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Samsung SMART TV Review

Samsung SMART TV Review

hi guys recently I had the chance to try my hands on the new Samsung Smart TV and I think it’s a really cool concept so this is a video review of the new Samsung Smart TV where I’ll be taking you through the features of the Samsung Smart TV and also letting you know whether as to should you buy or not buy the Samsung Smart TV simple as that so let’s see so um the Samsung Smart TV itself is a manifestation of the the new evolving concept out there in technology called a smart concept where you know everything that you know of an entertainment and media are coming together to one single interface so internet social media websites movies applications telephones voice calls all of that all of all of those things that you known and done in your PC and other places are coming down to your living room and making it like one single interface for all of that so this thing that you see here is a Smart Hub interface which is basically the one-stop interface that takes you to all the features of the Samsung Smart TV including all the applications your TV your different other mediums or the other devices that are connected to it all of that now I try connecting my mac and pc to the TV and try playing some high risk videos out of it and the quality of them was really really impressive to be honest with you and now the most important feature that got me interested in the Samsung Smart TV is the ability to connect to the internet now connecting to Internet is really easy all you have to do is either connect the LAN cable directly to the TV or use your wireless Wi-Fi router as the connection point the the setup process is very straightforward all you have to do is click a bunch of next buttons and you’re already connected to the Internet now once you’re connected to the Internet there are a lot of powerful things that you can do for instance access to the Samsung App Store lets you give access to thousands of powerful apps out there in different categories like for instance news weather information game sports and all of that much like the App Store or the the iTunes App Store or the Android app store but this is customized for the TV and you wouldn’t find that much applications as on the Android App Store but at the moment Samsung has the largest Smart TV app store with around 1,000 applications in the pipeline several powerful applications out there like the movie recommendation engine which basically scans your Facebook and Twitter feeds and suggest you the best popular movies out there for that particular week also this better application that lets you give a nice eye candy interface and shows you what’s so better in your current location this is beautiful from getting images that lets you download high-res images directly from Getty directly to a TV which which i think is really cool then another interesting application that I found is this ap new sticker application The Associated Press new sticker application which basically sits on your TV so while you’re watching TV you can have a news the current latest news feed scrolling to the right the bottom of it of the TV so it doesn’t actually interfere with your TV viewing experience but enriches it with an additional news ticker so really cool ways to do things on the Samsung Smart TV it’s just a matter of finding out what’s that application that you know increases your productivity or enhances your TV viewing experience so to summarize the Samsung Smart TV is a great piece of technology especially if you’re the type who likes to simplify things and make the most of everything in an efficient way it doesn’t really cool things in ways that we’ve never seen so far that way its innovative so if you ask me I would say go for it if you can afford it


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