opened I am facing some issues in Prime video app I’ll talk about them in the review that what are the problems and if they are continuous or not? Rest you will not have any problem in your apps experience you can play for both Netflix and Prime video in 4K let’s talk about apps like hotstar, ZEE 5, sonyliv, YouTube, Apple TV let’s just open Apple TV because everyone wants it Apple TV you cannot see anything because everything is priced at 800 or more you don’t want to pay 840 just single movie you can take subscription of Netflix Prime video that’s a better option This is the main feature of this frame TV so let’s talk about this art mode so let’s talk about this art mode this art mode has many arts these are good but I will say these are not too good and the too good ones are at 300 per month You have to take a subscription of 300 per month to get all the arts Complimentary ones are also good I know artist makes art and it has a price You can set exposure colours for the arts there is option of grayscaling the whole TV also This is a QLED tv This is 4k HDR TV in which you can find all the functions you can think of in a 4k TV.

All the functions of Samsung like live cast, Miracast, Apple TV, airplay, you can find all of this There are different options like contemporary classic arts. I like that so I went for it. You can have a free trial of one month and after that you have to pay 300 per month Now let’s talk about you should buy this TV or not? This TV is priced at 1,33,000 but you can find it in 84000 but you can find it in 84000 in Flipkart big billion days sale by applying a discount of 9000 through Axis Bank you can get it for 75000 but if you don’t have Axis Bank card you have to pay 80000 I will say that in even 80000 rupees this TV is not a bad deal in the description you can find the link of this TV by which you can buy this TV and if we talk about other features of this TV before that please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon if you have not done that talking about this TV you can find 4K HDR all the apps and Apple TV which is like very limited to Samsung Sony LG and vizio you can find airplay live cast which you cannot find anywhere else this does not have Chromecast to cause it’s not running on the Google platform it’s running on the Samsung tizen OS which is very fluid talking about this panel this panel has a 120 hertz refresh rate nobody I told you about this when I was buying this TV I searched a lot but I cannot find anything about the speakers of this TV let me talk about it sound output is very good it has a bottom firing speaker system with two 20 watt speakers total output for this TV is 40 watt which gives a rich sound and a very clear sound decent bass if we talk about a normal living room speakers are just fine you will not need anything else I was using Bose SoundLink colour before that for TV output in my old TV believe me I don’t need that anymore because it has a better audio rest of the things come to the review of this TV which I will upload in some days so thank you for watching guys if you like the video hit like and if you want to see more videos about TV you can check the description if you want to buy this TV you can check the description


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