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Samsung N5300 32″ Full HD Smart TV with Motion Rate 60 a…

Samsung N5300 32″ Full HD Smart TV with Motion Rate 60 a…

for a new bedroom television if you want something in the guest bedroom in a kitchen in the living room this is a 1080p full HD TV from Samsung and it’s available for you today for 270 9.99 for 56 bucks you can get a smart 1080p top-of-the-line television it is the lowest price most affordable samsung TV we have ever offered there are only about a thousand of them for the day you know from beauty to electronics I mean after all there’s gonna be a lot of beauty on the red carpet tomorrow so please don’t wait or tooth week be great weekends at HSN just got bigger it’s time to sit back relax and shop with the Friday night show with Amy and Adam gardening would guide Saturday blend with Leslie and Brett Sunday fashion edit with Callie lunch rush with Michelle good eating with Marlo and your kitchen with Shannon discover fashion trends with Callie on Sunday fashion edit at 10:00 a.

m. on Monday for everything food watch good eating with Marlo at 5:00 and your kitchen with salmon at 8:00 only on HSN the thing I love most about shopping at HSN do I have to pick just one I’d have to say flex pay it allows me to get the things I want now and make monthly payments without any interest or fees I got a new mattress for the guest bedroom fabulous cookware set for my sister’s wedding and a little something just for me flexpay gives me the flexibility to buy what I need now without the stress of having to pay for it all at once and no interest beat that layaway my singular goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives everything we do is intended to be unlike any other company of our kind we just make exceptional vitamins so you could have exceptional health it’s not important that you get the products I’m offering it’s very important that you get the information I’m sharing because information is the key to being a healthy person thank you so much for joining us here on the Saturday blend my name is brett chuckerman we’re live streaming on Facebook and Leslie’s taken over so have you any questions thoughts or concerns right now she’s answering all of your particulars about intelliwhite so we want to make sure you know what you’re purchasing and you’re excited to do just that yeah 70 blend is about the best of all brands all categories all the needs and reasons to shop and we have got an unbelievable special for you a Samsung top-of-the-line high-definition television at the lowest price we have ever offered it it is a one and done flash sale showstopper okay so here’s the thing Samsung is the number one industry leader they are the top of the line creme de la creme best in high definition televisions for over a decade if you’re gonna buy a new television buy a Samsung we have never been able to offer a samsung television for under $300 today for the first time ever and for only about a thousand of you we have the opportunity for you to buy a 32 inch which is diagonally measuring corner-to-corner full high-definition 1080p crystal clear beautiful quality smart television so Smart TV means that you can access Netflix and Hulu and all of your great apps and technology directly through the television itself without a Roku or an Apple TV and what you’re buying is top-of-the-line 1080p now today it’s a rare opportunity by it’s able for a 342 dollar value that you can get home on any major debit or credit card for $56 if you want a new master bedroom television if you want a new television for your apartment if you’re looking to put a TV in the kitchen if you have been looking to get an increase in your technology and the quality of your picture and you’ve been waiting for one of the best deals in the industry it’s available for you right here and right now on HSN now billed is gonna join us it’s gonna show you everything that this Samsung TV has to offer it is an exceptional value buy though because bill you know this I mean you represent Samsung for us here at HSN number one day in and day out every single year every model we do goes on to be a customer pick and in all the years we’ve presented Samsung TVs on HSN how many times have they been under $300 never ever and even that 32 inch size we do love those big TVs right but they can’t be in every room they’re hard to move around the 32 inch size television is a number one size out there because it fits in the you know the home office it fits in the kitchen you can take it out to the garage if you’d like to but more importantly you’re investing in that number one name which is Samsung and the thing is it’s not just number one at HSN nationwide Samsung’s are the number one TV manufacturer for 13 years so you’re investing in a great name you’re getting a great picture quality because this actually isn’t even just high-definition it’s full high-definition so what does that mean it’s double that pixelation in terms of what you get in terms of accuracy the color volume it really is an exciting elegant picture but remember with this television being a 32 inch you can weighs about 13 pounds you can still wall mount it you can move it from room to room and another thing it is Samsung smart so what does that mean you have the Samsung App Store built-in so you can download different apps Stream quickly and instantly other content whether it’s on Hulu or Netflix or YouTube with quad-core processing and all of these different app options guess what you don’t even have to have cable you can take this out to the garage because you know it’s cleaning day download the NFL app and watch the game out in the garage or set it up in the kids fort or you know watch those fun family videos or YouTube videos in the office without having to rent a cable box or worrying about an extra box for the guest room because company’s