Home Phone Reviews Samsung D500 Mobile Phone (Review)

Samsung D500 Mobile Phone (Review)

Samsung D500 Mobile Phone (Review)

Sam 7500 review this phone came and 2004 and was a really known phone there was camping with 6230i Nokia c3 failure and was a very good phone a lot of people had it it was very small and a simple phone more it was quite fat but then again there’s a slight phone as you can see it doesn’t take no memory card as a bad thing about here the camera is 1.

3 map pixels not really that good the battery life is good but depends on how he is listen to music the better call within two hours or three hours each other he’s a normal form so basically it doesn’t have no you know like Wi-Fi or anything he just has call text few Java games the music quality is okay not too loud as the speakers just there they don’t have no speakers in rows you can also get speaker for it comes with this power I have you on my phone but to put the adapter to there and comes at La Paz louder but this is a really good phone


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