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Reto 3D Film Camera Review & Guide | Should you buy it ?

Reto 3D Film Camera Review & Guide | Should you buy it ?

Hey guys, Today I’m going to be reviewing this camera. If you don’t know what this is? It’s a Reto 3D camera. It has 3 lenses that all shoot at the same time. This camera was launched on a Kickstarter in 2018.

They entered the market as 3D cameras were increasingly getting expensive. A Nishika N8000 currently goes for $400 USD or so. That’s pretty expensive. Each lens shoots half a frame on a roll of film.

You’ll get 24 shots out of a roll of 36. In post you can stitch it all together via an app, so it becomes a 3D image. This camera is made of plastic. But that plastic feels pretty good quality and put together and there’s also a front and back leather.

However, after using it for a couple of times, it seems like the edges around the leather is slowly fraying. Loading is easy and the camera has a simple view finder. A few specs for the camera. Film Format: 35mm Manual Wind and Rewind Focus-free; 1m to infinity Built-in Flash All you need is a double AA battery And the weight is about 178g Shooting feels like any other camera with the only noticeable difference being the thumbwheel takes a little longer.

Reto 3D has an app where you can compile your shots and turn into a 3D image afterward. The app is really easy to use. Download it off the Appstore. After developing your film. You can crop the images you want first and store it in an album for quick access.

Select the 3 images and choose the focus point in each image. I didn’t purchase the Pro version so I’m stuck with the basic one. Then let it generate. After shooting a few rolls on the camera, it was pretty fun seeing the results at the start.

However, it quickly lost its magic and is now sitting on my shelf. I feel like the 3D images are quite jittery when stitched together. . Probably because it has 3 lenses instead of 4. I feel like this camera is good if you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends having a good time great at capturing memories.

So the reto 3d is a good and cheaper alternative if you’re looking to shoot some 3D images. That’s all for now. If you like this video, do like and subscribe. Thanks!


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