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Samsung 60″ LED TV Smart TV Review

Samsung 60″ LED TV Smart TV Review

this is Sony for stuff making my first video in a long time today is a review of the new Samsung Smart TV LED TV as you can see it’s the 8000 series LED Samsung 60 inches here’s a picture it’s got like Y fine everything built-in and I got this TV because of the TV my basement needed to be HD and whatnot so here’s the TV right now my friend is playing Madden 11 boy this deep post wrap this is how thin it is it’s like an inch or something thin and the front here 60 inches the quality is really nice it’s 1080p there’s a Samsung logo hooked up to my xbox so for all the people who saw my setup video before and said I love HD you will here’s HD so play the game this is just the quality he’s real soon what’s a little surprised about that woman but it buys little most accurate bastards in the game and that would just got away accurate passes in the NFL someone okay so as you can see the quality is really good my wreck


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