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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ : Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ : Camera Review

thanks to the powerful chipset and high quality optics galaxy s6 edge+ has one of the best front and rear cameras on smartphone today these cameras are now better than compact cameras ranging from 200 or 300 dollars and compared to them they even offer a lot more options and higher quality image in low-light conditions you don’t get side physical camera shutter but it’s not a disadvantage when clicking on the application of camera it starts up after just half a second and the first image snapping is instantaneous so if you’ll be wanting to snap an image very fast this is the smartphone to do with it camera application offers release a bunch of options and it’s relatively easy find all the options but you have to take a little bit digging down there you’ll find a direct way to switch from from two back camera and you can choose image options in professional mode you can adjust almost anything from white balance ISO exposition shutter speed you have macro you have panorama they have the option for fast moves if you want to snap amble animals while moving or sport events or children while running also you get option for simultaneous shooting with front and rear camera rear camera has 16 megapixel and it has a good wide angle of shooting it’s fixed on 28 millimeters in 35 millimeter format in daylight the image is expected on a very high level on details you see some noise but not so much that you couldn’t recognize the details cars are accurate on the photo as you see them with your own eyes so I’d say that most of the photos from this smartphone will be highly usable for travel family snapping friends almost any usage even I’d say for some professor professional usage or some business usage in low-light condition camera has a strong LED flash on the rear it has F 1.

9 aperture which means that it can you can gain a lot of light when there is little you’ll find some noise on details but not so much still they look very sharp when they reduce to five or two megapixel resolution as you see them now on your video and in low-light condition with civil lights you’ll get really usable photos in total dark you’ll get usable photos with recognizable details there is a lot of noise but you know it’s good enough to see that s6 edge+ can see better in low light then you see with your own eyes that’s on ISO 1000 a lot of noise but still very usable rear camera also records 4k video with 30fps or richer and better stabilize the video in Full HD 1080p resolution with 60fps video quality in daylight is okay but it’s not as good as photos but it’s on a high level the detail quality could have been a little bit better but the great plus is this perfect stabilization so this video camera can be used for even YouTube professional usage in low-light condition camera has LED flash which you can use the during recording video to have noise on details and blurry details it has trouble with focusing in low-light so I’ve seen better cameras in low-light like perhaps some LG g4 our LG G flex 2 don’t get me wrong the video is very usable in low-light conditions and it’s on a high level for a smartphone it’s easy to switch to the front camera because you have the right key in the application for that front camera has 5 megapixels and in daylight when it’s sunny you get very usable photos especially produced 222 megapixel resolution although on details you see noise or details will be very ruined perhaps you can see that my beard you can’t see details on it it’s sold a bit word the camera has f 1.

9 aperture which allows it to gain a lot of light but the noise is still here very visible so photos are usable from the front camera in low-light but they’re not the best that we’ve seen from cameras on smartphones also camera records 1440p video at 30fps protein daylight is on a very high level it’s really good stabilize the video for selfies and in low-light you’ll see a lot of noise but still video will be very usable in the end s6 edge+ has optical stabilization of camera and all the advanced options but LG g4 is a little bit better it regards ease of use and some advanced options in the photo quality but I must say that photo quality and video quality on x6 edge velocities on a very high level front camera is very good not the best that I’ve seen but for every user it won’t be noticeable if you’re really looking for details you’ll notice the difference but you know for basic average user these cameras and this smartphone are better than on compact cameras even ranging from 300 or 400 dollars thank you guys for watching that’s it and if you haven’t already check my other videos for Galaxy s6 edge+ bye


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