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Samsung 55″ 4K UltraHD Curved TV with 2Year Warranty

Samsung 55″ 4K UltraHD Curved TV with 2Year Warranty

so we have the great pleasure of featuring for you an amazing television by Samsung actually there are two different choices that we’re going to be extending to you my name is Marlo joining me for the presentation happens to be bill Duggan bill is one of our electronic experts he’s also a big big lover of televisions and in the world of TVs I don’t know if there is a more recognizable or more exciting name-brand and televisions than Samsung TVs people just love the brand Samsung when it comes to televisions and we are delighted to be able to offer to you an instant rebate meaning you don’t have to be anything in or send anything back it is automatic when you call today and our Samsung gorgeous 4k curved Smart TV this TV not only will allow you to be able to surf the Internet you will be able to access apps like you do with your tablets and cell phone you will be able to stream all sorts of movies whether you have a voodoo or Hulu account or Netflix account but you also are going to get a two-year warranty which is unprecedented in the business we have a selection for you of the 55 inch and the 65 inch I know when I looked a little bit earlier was the most limited we only had about 200 of them both televisions are being offered on six flexible payments you will save on the televisions I think there is $200 savings instantly on the 55 inch and then if you’re choosing the 65 inch your savings is about $500 off of the price so you talking about big big gigantic savings these televisions are already proven they are a customer pick so I encourage you to read the reviews they’re on our website if you’d like to do that and we’re going to ship them to you with free shipping and handling so let’s dive into some of the features on this because the fact that we are not so far away from the holiday season gift for everybody and not just this holiday season but season after season after season I would imagine for the next decade or so that’s it because you’re getting the latest in technology 4k image curved screen a very subtle curve why is that curve important it envelops you it gives you Richard depth it is like you’re there but more importantly you can still wall-mounted and most importantly it is the Samsung name Samsung is not just a leader here at HSN but it is a leader nationwide for the last decade everybody was TVs abuse it is affordable technology at the end of the day your sporting events are going to look great football season is going to look great the sporting events the gaming the movies is it like you’re there you can feel the chill and what you realize you’re getting here you’re going to see this Illustrated right here is that 4k technology what is that going to be a sharper image because you’re going from 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels so it is more vivid it is more exciting and that is it it is a future proof purchase because more and more 4k content is coming online but also what’s important about this and you can see at the end of this animation this TV can up convert so you’re going to always get that richer deeper more exciting vivid picture with this Samsung 4k TV and then the extra elements in terms of the curve in terms the upscaling ensures that it really is an exciting image you see how that up scales what’s important about that you know HSN we don’t broadcast in 4k but with this TV it’s going to look and appear like 4k but you know the NFL season they broadcast in 4k but you can’t appreciate it unless you have that 4k experience and what you’re going to notice right here this is a sporting event not shot in 4k but with the engine inside this TV the quad core processor it can upscale giving you the best picture quality for years and years and years to come that’s really why this is a future proof purchase and a gift for everybody the sports fan the HSN shopper the kids who want to watch stuff you know on Netflix in YouTube because you have all this smart capability that streams and pulls up so fast because it is that quad core processor at the end of the day but more importantly it’s under $1,000 to get the latest in technology home it is the most amazing television and I know that right now you’re not watching obviously from a 4k television but for those of you who are saying well I wonder if there is a big difference really between 720p or 1080p versus the 4k I can tell you there is imagine the amount of money that you have in your bank right and having four times that amount instantly that’s a big difference right that is what you have got as far as color definition as far as the depth of the dark colors how Chris those beautiful bright yellows and oranges that you are seeing on this television it is hard to see but the curve feature on this and I don’t know what the best way is to show it you talked about this mineral we can get an overhead shot it is very subtle maybe difficult to see from where you are but it really is a very slight kind of nice subtlety actually it is great because it doesn’t really come out at you it actually is the same curvature of your eye that is what they were trying to mimic you can see that subtle curve that is perfect note it also mimics it mimics a curvature in movie theater screens we go to the big movie theater we spend a lot of money we don’t realize that screen is curved I never knew that and the thing is we are getting that curved screen technology also most actually over half of our movie theaters project in 4k so I mean you’re getting the curved screen you’re getting the 4k projection and this is really important most if not all TV shows and movies these days are shot in 4k I should mention I went to the movies just Friday and this television looks way better than the movie screen you have to pay to sit on the couch there you go and I think that’s the whole point is that we truly want an authentic movie theater experience and now we can have it and particularly when you get to shop at a tremendous value if you would love to have this this opportunity reminding you it is Samsung and wherever I go when I meet people and they talk about all I’m going to buy a new television like what do you want to buy I definitely want to Samsung people really want the brand-name Samsung when it comes to televisions why because for the last decade or so they have really positioned themselves in leadership of quality and value and tremendously easy-to-use features and this television virtually has it all it really does it is a customer pick please read the reviews but whatever you do take advantage of this limited time offer two choices in sizes we have a 55 inch and the we also have a 65-inch the 55 inch for a 4k TV that’s a smart TV that you can do full web browsing for under $1,000 that we get to ship to you with free shipping and handling and you can pay for interest-free installments without having your credit check without signing up for another credit card without doing a thing just calling today using your own bank card or your own credit card that you have or even PayPal this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you to be able to completely upgrade and get something that is on your wish list because in another two months it is all about everybody on your gift list right think about you this is a gift for you but it is also a wonderful gift for anyone that is in and around your home let me talk to you really quickly about how you’re going to get this at home because part of what we are doing is we are including for you a two-year warranty that is something that we want to offer to you to give you another incentive to shop with us at HSN versus shopping at another retailer so take advantage of that because typically you get a one-year warranty we are stretching it out by samsung by two-year warranty we also have the IP financing if you got an HSN card I would get that card out and buy this TV today because the 55 inch that you’re looking at if you use your HSN card and the 12 month VIP financing your payments are 83 dollars and 32 cents I know 80 332 and if you are bumping it up to the 65 inch 100 and $24.

