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Samsung Slim LED TV Review | Smart Tv Features & Overview | UN60ES7100

Samsung Slim LED TV Review | Smart Tv Features & Overview | UN60ES7100

lots of our ones ji production acts and today we’re review of the Samsung Smart TV this is the ultra slim LED TV and this is part of the 710 series in this video I’m going to show you guys the features put on some pretty cool things about it talk about the pros and cons and my overall opinion so let’s get started if you guys would like to check out an unboxing on this it’s going to have it down below in the description box this is a 60-inch Smart TV this resolution is 1920 by 1080 and it does come with such features as Smart Hub apps platform as 3d in all share it’s going to take a look at the menu here you go over to apps and you can download a pretty good amount of apps for TV now this is hooked up to Wi-Fi so you can download your most popular videos games at save definitely the best ones for apps on here it is going to be watching apps so you got Netflix and Hulu Plus and all that the same song guy up store is pretty cool because they have some apps that make you immersive like safe example if you download the Facebook app you get notifications across the string kinda like a notification on a smartphone device you can also see people’s newsfeed and it’s pretty cool because you can get other apps like this too you could also get news updates across your screen on the bottom there’s not a wide selection of movies I must say they do have a few TV shows but if you just go to movies they only have these and then it is that’s it right there so it is lacking a lot of movies but they do have a lot of the popular ones I must say one thing cool about the samsung TV is they try to get you immersive and other devices so right here they have an app for your phone this basically works like an Apple TV I could play my music from here I could also send my pictures and videos and show them on the screen so friends can now see it so I think it’s very cool that Samsung gets all your devices you would also get this for Android device and for your tablets as well the TV is made of excellent quality is very durable and it feels very sturdy even I’ll be in pretty lightweight and very fit then the TV is very thin it comes in only at one and a half inches thick cherry here I got my iPhone for comparison it’s about one and a half I phones it’s very thin on the back side there are tons of ports your three ATM is three USB s an Ethernet port digital audio out in a navy another cool little feature that a lot of people overlook with TVs it is swivel this comes in handy too and a lot of people don’t think about this when they’re purchasing a TV these look at the quality and a quality of the picture what this is comes in very handy another cool thing about the screen is it comes automatically dim and different in different lighting situations and then always picks the best picture with your TV since this is 3d you also get two glasses and just watching movies on this in 3d is absolutely amazing it really does pop out at you and I really do like watching them usually remote is very easy there’s all the necessary buttons of course you get all your channels up here and volume up and down then in the middle your your Smart TV button right here that’s going to send you to this home page with all the apps and like that with all the applications another little cool feature with the remote is it does have this little flash right here so when it’s dark out you can’t really see the numbers of where you’re clicking you just click on this and it’s just going to light up the whole remote so then you know where you’re clicking overall this is a great TV it really combines all different types of media’s you give multitask while using this TV and it’s not your ordinary TV if you’re thinking about buying a Samsung TV I would definitely recommend that you purchase the newer ones that have voice activation it is pretty cool and it comes in really handy and it’s almost like having an Xbox one with a voice notification this Smart TV that I have does not have voice activation but it’s still a great TV if you’re in the market for one I would Delphi recommend one it receives two thumbs up from junior production X if you did enjoy this video please do give a thumbs up it really does help out the channel see you guys the next one this is yeah loschen eggs starting off piece


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