coming because you can stream without having to worry about that and let’s not forget about the fact that buying a media streamer normally costs about a hundred bucks plus mm-hmm it’s built in to this television maybe there’s a room in the house a bedroom a guest bedroom a home office where you’ve always wanted to have a television but you don’t want to buy lousy technology you don’t want to pay for another cable box well now you can stream smart content without buying a bunch of ancillary extra devices I mean I think nowadays if you a guest bedroom you want there to be a television so that your mother or your mother-in-law can go and relax and then so can you you know you want to be able to put a television in the playroom so that the kids can watch a cartoon while they’re drawing or writing you want to be able to have one in the breakfast room so that you can check on the news and the weather and the traffic before you head out for the day and maybe you’ve hesitated on it because you didn’t want spent 500 bucks mmm now you have the opportunity to get 1080p High Definition everything that’s gonna play on it is gonna look beautiful it’s not buying a 720p or a lesser visual acuity picture you’re getting top-of-the-line Samsung quality and you’re getting it today for $56 now that’s flex pay now here’s the thing you need to know in case you’re brand new to joining us here at HSN first of all this is Samsung the nation’s number one top-selling brand not just HSN’s number one top-selling brand flexpay is for anybody on any major debit or credit card with no interest charges no finance fees there is no club membership to take advantage of flex pay and it doesn’t have to be an HSN card American Express Visa discover mastercard even your debit card you pay $56 today we’re shipping the TV to your door free of charge we charge tax on the first flexible payment and then you spend 56 dollars a month over the next five months interest in finance free and you still get a 30 day money back guarantee and we still ship instantly and immediately it’s not like holiday for holiday layaway so for anybody who’s been looking to upgrade a television for anybody that wants to see this sad old mug on air more often and in better picture quality this really is a phenomenal picture and yes Lisa the picture is crystal clear Samsung is the leader 1080p is top quality high-definition 90 percent of what’s broadcast in the world today is broadcast in 1080p and it’s a brand that you truly will love and one thing I just want to point out I jumped into the HSN app not every app or smart television even offers that this Samsung App Store does so we’re watching via the app be a Wi-Fi not cable so what does that mean I can come back here this has two HDMI ports by the way USB port I can unplug the cable box I can unplug the blu-ray player and can I just tell you we’re still getting picture quality and so this is where it’s exciting because this is the television you know kids are sick and you want to bring it up to the room bringing the content up to the room because it’s a 13-pound television I’m still getting a signal so imagine this we’re watching Netflix and the kids are like mom I’m feeling sick or mom can i watch it in the fort or maybe it’s dad who wants to watch football in the NFL app or something like that next to the barbecue take the TV out there cuz as long as it’s within Wi-Fi range like right now you can watch all the different Sony apps you know my stepfather they’ve got a covered porch and that’s where he goes for football view perfect because it’s all frickin day Saturday and Sunday and my mom needs a break she needs to watch her son on HSN I get it she gets to be in foreign comfortable he gets to go outside and watch the college games and the professional games the morning games the afternoon games the evening games but he still wants a great quality television and he deserves one and so do you today is about an exceptional value Samsung is the leader you’re not buying a brand you’ve never heard of right a brand with no pedigree or support behind it I mean you can you could plug in a computer if you want I mean look at this Bill’s using this now as a top-of-the-line high-definition 32 inch screen monitor for a computer so it’s a great multi faceted multifunction television product and you’re getting a deal today that we have never been able to offer it’s on flex pay which is any major debit or credit card it’s 56 dollars that’s it the Samsung is the worldwide leader so we’re talking about millions of televisions sold basically every single day we have a thousand of these that are being done at this amazing sale price and I want you to think for just a moment sons or granddaughters who asked for a TV in their room and you finally decided you’re ready to do it you know the dorm room or the studio apartment or the first apartment helping them get set up and ready for it or maybe you finally upgrading the TV in your master bedroom or putting one in there now finally for the first time because it doesn’t have to be a big giant humpback whale TV or maybe you’re replacing that one that’s been sitting in the armoire forever that’s heavy that’s clunky that’s not a high-quality picture and that doesn’t have any smart services whatsoever you get all of that today built into this television and it’s a rare chance to do it this will basically get two airings today it’s and then they’ll be gone a showstopper is one of our biggest values of the day you know we do our today’s special and then we do a couple of rare little flash sales across the day and we’ve put went into the Saturday blend because we always want to get you excited to join us on our special fix programming shows like this one and gardening with God and the Amy and Adams show it’s really some of the best chances to shop with us so this is your chance to get a flash sale price