welcome to another episode on these camera demos I’m making today I’m going to be talking about what you should be by the s8 as opposed to s night and what benefits are to buy more of these as opposed to an S 9 so when I was shopping around I went online I went onto Amazon I went on to various UK websites and also international website to see essentially what the difference is between the s si plus and the s9 + and to tell you the truth I did it one notice much difference before what was the one big thing that I saw saw was the price this in the UK get buy-in from Amazon retail roughly about 500 pounds with width of delivery you’re looking about 505 pounds well as opposed to the s9 + was coming out about 900 plus so for me I was thinking well hang on a minute what is the difference between the two why am i spending another 300 pounds on a phone that probably is very similar so when I did a bit of research I found out that the s9 has a quad-core Optra – boy hint err gigahertz processor and this had an dr 2.

3 gigahertz so i’m thinking to myself well that’s not a big difference price 300 pound cheaper display resolution is exactly the same both have AMOLED screens and the aperture ratio on this SMS 8 plus is 1.

71 on the s9s 9 is 1.5 so again there is my new details if you’re doing macro photography there isn’t much difference both have the same 8 megapixels the battery life is 350 and and 350 3,500 mah both have a water resistance so I’m thinking to myself oh they’re very very similar they’re all they you know they’ve got the very similar features so which is shall I go for so I chose the s8 plus because of the fact that it’s a it’s water resistant it’s got touchscreen as most phones have you’ve got the Retina Display recognition so it unlocks with that the gigahertz quad-core gigahertz was very money in terms of difference so yeah I just chose this so let’s unbox this and see what the quality is like inside okay so I’ve got the box yeah this is the s8 plus and I’m just gonna unlock this just to see what it’s like to be honest so first impressions I got this delivered to my postal address took about four days from a local supplier and I have to admit I was quite impressed knowing the fact I bought it online I was you know it’s actually an okay who sealed you know sometimes when you buy something online you think this up well easy seal them they did have the seal on it which is taped so for me it gave me a bit of reassurance that I did actually get an original one so the s8 plus case if I open this up there’s a box and you know so if I saw kind of open this up nice finish my spots and there’s your phone okay so if I open this up now I have sauce tightly sup as you can imagine so do this demo probably a couple of days you know in advance and here’s my phone and you can see it’s a lovely finish and within the box you’ve got this up you’ve got you know obviously that the various things inside of am so you’ve got your box you’ve got your phone if I open this up you’ve got some manuals which you know I don’t think anybody reads these days but like it’s there and then in here you’ve got these arm you got these mm headphones which I think reach out quite quite they’re quite expensive they’re an individual a checkup and so they are really really good quarter so I don’t think you want to lose these I think you really definitely want to keep these you know use them for your needs for your phone so yeah when I unboxing QVC this is a premium product for four five hundred pound on the market you know like for like comparisons I made me think but one plus one maybe i’ll gg6 far more i think this is probably probably a very you know high-end phone in terms of the quality and i think it’s definitely worth of buy so let’s get this dice and put this all away and if I get this one started I can see that it’s got clear real nice finish there you go so I’m already starting up you know when you start off you go through the various features to get the phone style but I’ve just idea up and I can clearly see that this has got a really nice AMOLED screen as I set two point two point two point three gigahertz you know Ram you’re looking at four gig as opposed to ms9 which four five so6 Giga RAM so I think in terms of light for light this is not bad it’s got you know it’s just it’s almost you know I can see a big enough job for me to buy the s9 for us at this time incidently Samsung tend to launch their products for February March time traditionally they’ve been coming out roughly around that time so s10 you know s11 you know I’m thinking maybe the next one but before after the one that’s at might be the next buy for me so I don’t technology I think Sony to each of that it doesn’t make a difference for me to buy this one as opposed to the s9 + yes I’ve got I’ve got the phone and I think you know like looking at the screen quality 5.

5 18.5 ratio AMOLED screen and you know for photography for taking pictures you can’t go wrong it’s absolutely stunning in terms of the quality in terms of actual display quality so yeah those sort of things I would strongly recommend you to go for this because there isn’t that much difference between the s9 + and as a until the AMOLED screen and the aspect ratio on it on the screen so if you’re surfing the internet you know you get that finer detail in terms of quality it’s also gone this is what probably negative that I have on this particular boat I have small hands and I’m sure this probably loves a lot of people out there how to do that small hands up for me in terms of security you know like I’ll open this phone up the old-fashioned way if you’re tapping your you tap in your your password you know fine but with this phone you’ve got obviously erecting that this iris display security and also you’ve got the little thing at the back the little touchscreen where a fingerprint thing that will allow you to unlock the phone to talk to you about nut fat it’s very good the reason why I said ice because this is too far away from me so I can’t necessarily reach this so I’m not really been using this what I have been using is the face recognition so all I do is do this sometimes you have to kind of move your phone like this and then it recognizes your face and it will open up very quickly the only disadvantages that I found to that as well is in low-light so say you’re in a llama environment or you’ve got glasses on it doesn’t necessarily pick your face up so that’s been one little drawback but I’ve noticed with this particular model wireless charging and that when you when you buy this phone it comes with the fun of it and it comes with a cable and an adapter for you to charge your phone so what I had to do is go on to Amazon or online and get myself a wireless charger and I bought this wine is a whole life although I fear that I bought this whole life online and it retails at Amazon at $9.

99 and to tell you true it’s not bad all you do is you can you dock your phone on top of here like this and a green bar pops up and roughly I’d be charging at a lettuce for about an hour and I got about sixty percent charge so I think that was pretty good to be honest but yeah it’s quite nice quite nice finish ten pounds drop it on there and it will charge incidentally if you put a leather screen using lettuce green lettuce or portfolio type thing and you protect your phone with a lettuce few more using your credit card etc that also works and you put on top of there in your in your case and you’re still charged the green bar will still come up here so that’s really really cool not a bad little contraption to buy so I’m actually this and this together other things about this phone in comparison to the s9 this one’s water sister s9 + is water resistant so for me and my one I paid for so gainer but I bought this because of the fan is water resistant as well and clearly you can see by this little test that I’ve done that you know you know the is water resistant so if you’re out and about and you do get water on it you will not have any problems your phone not working so yeah like like I said to you it’s a lovely finish in terms of the screen in terms of the screen if I open up my phone every girls open yeah there we go so it’s opened up you can see that the icons are very clear that did they change the design as opposed to the s7 s6 they’re really updated the quality and the look of the icons are simple so the graphics of much more clearer and they much more fluid I like this kind of sore edge based extra bar and they put each I say in simple term not on the flatter you can flick through it in and go to your icons or your programs or your apps to be able to go into the various things to see your emails your messaging your Facebook etc but dupe I like this a lot and I think I’ve been using that quite a lot to to go through 30 36 if I just bring that to the front basically other side you’ve got this bar and you can sort of hover through it like this which is really really neat okay so yeah Samsung S 8 plus as opposed to the s 9 I paid full 500 pounds of this as opposed to 900 pounds it’s wireless charging it’s water-resistant it’s got a a 18.

5 asthma ratio it’s got AMOLED screen it’s got fingerprint recognition it’s got an F 1.7 as opposed to a 1.5 s9 quad-core is slightly less on this but what am I getting the difference for so I haven’t noticed a huge difference I think wait if you’re gonna get phone and you’re in the phone market maybe get one of these I’m not talking about the cameras that’s giving my next video obviously we this is a DSLR trading so I’m going to be talking about the camera feature so please watch the next video if you’ve got any questions please post and I’m happy to respond to any of your questions thanks for watching guys and I look forward to the next video I’m gonna make for you guys and any questions please do closed


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