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Samsung S10 Lite camera review – Compared to Note 9

Samsung S10 Lite camera review – Compared to Note 9

Samsung s10 lite is an affordable Samsung flagship phone and has a new set of cameras on it. it’s obvious that these new set of cameras is definitely one of the contributing factors in the lower price of the s10 lite, but it still might leave some of us wondering how much of that factor is in play here and if the pictures and videos you take from this phone are any good or not.

and if it is not something which you are wondering about then that’s probably a lie as you looked up for this video yourself .yeah. hey everyone Mukul here and I will be comparing the s10 lite to the note 9 camera as they seem to be at a similar price right now or if it’s just because of the fact that I only have the note 9 to compare it.

with well keep wondering. I’ve also made a full review of the phone and you can find the link in the description below. let’s start with daylight pictures first even though I took the low-light pictures first but hey this is my video and not yours.

so in this first picture the contrast level of both the pictures is vast and the note 9 shot actually looks so full of green but once I zoom in I feel that note 9 did a better job when it comes to details but it definitely has more shadows on it which is making it appear darker but boy does the note 9 picture Processing’s looks good or what.

a similar result on the pictures can also be seen here. the s10 lite does capture more light though on this picture also the same results and a more refined processing on the note 9 is quite apparent.

although the s10 lite pictures stays brighter with more light information on it. one difference between both the phones is that the s10 lite can go ultra wide and the note 9 can do 2X optical zoom. but really in all these pictures one cant really choose a clear winner so both the phones are quite head-to-head against each other so far in this extremely challenging shot the s10 lite clearly retained more details on the shot and looks more vibrant and even on this indoor shot the s10 lite was again sharper.

when it comes to the portrait shot the s10 lite is a clear winner here even though it’s edge detection isn’t good but the exposure balance and details are just way better than how note 9 takes its pictures in portrait mode.

note 9 has been actually one of the worst portrait mode picture-taking phones out there. strangely even the normal shot pictures are better on the s10 lite when it comes to dynamic range and exposure levels.

I’m starting to feel that the note 9 camera is about to go obsolete but really really impressed with the s10 lite picture quality so far. the s10 lite also comes with a macro lens on it but when you look at this shot the s10 lite macro lens kinda looks like more of a gimmick rather than doing anything better here as the note 9 standard lens close-up shot looks way more superior than that.

so yeah I’m not sure what these companies are trying to market with their macro lenses. none of the phones I have tested so far with the macro lens has actually done what a good macro lens should do and that is to capture more better details.

for example this shot which was taken via the standard lens on both the phones produce similar results and the s10 lite actually attained a tad more details. the panorama shots looked brighter on the s10 lite but there was a slight blur on the picture and it might have happened because of my hand but I haven’t blamed it yet because I don’t want heated arguments on this petty issue.

coming onto the front cameras even though the s10 lite has this nature of over saturating the picture. the details captured on it are far more superior than note 9 but on this shot it keeps the color tones more accurate.

the portrait shot of the note 9 is uggghhh. again the s10 lite produces the better picture here. the video quality is on both the phones at Full HD with video stabilization on this is the standard lens which is being used right now I’m trying to walk fast so that the stabilization can also be tested and not speaking extremely loud or anything like that.

you can go wide while recording on the s10 lite you can of course zoom while recording on the note 9. the video of the s10 lite line definitely looks way more sharper but undoubtedly the stabilization is so much better on the note 9.

also the audio was a bit better on the note 9 – and this is how the video quality is from the front camera at Full HD with video stabilization on. on the screen the s10 lite looks sharper but I re confirm on the monitor screen.

the front camera video is again sharper on the s10 lite and the stabilization is more or less the same on both the phones the s10 lite brings a lot of new cameras features though the live focus mode on the video worked great and even if there is a secondary object in the video like here my wife who didn’t know I was making a video.

it also works with that. the rear camera did a great job on the live focus video too. – the slo-mo video looked more or less the same but the s10 lite was able to capture tad more details on it. the super slo-mo video however was wider on the s10 lite and more cropped on the note 9 implying the sensor and the processor are serious upgrades over it.

you can also take slow-mo shots from the front camera and the just a crazy addition to have if you are on tik-tok now let’s compare the low-light shots where the real fun is both these shots on the standard mode looked good and the note 9 seemed to have retained that more details on the shot but the same shot with night mode on look way more brighter on the s10 lite but when you compare the details the s10 lite processing look heavily painted and the note 9 one was much much better.

so yeah don’t drop your s10 lite low-light pictures to this extent the ultra wide and 2x shot looked like these but wait until you actually enable the night mode on the ultra wide mode and woaaah that’s a way better shot but with obvious signs of much noise on it.

but really not a bad job at all. even this macro shot behaved a tad better on the s10 lite with its standard lens and not that useless macro lens which is just wasting space on the phone’s body. so clearly the s10 light low-light shots are better and they get more better at night mode but the night mode specifically processes the picture with these weird paint daubs all over it.

again these shots at standard mode change heavily at night mode but the s10 lite again shows those heavily processed paint daubs all over the picture and the night mode on the ultra wide is just crazy.

but still both the phones would produce similar pictures if you are someone who just snaps the pictures and throws to the phone in the pocket. with the night mode shots you need to have very steady hands anyway.

now the front camera of s10 lite just supersedes the node 9 front camera quality and wait till you again switch on the night mode and it just blows off your mind. the picture was able to retain so much details even though the saturation was spiked.

trust me no one will complain about that with such results. even the light focus portrait shot was excellent here on the s10 lite. damn I’m seriously considering an upgrade now especially for the price the s10 lite comes out however in low light the light video focus wasn’t able to detect the subject and add a bokeh to the video but that’s okay I guess I mean wait for a couple more years probably and that should also get fixed probably on the newer phones.

the s10 lite video also showed way less noise than the note 9’s video and stabilization was actually equally good this time around here. also the s10 lite performed better than the note 9 I mean you can at least see the face here properly even when the lighting conditions were very poor.

I’m personally extremely surprised and happy with how the s10 lite camera have performed here. the cameras are packed with features and updates which any new flagship camera device should have. the similar price oneplus phones are going to have a tough time competing with all these new features and the quality of video and pictures the s10 lite was able to pull here and with more updates this will even keep getting better.

the recent update also brought 4k video recording at 60fps with the rear camera but honestly only a very few people use that. if the s10 lite is in your country and you would want almost flagship grade camera performance from your phone, just buy the s10 lite there is rarely a phone this good with a snapdragon 855 on it and at this price check out my full review of the phone – I will be posting the link in description.

do hit like if the video helped you and sub for more relevant content in the future. that’s all for today. MuBot out.


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