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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Phone Review

hi everyone its erik from a cartman 12 dot blogspot com and welcome to my full review of the samsung galaxy s3 mobile phone a big thank you must go to vodafone for sending this handset over to review you can pick this up from vodafone co uk free of charge for 41 pounds a month now before I should get on to actual phone I wanted to talk about these these earphones I actually said to you in the unboxing actually told you how they were performing these earphones are absolutely stunning take hard they’re fantastic the sound quality is really clear there’s not exactly the highest amount of detail and never for box down the dear friends these are absolutely stunning you don’t get anything like this from HTC their phones or from Apple’s their phones they should really be listening up because this is what their firms should be like because you don’t when you go yet earphones from HTC or Apple when you get built your box and earphones from them you always the keep in mind you can replace them but these you don’t really have to replace them unless you really want the high bass and high pass from monster earphones and what was also great that Samsung include azhar these different sizes silicone eartips so if it’s gonna figure is to swap the air tips over and there you go problem solved so fantastic here phones from Samsung and now let’s get on to the galaxy s3 now I’ve had this handset for just over three weeks now and I’m gonna be letting you guys know what I think of it and also this sum is ever so slightly thicker than the galaxy s2 which is 8.

49 millimeters thick compared to this being eight point six millimeters thick which is absolutely fantastic and also normally when I got to do it this is slightly the screen is slightly bigger than the screen you get on the Galaxy Nexus I’ll write up the galaxy next side the Box are saying that is HUGE phone you know the screen is huge the screen of this is huge when you’re actually using it for watching movies and stuff but the majority of time when you look at it when you’re holding it I don’t feel like it’s a very big phone it feels like it’s just the right size I don’t know what Samsung did but if healed absolutely fantastic the whole thing so feel too big like the Galaxy Nexus did so props to samsung for that now less talk about this area down over here now here’s a physical button which acts as a home blood and you’ve also got if the cat if you can become picks it up backlit back button and a menu button I’m glad that Samsung gave it a menu button because many Android handsets are abandoning the menu button right now but the menu button is actually something I was very very great to have on android phones and I’m glad that Samsung kept it in the galaxy s3 I made a lot my tasks much easier and it didn’t take up they didn’t put a menu button on the screen to take up some of the screen real estate which is normally quite annoying now let’s cover off the bad points of the galaxy s3 now the phone is not as fast as it should be 1.

