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Samsung New Smart TV Review 2015 Tizen

Samsung New Smart TV Review 2015 Tizen

use the webOS mobile platform and it’s smart TVs in 2014 Samsung’s a new Smart TV system is based on the Tizen OS using some phones and smart watches Samsung’s colorful new system is designed to integrate your TV experience with the smart features a line of icons pops up at the bottom of the screen in a bar that gives you quick access things like apps web browsing or your recently used services unlike the previous system with a separate Smart Hub you can now quickly access all the services through the brightly colored icons while you’re still watching TV the system also has something Samsung’s calling natural flow this allows you to navigate through the TV’s functions by hovering your pointer over icons that pop up in the corner of the screen you’ll be able to change settings switch inputs and use a virtual remote control compared to last year’s oval remote the 2015 model is much more conventional it feels quite solid in your hand as a textured bag to give you a better grip Samsung has also stripped out all unnecessary buttons to leave a much simpler 18 button setup we’re a bit worried they might have gone too far though removing the color control buttons and making the TV Guide a bit harder to access available on all 6 Series TVs and above the new Smart TV system looks interesting there’s certainly a big departure from the previous system we won’t be able to give a definitive verdict until we get it in the lab for a full test later in the year


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