Home Laptop Reviews Romoss eUSB 10400 mAh External Power Bank for Laptop REVIEW

Romoss eUSB 10400 mAh External Power Bank for Laptop REVIEW

Romoss eUSB 10400 mAh External Power Bank for Laptop REVIEW

hey guys this journey tech review today I have a quick review for you of just almost 10,000 milliamp battery pack so use this external battery pack that features a bunch of different our tips that you can use to charge your laptop it came in a bigger package but I break it down to here you have two battery pack itself you have a charging cable and then you have 6 if and tips for different laptop type you also have a user menu so these are some of the tip size that’s typical for some of the device so look like it supports some various different laptop so many Dell Fujitsu Samsung issues etc so you do want to look the specification and kind of find out and if these fit for you so for me I’m using just tip here for the Dell and it works quite well the only thing is that the charger cell only provide 45 watt or laptop so release more for ultrabook and a smaller device so your big laptop will not be able to handle yes I mean you can see do lock it in and it will charge it very slowly but you’re not gonna get a full speed charger out your sky so as you can see here use the battery pack itself ten thousand for a milliamp battery pack on the side here we have the power button along with the LED indicator for the ink and power I charge it the other day so it’s fully charged right now you can actually hold Ali’s button here to turn on the LED you can see smaller LED I accidentally left this on one time and draining it put in three days so I can give you an idea how long is everything will last there is a micro USB charging port notice that the device does not come with a micro USB cable to charge it so you do have to provide one of your own and on the other side you have just enhance USB cable here and this is normal USB but also has the extra pin down to output higher voltage for laptop so you can see here kind of give you an idea here so it’s 98% battery I’m gonna go ahead and walk this guy in and you see though it’s actually giving it power but it’s actually not storing up to charging so yeah it worked and it will give it a little bit of power and you can see you’re back to 100 but it charged it very slow and the only 45 and a 45 watt is only for small device and not big device like this so I’m gonna plug this guy in here and charge my phone show you guys just gotta turn it on like that it’s charging as you can see you know come on and this is coming out going on to charge to volure smaller battery pack is pretty nice 10,000 milliamp with about 80% efficiency show you left what about that a roughly 8,000 milli ampere battery pack port here is able to output up to 2.

4 m so I can’t give you an idea in regular USB mo and in the fancy USB mode it can go up to a high voltage up to 20 volt but remember that it only support up to 45 waterpower so it cannot charge really big heavy laptop but rather small older book em you know smaller laptop so hope you show logo if you help you in your budget decision do you have any question let me know in a comment below and as always stay tuned for future review thank you


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