raise youtubers this is Jace for Marshall made collectibles today we’re gonna do a little something different in my little home office I have down in the basement of my house I’ve been running on an old Dell 310 that’s about 11 years old and it was a good system for when I got it but as age has progressed when I’m sitting here trying to do like 1015 mailing labels or trying to do stuff over my little business it just was bogged down it was way too slow so I was going ahead and looking for some sort of desktop I’ve got a laptop Jeanne’s got a laptop and the boys have one that they share and play with but I needed something just basically down here for for my office and something cheap inexpensive but it had a decent not hard drive so what we’re looking at here is a gateway ZX 4270 it has a 500 gigabyte hard drive other than that it really can’t tell you too much about it because I basically went and looked for the cheapest new system that was out there and Best Buy had it and this was only three hundred and fifty dollars with Free Shipping and it was four hundred and something or whatever before the discount or whatever they were clearance an amount I think this is might be even last year’s model so let’s go ahead and open this up this is a true unboxing because it just came in and let’s see what we have in the box the box is just plain there’s no picture of it and this is one of those all-in-one systems and what another one I was looking for the reason I was looking for I didn’t want to have to deal with the tower again or anything like that so everything basically is in the monitor the like the like hard drive the disk drive everything alright first thing it popped out is we’ve got step guide comes prepackaged with Windows 8 all right it looks like it’s gonna be pretty much easy to set it up it’s just kind of like plug and play looks like they took up took a note from the way Apple computers used to be power cord adapter there and the mouse power forward I take it that’s the keyboard this is the all-in-one monitor okay let’s go ahead and put this down hold that up as we pick this off they even changed out my computer desk it used to have a talk about do-it-yourself I had a actual old door has been inserted into a computer desk so I mean it’s something smaller so I got a little one from Walmart and main stack that’s a decent sized string okay it’s got webcam front-facing speakers bluetooth AMD a for quad don’t have a clue what the hell that means turn this around so you can see the back of it looks like it’s a matte finish on the screen to keep it from having a glare four USB connections right there two more on the side and a scan card reader Ethernet connection headphone connection and I am not sure what that one is that’s this where your disk drive is pretty standard fare let’s go to a USB connection on nice just the plain keyboard and give me a couple seconds and we’ll go ahead and plug this up we’ll hook it up to the Internet’s I’ve got two different printers I’m going to be running off of this one’s a Dell 1100 that I use for all my printing labels and everything like that’s a laser jet printer love that thing I’ve had it forever works like a champ and I have a Canon Prix ma printer that’s my scanner copier fax machine it’s what I do might work my nursing job that’s how I do all my paperwork and send it into my job so like I said just give me a couple seconds we’ll hook this all up and I’ll give you a quick review or roundup okay everybody I’ve got the Gateway set up and so far I can tell you I’m very happy with it the only thing I’m not really enthralled with is I’m not a huge Windows 8 type person I liked Windows 7 it worked well for me in fact I had Windows 8 on my new Toshiba laptop when I got it and I actually removed it and put Windows 7 on so I don’t know how long I will keep this on I know a lot of people like the live tiles and I imagine if it was a touchscreen it would be great but this is not a touchscreen this is just a regular desktop really quick went ahead and set up a bunch of things it was really easy to do Windows 8 will not accept my Dell 1100 laser printer because they don’t have a driver for it yet so might be another reason why I go ahead downgrade I’m like I said it extremely quick great for a desktop it does have a 500 gigabyte hard drive like I said the disk drive is on the side and you just put it in your disk or whatever you’re working on right there it’s got the four USB inputs on the back the two on the side are like for upgrade at USB screen and everything like that resolution that’s HD picture it’s Bluetooth enabled it’s Wi-Fi enabled in fact I had to let it know that I was having it hardwired through my router and so going through my wireless router just because I’d rather it be hard water it’s a little quicker it does have front-facing speakers in the front and it has the webcam built-in which to me is no big deal I don’t do any web chats anybody that’s watching this video I always get asked questions after I do one of these including like I did when I did the laptop I always get is this good for gaming is it this for gaming I can’t answer that I just don’t know because I don’t game on my computer’s if I’m gonna game a game on like an Xbox or Playstation I don’t my computers are always been basically for work so I couldn’t tell you if you want to ask me how it is for like editing pictures or videos or stuff like that that I could probably tell you it does have a card reader in the side for like your scan disk cards which is great because that’s a lot of times how I download my files for work it did pick up the new Canon wireless printer like quickly and in fact it even put a utility in here a lot of the tiles that you’re seeing right now I’ve edited heavily there was a whole boatload that we’re on here but I took a bunch of them off because I don’t I don’t need all that I don’t do a lot of networking I don’t do a lot of that I just want to know like my weather or the sports the news I want to be able to get on the like the regular desktop and go to places which I added to Google Chrome and everything like but it’s it’s got a huge amount of memory it does come with Norton Internet Security for I think like 90 days if I’m not mistaken and just to give you a quick rundown like what I did when I did that to shave a laptop I will do a real quick video and it’s the wildlife video through Microsoft which they own so they can’t get a get too ticked about it and what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and up the volume and I’ve got the volume at a hundred and you can control all this from the keyboard which is really nice so we’ll go ahead and put this on and it will give you a little image just to give you idea to speaker quality alright let’s click that again it got blurry for a second because I zoomed in that was not the computer that was me okay so like I said excellent setup if you’re looking for something inexpensive even like a kids computer a student computer you have a student that’s gone away to school I know everybody’s wanting a tablet now or they’re wanting something that’s touchscreen this screen is like 19 and a half inches across so it’s like a huge viewing area it’s perfect for what I do and it’s just gonna be used for my office but you can’t go wrong for like 350 was free shipping and I did get this through bit Best Buy and again this is a one of the gateway all in ones so you can go ahead and feel free to to like add me to your subscription or comment alright take care and have a nice day okay quick side note I just want to add this real quick it was not the computers fault that it was not printing from Dell or 1100 it was me I was able to find the print driver actually the computer had seeked it out and fixed it whatever Windows 8 does it’s got some hocus pocus going on anyway I just went ahead and tried to print a page and the Dell 1100 came up I looked under the devices and it showed up there so maybe I was a little quick to bash it about that so I apologize but it does it will print from the Dell 1100 as well as my Canon now so both printers are hooked up everything is working flawlessly the only glitch that seemed to happen or the only problem was me so now that that’s fixed everything else is great so be sure to comment you can subscribe and if you have any questions be free thrilled to ask like I said unless it’s about game stuff if it’s gaming I really can’t help you anyway thank you very much and have a great day


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