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Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player Review Part 2

Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player Review Part 2

alright guys i’m back with you and what I had to do was actually switch remotes this is the blu-ray remote but you know this remote here that i was using this is the remote for the TV you see is a little larger but about the same they both control the blu-ray player but for some reason and it beats me but the blu-ray controller is more responsive so when we do is show you a couple of these categories right quick and we can go to videos and these are all apps that are video related and you can see that if we go over you got hulu voodoo and BBC News fender go and let’s check out blockbuster like I was talking about earlier so here’s blockbusters I’ve already downloaded it so it says run now so we’re going to run that it’s connecting and you get every title as far as I’ve noticed every title that you that would be available at the blockbuster kiosk so let’s just go to movies and so you see that the titles come up you got new releases most popular and we’ll just choose one random this has some load times using this device but will be patient and there it is and you can see that you can add to your favorites play the trailer rent for four dollars or buy for eighteen dollars so we’ll play your trailer right click just to show the quality of playback and we’ll go ahead and wrap this up Oh God so as you can see as a preview for Jay Edgar but you know guys it’s a wonderful thing to have at home it’s a another tool for entertainment if you’re in the media like me so I would advise if you have a high definition TV go pick up blu-ray player get a smart one that is you know internet-capable and you know just have fun with it guys but that’s all I have for today catch y’all on the next video it’s your boy read in alright peace


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