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Samsung Q85R Smart Tv Review

Samsung Q85R Smart Tv Review

What’s up guys welcome back to a new Raqmedia tutorial here with Azzedine In this tutorial we will be having a look at the new Samsung Smart TV Q85R welcome back so as we all know the TV comes with a hub of the different applications integrated into the TV also it comes with the most famous streaming apps services like HBO and Netflix just use the Apple TV which is one of the first TV smart TVs to antegrade this new service which is the Apple TV right from your TV no need for any other gadgets the TV comes at the price of 1499 euros and this in October 2019 Do share your thoughts and feedback on this Smart TV and if it really deserves that price the next tutorial this your host is a Dean is thank you for watching if you like this video do consider sharing it click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment below we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and the notifications to get the latest tutorials that will inspire, empower and connect you © Copyright Raqmedia.

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