Home Smart TV Reviews Samsung KS9500 (KS9800) Zone Count, HDR+, Input Lag & Motion

Samsung KS9500 (KS9800) Zone Count, HDR+, Input Lag & Motion

Samsung KS9500 (KS9800) Zone Count, HDR+, Input Lag & Motion

We’ve had the Samsung KS9500 in for review since last week. It’s the company’s flagship TV for 2016, a full-array local dimming LED LCD with a curved screen, Ultra HD Premium certification and quantum dot technology.

To avoid any confusion, in the USA the KS9500 actually refers to an edge-lit LED set – the equivalent full-array local dimming flagship model is the KS9800. Let’s start with a zone count. Using our own test pattern containing a small white box crawling horizontally and then vertically against a black background, we counted 15 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows, giving a total of 150 separately dimmable zones.

This is the same number of dimming zones as last year’s Samsung JS9500, but blooming appeared to be better-controlled on the KS9500. New for 2016, Samsung has implemented a HDR+ mode which converts all your existing SDR content to a pseudo-HDR image.

The effects were reasonably impressive, but we’ve discovered a few issues which we will describe in detail in our full review. As always, gaming responsiveness on Samsung SUHD TVs is top-notch. We measured an input lag of only 21ms in [Game] mode, one of the lowest on the market at the moment.

Long-time followers of HDTVTest will know that we’re big fans of black frame insertion (or BFI) on Samsung televisions, which increases motion clarity without introducing soap opera effect or interpolation artefacts.

However, on the KS9500, engaging [LED Clear Motion] did not increase the motion resolution even though it clearly activated the backlight strobing. We have formulated a theory as to why this is happening, but will need more time to do some testing.

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