99 now if you don’t have that HSN card and you just want to use your own bank card or your own credit card to get the 55 inch everyone can use their bank card PayPal your 55 inches 166 66 and those are interest-free payments we delivered to you in the same timeframe as a person that paid the full amount which is nice so you have got either/or you can either pay the 99 the 999 today or you can at your will pay the monthly installments which are interest-free and you can always pay it off in advance there no penalties for doing it I don’t think a lot of people realize that some companies make you stay on that plan we don’t do that for some reason you get a bonus in December because that’s the way that your job you want to pay it off you can pay it off so 160 666 for the 55-inch and then for the 65 inch give me a second here bear with me if you’re using your own credit card your payments are oh my god to 49.

99 to 49.99 either way what a wonderful way for you to instantly get a television and this time of year is nice right the summer is now behind us all the fall television shows have rolled out have you found something that you like is where we talk about television shows is there anything new that you love is oh it’s timeless new one I’ve been seeing it and what there’s another one that I just started watching I’m blanking on the name all right I’ve been enjoying Queen sugar have you seen them no you got to check that out on own I’m going to loving that that’s on Wednesday nights but there are a lot of great shows and guess what every day that passes we are getting closer and closer to cold weather which means we’re going to be cocooning right we’re going to be in the inside how nice for you to be all warm and snuggly and cozy you know playing footsies with the person that you love nice glass of wine you got a nice soft and cozy blanket and you guys are in your own personal movie theater enjoying a television that is just awe-inspiring and all the things that you can do with it which is a big part of it because now we just don’t want to watch televisions right we now want to integrate the total experience we with our solutions we want the best picture quality when we finally get that night home to sit on the couch I mean I love these examples personally I mean we saw this video my gosh smartphones and tablets now we get to see it on the big screen now we can see it in 4k quality because there is nothing better than seeing our host C at HSN startled a little bit tried to get me with that you’re too smart for that Marlo oh no no I don’t know if I am but the thing is at the end of the day whether it’s content that’s not 4k it’s going to look for K because of this TV and that’s really what bill green is coming up this is class okay let’s see it’s got it let’s see it like and the thing is you can back out of this get more content at your disposal because this is really what you want you want great picture quality you want something that’s fast and going to upload fast you notice there no real hourglass because it loads quickly I want to point out something else real quick the audio on here 20 watts did Jelani so this is only 25% of the audio because I want to talk to the sound bar let’s do it because you have a great alternative to get even a better theatrical experience the pictures taking care of the screens taken care of but then when you add the audio in terms of love that wireless sound bar curved as well which is great so it mimics a curve on your issues but then we’re going to turn this on a little bit I want you to see if you can hear the difference by the way no cables no wires right on this the sound bar which is really sleek and updated oh yeah that booming so get it I’m so you can add this subwoofer comes included and really it does complete the picture you got audio you got visual you’re covered for fall/winter for all seasons they do it go for it again savings pays for the sound Barnum’s so the information on the sound bar is provided for you we have the item number right here at the bottom of the screen it’s four nine three nine three zero it’s three 99.

