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Samsung Smart TV Review UE40D5520 LED HDTV

Samsung Smart TV Review UE40D5520 LED HDTV

hi everyone today I’m going to be reviewing for you the two new television that I got this Christmas which is the Samsung 40 inch the UE 40 d520 at 1080p obviously LED backlight hundred Hertz ethernet 3 HDMI I’ll take you around the back to begin with ok so down the back here I’ve got all sorts connecting things I’ve got lab I’ve got external this is the Scott’s it can provide it with this Scott – strange RGB connection thing Ariel in there’s a PC in there’s loads HDMI at the side here there’s this strange adapter for component which I’ve got the Xbox plugged into at the moment which is kind of a two pronged kind of like headphone connectors not inside you what’s called if you know leave me a comment we’ve got digital optical optical audio out USB to USB ports want there one down there further down there as the power around the front very simple design could not touch sensitive buttons down here in the bottom right the power button we’ve got up and down for the volley of got up and down for channels up and down for volume the menu button and of course the source button to choose what source you’re going from right there now I’ve got the lights off let’s turn this thing on and I’ll give you a rundown of all the menus and that kind of thing takes a little while to boot up gives you the flash green inch that they would have under paid give you a mute on that so this is more for and they just go on to one which I’ve got mapped to BBC One HD course another thing I thought to mention this has got a Freeview HD in it so you can get BBC one in HD ITV an HD channel for an HD and a BBC HD channel which shows other things off the BBC depending on what they like that’s a bit a bit more zoomed in and so this is the guide you could get to it just by pressing the Guide button on the remote I’ll show you the remote in a second a very simple guide got the channels at the bottom picture of the channel you’re viewing at the moment in the top left little description including if it’s got subtitles available in HD or that kind of thing pretty simple to scroll down the menu you’ve got seven day guide on here who can use the schedule manager all sorts of things for recording if you have a USB hard drive plugged in you can just like Sky+ you can go to a show say Antiques Roadshow and press the record button I’m going to plug in at the moment but it would record it just like Skype flusters you can also use that the time-shifting and things when you’re watching programs you want to pause them back to the future awesome car bit a bit of back to the future ok we go to the Smart Hub 4 press the smart button the Smart Hub loads up now the first time you load the smart hold it takes probably about 10 seconds to load whereas that was instant cuz I’ve done it before and here you can see the sort of this is the homepage for all the smart things that Samsung have pre-loaded on the television he can go on LOVEFiLM BBC iPlayer Facebook YouTube all sorts of things I’ve not heard of and music this is for if you’ve got a USB device plugged in or it’s networks I’ll show you that in a second if we go to iPlayer for example go on that connecting loads up after a few seconds we’re on iPlayer this is the kind of a telly version that they’ve made for it it’s really quite slow but it see how slow this is scrolling oh don’t know if that’s because I’ve got a slow connection or if it’s just that’s the way the television is but you can access all the last seven days of television on the BBC just by using this which is really handy right exit out of that it will come all the way out which is handy you just press smart again okay I could its return I think there to go back to the menu and Facebook YouTube YouTube’s quite a good one you can watch all my YouTube video here on your television if you have one of these I’ll just go into that connecting few seconds later and we’re into YouTube so you’ve got all the most rated top rated videos rising videos most discussed videos I stopped moving it will probably load them onto the screen I have quite a slow connection so that’s why it’s taking a little long minecraft water what a change so you can do searches easily on there which is really good and if they’re available in HD you can stream them in HD return out of that and once again back into the Smart Hub and look film I’m not trying to come not a subscriber I have my my book world which you would have seen in a previous video and networked in and also this is connected to the networks if I go on videos I can just like the TV WD TV device you can so I think the focus is going in and out of it there if I go to this thing here which selects the source I can select my my book world and it will load and it will show you all the videos I have all the photos I have but I can play them all on here just like I could on the WD TV which kind of renders that useless now but I’ll keep it just in case there’s any formats and stuff this Samsung Smart TV can’t play and I go back to the Smart Hub you can do the same for pictures and music and there are apps you can get you can go on the App Store kind of thing which is quite funky okay here we go samsung apps sorry about the flickering my camera’s they’re slightly dodgy at the moment I might have to get anyone that would be a good excuse for an unboxing so there’s loads of apps available on here they’re all loading nicely loads of games sports news printers lifestyle apps and if you had a very quick internet connection this would be a lot better where I live in the sticks and don’t have anything such there’s web Picasa Twitter Google Talk there’s a even a copy of the Bible down there which is really handy most downloaded just like iTunes where you can see the top 25 or whatever apps and we obviously there’s not as many on here you can link your credit card data I think like 90% of them are free the apps on here but anyway let’s go back to the TV itself nice bit of there back to the future and if we go into the menu system you’ll see this loads of options for altering the brightness the backlight contrast sharpness really in detail stuff there I returned sound lots of people think that the sound needs an adjusting when you first get it I find it’s ok and there’s loads and loads of settings in there I work going to that channels is all lunch manual tuning networks that’s for you internet and all that jazz system or the eco modes and picture in picture and security you can put a password on it an e manual very good turn out of that press tools tools is quite cool and it’s got sleep timer energy-saving audio language you could change audio language if that’s supported in your area not entirely sure any time any net pluses but we can probably find out with a few Google searches so one thing that I was a slightly annoyed about was the when I tuned it in the HD channels were kind of right at the bottom of the list so channel 50 51 52 I had to export the channel list to a USB disk change it around on my computer using a program from the Samsung website andrey imported so that BBC One HD and I see one in HD and channel 4 HD where in 1 3 & 4 like you would hope they would be otherwise I think I’d never end up watching the HD channels we’ll always be watching the standard ones because I just forget that they were there so this way I’m always watching HD ones which is really good here we have the remote control it’s a really slick remote control actually the buttons are really nice to press and what’s really sort of you can really feel that you’re pressing them they’re really responsive kind of a really good click to them so it was hop you’ve got the power button the source for changing your source HDMI which is another source version of source put your text previous channel volume was up and down smart here for your Smart Hub menu for your settings channel list that’s kind of like a guide but lower version of the info tools is for editing like tools is for things like sleep time and that kind of thing turn exit and picture mode is for like widescreen or square editor focus there we go there’s the focus beautiful Emmanuel is a button dedicated to go into a manual which is on the screen which is quite clever obviously you know what these are all about pressing the record button on the guide will record whatever you’ve got selected to a USB hard drive that you’ve got plug in so that’s the remote really snazzy remote and really feels really good in your hand it feels well made so if you have been guys and I hope to see you in the next video and so click the yellow button up here and you’ll be able to see in mind latest videos thanks a lot guys


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