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Samsung LED TV Review – UN22F5000 22 inch LED Full HDTV Review – Series 5 Review

Samsung LED TV Review – UN22F5000 22 inch LED Full HDTV Review – Series 5 Review

you today’s review is of the Samsung 22f 5000 now this is a 22 inch TV that is LED backlit let’s take a look at the back of the TV on the left-hand side you have your emergency power on power off button just in case your remote dies on you you have your second HDMI port up here you have some component inputs you have your headphone or speaker output jack you have your coaxial cable jack for your TV you have your power plug and you have standard wall mounting inserts on the right hand side of the TV you have two additional ports you have an HDMI port up here and you have a USB port in case you’re looking to connect your media directly to the TV the remotes design is very typical of Samsung TVs there’s a lot going on here however on the positive side most of the frequently used buttons such as the volume the channel the power the source button are all well laid out and easy to use the remote is also backlit so you can see all the buttons even in the dark the TV also gives you a lot of flexibility and control when adjusting picture quality for example gives you three major picture modes dynamic standard and movie it also gives you fine control over the backlight contrast brightness sharpness color and tint the TV also gives you a lot of flexibility to ensure that your video fits the screen just right when you hit the P size button on the remote what you’ll find is the screen fit mode you’ll also find these 16 by 9 aspect ratio mode you will find the wide fit mode that fills the entire screen and the four by three aspect ratio mode now since this TV is HDMI enabled you can connect it to a digital source such as a laptop a tablet or a blu-ray player with HDMI output now we’re going to see how it performs when connected to a digital source in this case a laptop playing a video from YouTube this is the point in history one is never before we have a chance to cover the shoulders of people equipped with new technologies to be a foots floor version as we’ve never seen before we often see their individual character as you can see even with a digital source the TV performs really well the colors are excellent the sound quality is very good and it handles fast moving 1080p video very well now we’ve hooked the TV up to a DVD player just to show you how it handles an analog source you know what well don’t don’t why are you about me worry about what you’re gonna say to this parole officer I mean what are you gonna tell them that you left my house that you got your gang back together and for what a high school dropout reunion you recognize that car which come one is the files from the last couple of months that oh yeah I know that some say DS as five hundred that is warm and sweet machine hands and a core it comes at a twelve which is a beast lucemon what goes up putting you suppose of lose that card you can look oh this could be the FBI jeopardy ice to cross back got any more observant not gonna shoot us is birthday like one day like the best time they can see better right so as you could probably tell the picture quality was pretty smooth and the sound quality was excellent now just to show you how even the backlighting on this TV is we’re going to turn our studio lighting off with the studio lighting turned off you can actually see how even the backlighting on this TV is there are no bright spots anywhere on the screen and the screen is very uniformly lit the TV’s base is also really well designed the connection to the TV is very solid the base is wide and should keep the TV pretty well planted and overall the Samsung 22f 5000 is a great little TV it performs really well displays resolutions of up to 1080p and comes with an abundance of connectivity options to watch our review of another 22 inch TV option from Philips please click on the video link above please also subscribe to our channel if you’ve found this video useful and once again thank you very much for watching


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