4 gigahertz quad-core processor I think it should be more snappy than actually yes it’s that it’s not to say it’s not fast at all is a very fast phone although it’s not demonstrating that right there but it’s a very fast firm but as you noticed they just have the occasional lag but when you’re doing the majority of the stuff like web browsing and stuff either it is a very fast phone and especially when you go to the widgets and everything and you know customize your phone is just an absolute joy so I do think that it is a little bit of a shame that it’s not as fast it could be when you take into account its specs that has onboard another thing I did not like was the sound quality when you’re doing video recording now you can record up to 1080p HD video but unfortunately the sound quality does differ and it is just average and that being said the video quality is very good but the sound quality not being particularly good sort of did take away from that which is really not very good another thing I didn’t really like was the build quality now the build quality when you actually hold it does feel that plastic yes but it’s not feel like cheap plastic like i feel like if i drop this is gonna smash and break or whatever you know it’s the distal feel like it’s made of good quality plastic however as a as many of you guys know the plastic back on samsung handsets are very very flimsy at first this was annoyance to me but i was thinking that you then again to keep the phone thin this has to be thin so I Coralie blame samsung for that and now another thing I do not like was that the auto-brightness it’s not very accurate on this mobile phone it has to shoot up and down in different conditions and it’s very noticeable when it’s changing between brightnesses which is you never normally get other mobile phones in it and it’s a real annoyance to see the brightness go up and down on this so i just always sent it to Matt Matt manually set the brightness myself another thing I did not like was the Samsung keyboard and email app now as you can see here’s the email application from which is for what you get on samsung handsets if I want to delete a bunch of emails i can press delete and it does take some time here it did it much quicker but normally does take quite a bit of time and that’s something that’s really annoying as something that Samsung should not have tampered with really the email and plus the keyboard so now for a type with the keyboard as you can see them right down this is a test and look it’s Bob twist now i do not do ID little mistake over there but the annoying thing is i’m pretty sure you all know is when you’d write something down for example understand you can see I wrote down under s but there’s no s over there so it makes me sometimes get confused and think I might put the Essen I think I haven’t I put another Essen then I do it and then you can see I’ve just done a steak over there I don’t write in to look at this little bit over here but it’s something that’s really really annoying I think samsung chef just left off the keyboard not being said the keyboard is very nicely spaced very big especially in this landscape orientation and you can get away with the installing a third-party keyboard but i really wish Samsung the box were not of tampered with the the keyboard because the auto-correction really is not very good and the last thing I don’t really like was s voice now you can double tap the home button in order to access it but I’ve disabled that which for a reason I will tell you right now let’s just disable that now the reason I disabled as s voice by double tapping the home button is because when I double tap the well just press the home button once it does take some time to get back to the home screen and that is really annoying and that happens with everything’s ever go to the internet browser and I will press the home button it took a bit of time it did a bit faster there but normally always takes us about two seconds so what I always do is go into settings disable that and then I press the home button and it’s much faster the reason why I takes longer is because it’s always waiting for you to tap again so it’ll launch s voice if you disable that it’ll be much faster so i would highly recommend you do that back onto s voice I’m just not really a fan shut up I’m just not really a fan of these sort of voice dictating things right now dictating your voice to text is useful but stuff like this I don’t really find any use for it granted you can’t do a few more things with this than you can with Siri like you can launch an application from the get-go whereas on iOS you have to wait for iOS 6 and wanted to come out in order to actually do that but serial the whole is better it seems to be not as stiff as this is to operate I should say for example let’s just say something set an alarm for nine o’clock and as you can see it’s loading and again one of the bad things look how long is taking just a setting along come on I’m when I’m way in come on you say your own alarm as well hurry up all right this is your alarm for 21 should I save it don’t cancel I just canceled at myself I don’t want any more now but you can see but as you can see it does take quite some time in order to use s voice and it does get some of the stuff done but why would you want to use it just do the stuff manually to know the truth the only reason i have been using this for so set the odd alarm and to make a note tonight in my counter or something that’s the only reason a reason I really use s voice but part from that is pretty useless you can launch apps with it but again why would you want to you to organize all your apps in folders like I have right here so instead of double tapping to go into s voice then asking it and then waiting for it to respond you could just swipe from one screen to the other go into your application that you would have asked it to launch so s voice is quite pointless however with Android jelly bean on its way looks like Google have I really hit the mark and actually done a bad job there so s voice is not a killer feature in this dr siri is much better but even Siri I’m not really into these sort of OI command sort of stuff if i’ll really be interested in them when they turn out to be like Jarvis from Iron Man but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon now bad points out of the way let’s talk about the really good points of this mobile phone and that is number one there was obvious thing the screen the screen is absolutely fantastic it’s got really nice and vibrant colors very crisp text although it is pentile it a sort of a share the pixels each other it’s not as crisp but the text but it’s still very crisp indeed absolutely fantastic and the definition is very good when your web browsing and stuff is absolutely amazing and let’s just go on to my website and you can obviously as you can turn to landscape as well and as you can see just panning around the website well right up right over here scrolling up in a very smooth if I pinch to zoom it’s also very smooth and you can double tap to zoom out so web browsing on this as you would expect is absolutely amazing just like it was on the galaxy s2 but with this but since you have a lot more screen real estate to work with it just makes the overall experience much more delightful so the screen is great when you’re watching back videos and YouTube videos etc the screen is just absolutely absolutely astounds me is fantastic better than the Galaxy Nexus in my opinion and that’s surprising when you take into account the screen technology is pretty much similar and also the speed although it was as fast as I you know I expect it to be the speed is still great and when you’re doing stuff like playing games like Grand Theft Auto and stuff it really is an absolute joy to use and another thing which absolutely loved about this and it’s something I want with all portable devices i use for multimedia every single video file are thrown at this this has been able to play it the files i’m talking about our stuff like big avi files like almost two gigs of avi files plus MKV videos and stuff on everything i throw at it plays it perfectly and as you know i always use mobile play at the same time as well they still got a little video widget over here which shows what you previously been watching so you can tap to resume so yes that is great and that’s why I love doing a lot about this and plus you got 16 gigabytes of internal storage inside here and you can’t can get a 32 k by a version of the galaxy s3 with 32 gigabytes of storage obviously and also what is also great is if I take off the back you have a micro SD card slot so many Android phones again are abandoning the SD card slots or tradition to get with Android but it supports up to 64 gigabyte card and you can really mop this up absolutely i am just astounded by that that you know they’ve given you this that’s a great thing from samsung and this does play literally every video file of thrown at it you’ve got 20 100 million power battery here and at first the battery life i was really disappointed with it but the battery on this is absolutely amazing I’ve been getting so say I’ve been using it for from the beginning of the day a hundred Sam battery life low to medium use I always at the end of the day at the end of the day I always gets about sixty seven percent and if I am actually doing a medium to heavy use I’ll get a day and a half but many of these times i’ll be getting a day and a half and on the quite a few times in the three weeks I’ve had this I’ve also been getting two full days of you sir this if you play games you ask the battery life like on this like pretty much every other device will drain much faster but for doing many of the stuff you would on this like a mobile phone it the battery lasts a long long time and also keep in mind i’m not generous when it comes to a bachelor to you and brightness and stuff on these mobile phones because i absolutely love the screen so the minimum brightness i leave it at is seventy-five percent and yeah call me tight or something but you know i really like the screen to be very very bright so that’s what I do absolutely amazing I really loved the battery life on this mobile phone it really does last long time as you can see it’s 506 right now and over eighty-six percent battery life right there so that is absolutely amazing that I’m getting a really good battery life out of this so the battery life on this was great now let’s talk about the camera what’s going to the gallery camera and it also see some more fish and chips homemade again as usual and the camera on this absolutely superb very good definition very good quality and let’s go away from the drooling food and here look now this was actually amazing because normally whenever I’m taking photos with camera phones that I’ve been testing the it always has to focus in the sky and then everything else looks all dog but this looks like is focused on everything the sky was very nice and vibrant and so is the trees in the background so it’s built and if i zoom into this over here you can read stuff first but now you can as soon as you zoom into it so absolutely fantastic i love this camera in megapixels capable of capturing 1080p video and the photos are absolutely stunning i really can’t fault these photos at all here’s our what picture of a tree i took over here and the photo quality as you can see is very very clear indeed and you do know that i did actually take 1080p HD video footage from a recorder with the Garcias 3 and right from the galaxy s3 i uploaded onto my channel and a link to that would be right over here and you saw me actually demonstrate the video quality on the video quality on this is absolutely fantastic i’ll be it let down by audio quality but the picture quality this was absolutely stunning and now let’s talk about what you’d normally be using this for which is making and taking calls earpiece over here for making taking calls is very clear indeed the microphone that the bottom for outgoing call quality is also fantastic this is one of the best phones I’ve used for outgoing and incoming calls and also over here you got a front-facing camera which is 1.

