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Samsung 3D SMART TV Review Part 2

Samsung 3D SMART TV Review Part 2

hello youtubers and welcome to the final review of review season two so let’s go with this TV remove review of my samsung smart 3d tue so if you get either the smart remote or the standard remote and press the smarter button you’ll see you’re taking to the 2013 version of the smart hub which i can say without a doubt is a lot cleaner a lot slicker than the previous one so you can use the trackpad all again the arrow keys on the remotest going to whatever app you want to go on for example there’s Facebook YouTube Skype Twitter and discourage jungle web browser as well that we’ve also got explorer 3d we’ve got the social I hope here and just you can move from outside by just going along every single app but there is an easier way there’s a line you ask across the top of the remote and when you swipe this line you can go to whatever page so you’ve got photos videos music and movies and TV shows you’ve got the apps again social and there you also have a few suggestions at the bottom so if we press return and press guide it is currently set on satellite TV and you can quickly flick through channel those just by air flicking down on this key here just along this line and you can actually feel it and to dial in a channel you right click and you’ll see a little square come up here and you can draw a number in see you one there you go so this is at the VC oh look it’s Colin it’s collimator these this remote also has volume control also your voice at all yeah news-press voice volume up and you can see you can turn the volume up and again if you press more you see you’ve got the little number pad in the corner and it’s the same thing again you can see you’ve got the manual record and also the picture size as well got menu 3d let’s just change the aspect ratio to wear four by three and this is all so cliquey you can also change the source to whatever hdmi you want to go to for instance here is my youtube channel totally p so you can see my opening act trailer there and all my videos and this is just connected to my laptop down here and if you’re wondering what that noise is mm-my d s camera over there sound interval shot so it’s going to take some pictures and you see how you go about the date but this can be used as a universal remote if you press the more button again and so not the more button yes if you do press the more button and go on to menu and here we go system device manager and you can use a universal control and you can fall all things you see my laptop’s is gone into a continuous loop but that is pretty much it there’s not really much wanna say but I will say something about the 3d glasses they’re different from the 2012 design and there they fit a bit more comfortably on the nose and dad’s for negotiation yeah yes but they’re more comfortable around your nose and I’ll shut them all rounded less slightly thicker got the but really there’s not particularly that much different about them they still come with the battery you guys well and if you never use them well don’t even wanna clean them out the packet so that’s my review hang there for now TV off goodbye


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