95 and we have it on 4 flex for the holiday season and it’s also available on our VIP financing so you can ask about that and it’s free shipping and handling well worth it so definitely ask about that completely wireless but when you look at it I always make this point and I don’t know if anybody else feels the same way but I just feel like in a world where I work full-time and I have a life outside of work I’d love to be able to go to the movies on time all the time I’d love to be able to go to concerts I love to see Broadway shows all the time I wish that were my life my life is when I’m off from work I have laundry to do dusting to do nail appointments I’ve got to get oil changes so when I get home there’s nothing more that I want to do then kick off my shoes and sit back and watch a television so the money that I would spend on the Broadway shows and I do that every now and again or on going to the movies you know on a weekly basis let’s say or you know going to a concert I make that investment and giving myself the best day in and day out experience because I think personally the benefits certainly outweigh me not having the most immersive experience so if you’re looking for a reason to justify upgrading do it because how often do you really get a chance to go out and see the shows and do some and have some of the entertainment that you love to partake in life is just busy and stressful it gets expensive but when you have a television think about 10 years right so that you know the cost per use is really really great just get 20 minutes on the couch we want that best picture sometimes it’s just in the morning and one thing I want you to remember about the picture quality you’re seeing right now this is from YouTube this is from the internet it is up converted to the best picture quality so that’s not even from blu-ray or from my cable box that’s from YouTube over here I want to back out a YouTube completely because remember we have YouTube we have Netflix we have Amazon all those great different apps get onto the World Wide Web customize it for the sports fan but more importantly there’s options but you’re always going to get that great picture quality and that’s really what it comes down to we want that 4k experience we’re getting that 4k experience this is a 2016 model by the way everyone so you’re getting the latest in terms of specs three HDMI ports two USB ports that picture engine on the inside that upconverting capability because at the end of the day whether it is 4k or not it is always going to look great so I wanted to give you a visual of the 65 inch can you imagine now that is a true movie theater experience and an interesting fact about televisions when we offer a choice of the 55 inch versus a 65 inch believe it or not the larger TVs do sell faster so here is your 65 inch so if you have nice tall high ceilings in your home a lot of wall space that you’ll be able to fit this telling you can certainly mount both of these televisions or if you have some type of built-in curio like we have here in our studios imagine that I mean that’s breathtaking so if you’d love to have the 65 inch you get a better savings on the 65 inch the savings is $500 off and free shipping and handling and you want someone to deliver this for you because it is massive it is a massive TV and the shipping and handling know what it would cost ordinarily but you don’t want to know and the fact that we can ship this to you with free shipping and handling it has it all it is a magnificent television I am NOT surprised at all that it is a customer pick spend two 49.