9 megapixels so that is great and i also love is this android application bar as usual and android just really not use it right you can take all these toggles over here mobile data notifications Bluetooth driving sync GPS sound Wi-Fi so you just tap this or put on vibrate tap it can put it on mute tap it again you’re on you know you’re on the regular noise on new and you can enable disable Wi-Fi so I just absolutely love the fact i can just manipulate all these are settings just by pulling down this bar and then using all these so absolutely love toggles on the notification bar this truly is one of the best mobile phones I’ve ever used today and I’ve used quite a lot of mobile phones but this is one of the most sexiest sleekest thinnest and best performing mobile phones I have ever used whether you get this one or the HTC One X is sort of a mixed bag you’re gonna have to it’s if you either want Samsung’s you know way of Samsung’s taught new TouchWiz interface which does seem to be rather nice except you know with how they’ve altered the keyboard and the email app then yes you could go with this or if you want HTC’s HTC Sense then you can go with the HTC One X you really can’t lose your winner either way you can choose either samsung galaxy s3 or the HTC One X if it’s me I’d probably choose the galaxy s3 and also look at this I’m gonna use my nail actually to move between screens and as you can see the screen is so sensitive that way I just use my nail it’s actually moving so this is absolutely really really sensitive screen the touch ground this is absolutely brilliant the screen is glorious and everything this is one of the best mobile phones I’ve ever used using as a multimedia device I would pay the 500 pounds alone just to get this as a multimedia device I really really love this mobile phone this is the samsung galaxy s3 please do give the video a thumbs up and then follow me on twitter by following a teacup and 12 I you very much watching this has been Eric from econ when 12 blogspot com and I’ll see you all in the next video


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