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Samsung 65 inch 4K smart tv review

Samsung 65 inch 4K smart tv review

hell yeah so under the review of the samsung 4k 65-inch TV this is a normal one not the curved display but um basically this is how it looks from the back you’re not going to really see much it’s pretty thin it’s really then actually it’s um so basically I don’t know how to compare it it’s pretty thin I mean my knuckle is really thin and there’s a stand you have to build it’s pretty simple all understand it says you HD which stands for ultra HD which is 4k resolution quality and it’s really nice on the back there’s a hdmi there’s one two three HDMI for x1 there’s three HDMI there might be 4i family see and there’s your a/v equipment stuff like that like your red red and white wires and basically this is how it looks really clear let me just pop up like a video or something basically this is the remote this is a youtuber mower basically it you could control a YouTube on hearing stuff so let me just sorry for the contrast guys so basically the more you move it’s like a laser point it on let me pop up video you oh yeah so it’s really clear actually it’s extremely clear and pretty nice it has barely any bezel so it’s you’re not going to get that much bezel it’s a really small TV with the big giant screen yet it still fulfills your dreams of having a 4k resolution screen it’s really nice and that’s basically it guys please comment rate and subscribe peace out


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