to get great flexible payments and buy a phenomenal TV I mean Debbie on Facebook just said she loves her Samsung people who buy Samsung they become brand loyalists when it comes to television do you have Samsung yep I have new Samsung and that’s just it you realize you you have TVs for a long time great name you not to quote your father but what si always say you know buy smart buy smarter buy often exactly and the thing is you’re buying smart you’re investing in Samsung so you know you’re gonna have it and that’s where the versatility of this television is important because you know you like to rearrange the furniture you maybe you’re moving from apartment or dorm room to apartment this fits in all those little spaces we have all the little like green rooms here where we hang out between shows 32 inch TV in there we can move it around and I just want to point out there’s that TV behind brett it’s a big TV it’s a 55 inch maybe bigger we can’t move it from room to room right you know the kids build a four towards you know I went out and clean out the garage they you can’t take it out and you know and not to mention the fact that any television expert will tell you most people buy too big for the room depending on how large the room is and how far away you plan on sitting from it sometimes a bigger TV is not the better choice you spend a lot of money for a TV that swallows up the whole room and it’s like sitting too close at the movie theater right so today you know for those of you that want top-of-the-line technology but you don’t want to spend a thousand dollars and you don’t eat a 65 inch television this is a great that how you buy to say you know what I’m finally gonna put a TV in the guest bedroom because my mother-in-law she comes to visit for long periods of time and I want her to be able to stream our favorite show maybe it’s finally time to give that pre teenager a TV in his or her own room or the gaming the gamer in the house or the so you know for the man cave or the she shed or to be able you know I like the idea of having a TV in the breakfast room so you can get caught up on news and weather in traffic before you head out for the day people like it in the bathroom yeah and today this value pull into the bathroom my goodness why not it’s $56 it’s less than $2 a day only because you buy it here at HSN and you get top-of-the-line 1080p full high-definition and you get all those smart services you get your Netflix you get your Hulu you get all these great apps to be able to shop for and things I want to point out to everyone’s getting a voucher to Pandora and to transparent and to grow cur so you’re getting even more and that should you bring up a great point because not every smart television is created equal and what does that mean any Smart TV is a Wi-Fi enabled television I’ve worked with other TVs that they offer six different apps if that you have the Samsung App Store built into this television so what does that mean it’s constantly updating with different content there’s stuff for the news lover the the sports fan the music lover I mean even games for the kids you can customize it as you want remember we’re giving you Pandora this one has HSN shop by remote has all the biggies not every television offers that another cool thing you see that gallery app it’ll take the photos from your phone and allow you to pull them up on the television because you know what I also think is cool I mean Brett’s on the tablet over there how often if we watch Netflix on our phone or on YouTube on our tablet and as you know it’s 15 inches or 10 inches when you come to this television it’s almost quadruple that so you know where you’re watching your YouTube videos which are fun and everything so you come over here there’s a video of you over here Brett and things we could pull it up because this is YouTube I’m not limited to where the cable provider is because I can just come right into here see what options I have watch it on this big screen television but then also turn it into the computer monitor turn it into something else when I’d like to because it’s versatile at the end of the day and then having a versatile television that you’re gonna have for years can move it around from room to room really just afford you a lot of different options like right over here I’m gonna pull up this YouTube video of Amy and Adam show and remember I’m watching this via YouTube not via the coaxial cable that’s connected to the wall you know I want to rearrange the furniture or maybe I want to kind of get cozy in the sunlight as it’s coming in that spring window but you can’t see the TV I’ve just unplugged everything and I can move this to where I want to go we’ve all been there too I think you’d have you have a TV in the kitchen everyone hung around it but then when grandma came over or when the kids were sick they’d be like okay you can have the TV in your room is that television and take it upstairs I mean look at this it’s 13 pounds here let me get my lightweight me get my Saturday blend I don’t get if you’re like over your tea but that’s how versatile this television is cuz all of those different apps I was showing you is via Wi-Fi so you’ll have to worry about it you saw the two HDMI port so you can plug in a blu-ray player plug in a gaming system and did you see it flicker did you see how quickly it uploaded that’s the quad core processing and that’s the quality of the picture – being from Samsung so I would like to call out what what Scott said on Facebook and Scott thank you so much for joining us on our live simulcast because I agree with you so I’m happy to read what you have to say he says I only buy Samsung because they are the best the other value brands from department stores will burn out at about a year these last four years and the picture remains awesome and


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