Home Laptop Reviews Samsung Series 3 NP300E4C A01US 14 Inch Laptop review

Samsung Series 3 NP300E4C A01US 14 Inch Laptop review

Samsung Series 3 NP300E4C A01US 14 Inch Laptop review

hi guys today we’ll review the samsung NP 300 series as you can see the series and the look of it looks absolutely just like the RV 5:09 if I this finishing part is similar to the RB 5:09 series it’s got a matte finish to it black and silver combination see what do we have makes it so different okay so this is what chiclet keyboard the way even re 5:09 has but the difference comes over here the design has been changed over here to make it look more neat actually the early design was pretty and all that neat on the hinge is part of it as you can see there is this curvature which gives it a real neat look the curve looked at the nf series has also got they have incorporated this fuller design you can see there is this power button the speakers are placed here and here the chiclet keyboard neat little chiclet keyboard although there is no curvature on the keys as such and as you can see the trackpad is not having a glossy design or any clip to finish to it it’s a normal touchpad that we have here it’s entirely silvered entire part here is silver the screen is not glossy it is got a matte finish although it is an LED cam over here the LCD panel is also made to be a little more slimmer than the earlier one they live once a little bigger so that is an improvement what do we have here as you can see there’s a charging port the Ethernet port we have the VGA one improvement is the HDMI HDMI was not there in our Wi-Fi zero nine the USB port headphone and mic memory card reader slot is power indicator and battery indicators and the two USB port on a DVD writer here on the side both of them have a curved design as you can see Kensington lock also is there as evident this do you need you can say it has got this panel which you can remove and put any remember your hard drive the battery is very much inside the body of this thing good little heat vent that we have here for dissipating the heat that is generated out of the laptop or in all the unique laptop so here it is the samsung NP 300 thanks a lot place


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