99 to get this at home if you’re using your own debit card bank card or PayPal and if you are using that HSN card to get the 65 inch your payments are one $24.99 I don’t know if I had to do what I would probably they say go big or go home I would probably bump it up to the 65 inch I might be eating tuna for the rest of the month or some peanut butter and jelly and some crackers but who cares you’re going to be eating it in front of that TV everything is going to look better taste better at the end of the day I had to learn that the hard way at the end of the day you know what your money is spent you cannot go and get another one so go for the very first time I think I spent my money on a 4k TV what did I pick up I picked up the Samsung I picked up font emerges because I wanted that number one name-brand I wanted that 4k technology because it’s going to last for years to come another thing we haven’t really talked about much is that 2 year warranty everyone in the family is going to get their hands on the remote and sit in front of it and turn it on whether it’s grandpa the grandkids the babysitter the cleaning lady and then you just have that reassurance that this investment has 2 years of protection and you’re talking about the 65 inch if you go for it it’s 65 inches diagonally but it’s about 57 and a half inches wide and if you’re converting from a 32 inch oh that’s not there that’s 65 that’s not right four of these three hundred and twelve percent this 55 it’s about a hundred ninety five percent more and just you know the 55 inch is 55 inches diagonally but it’s just about under 49 inches wide so it’s a sweet spot it’s perfect and you’re getting a lot of bells and whistles because it’s that latest in technology it has bluetooth it has pairing capability and screen mirroring with your smart phone and tablet so when you want to pull up pictures from your phone it’s easy to do and that’s what you want you want the latest in technology so you can have fun with it so this picture that I just took of Marlo ah that’s already up on the big screen and the thing is why is that important how much we take our photos on our phones and tablets now we can fling it up to the big screen with ease quick because that picture engine that quad-core processor and quality because it’s Samsung you deserve the best if nobody’s told you that I’m telling you that we all do no I’m serious I’m not even kidding because I know for me sometimes you know I’ll sacrifice because I want to do something for my nephews or you know we often will give our best to others and especially women we’re especially guilty of that and don’t spoil the most important person in your life and that is you occasionally by yourself the things that you want to buy so this is something that you want it is an amazing value is Samsung you cannot go wrong if you have maybe a 720p or 1080p high-definition television and you’ve heard of these 4k TVs is the best level that we offer and it’s curved so it’s going to be a showstopper in your home people will walk in and it is an instant modern upgrade to the look of your home mounted on the wall for sure it does come with the stand you really want to mimic that theater experience get the sound bar that’s available for you with free shipping it’s also offered on 4 flexible payments and it’s just is going to fill your room with incredible clear robust sound which you’ll love as well and here’s the other thing the timing on this could not be more perfect for you because most companies when you shop for a television number one beware they charge you a restocking fee if you return it and change your mind your restocking fee can be upwards of 15% when you talk about $1000 that’s a lot of money ok or in the 65 inch at 14.

99 it’s a lot of money to pay 15% for something you just changed your mind and you no longer want we don’t do that if you change your mind and reminding you of our holiday return policy you have until the end of January that’s almost the end of football season by the way I know in hint right no it’s true because then you know the big game is that next weekend you get all your money back every penny of it so I say shop indulge and joy save allow us to deliver this to your home you will have it within 7 to 10 days I can see you watching that big parade on Thanksgiving a from all the great football be nice and stuff from the turkey and all the extras that go along with it and you will just sit back and you will enjoy the scene is a gift for you but it is a gift for everyone who comes over I mean you just have company let’s watch the game let’s watch the parade everyone’s going to benefit from it you will most importantly for years to come because it’s Samsung it is 4k and its two-year warranty well I want to thank Bill you always do a wonderful job thank you the televisions are extreme selves they really do they do you’re so right but it’s always nice to be able to shop and say so please continue to ask about them you can always go on our website at hsn.

com they will read all the wonderful reviews from customers that already own it but I want to thank you and encourage you to continue to shop oh we’ve got more great savings for you and you can save $20 simply by applying for our HSN card once you’re approved you’ll get $20 off of any single item purchase of $20 or more and certainly this is a great time of year to do it because now that we’ve kicked in full geared for the holiday season wouldn’t it be nice to do all of your holiday shopping just on one single card that way you’ve got to monitor the things that you


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