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Pitfall! for Windows Phone – Review

Pitfall! for Windows Phone – Review

hi this is paul acevedo of WPCentral calm here with the video review of pitfall for Windows Phone it follows a game room title the original atari 2600 version was developed by Activision long before they got all giant and evil this version includes a 3d replica of an Atari 2600 console I used to have one of those pitfall first came out in 1982 it was such an exciting game that Activision legally had to include an exclamation mark in the title so that people wouldn’t die of heart attacks when they saw how awesome it is I mean look at these graphics the main dude pitfall Harry is made up of four different colors you can pretty much tell what everything is supposed to be which was almost unheard of on the Atari 2600 jumping and walking anyway the goal in this game is to find as many of its 32 treasures as as possible oops yeah I should start doing that there are 255 unique screens which makes pitfall feel like a pretty big game even today yeah normally wouldn’t either the most dangerous threat in pitfall is crocodile pits you can safely get across by jumping on their mouths when they’re closed or standing on their heads it’s harder to do on windows phone because touchscreen control just can’t be as precise as a physical controller we’ll give it a shot kelan made it the least Burroughs only take away from your score they don’t kill you it’s a snake this is quicksand there’s treasure all right if also has a lot of underground shortcuts traveling one screen below ground skips three screens above ground unfortunately has are filled with scorpions they’re a little harder to jump over than they should be but I made it the whole has a 20-minute time limit as for as much as possible but you’re a lot more likely to run out of lives in time ah when you can find enemies that is helps to find a map online so you can know where you’re going and choose the best pathway here we go trying to kill myself when the game ends you can get three kinds of metals based on your performance the score one here takes some practice but it’s doable the survival in time metals are super easy you can just stand in one place for 20 minutes and get credit towards them pitbull has nine of the same achievements as other mobile game room games and one new one for swinging on a vine ten times in one game I’d say the achievements are all quite easy though the location based ones in which you have to be traveling I don’t know like two-thirds of a mile in one session or over 35 miles per hour those have been buggy for me of course there’s leaderboards pitfall was a pioneer in the platforming genre and it’s still a fun game even now I’d rather have the precision of a physical controller when playing but this is still a very good version of the game classic gaming fans should take it for a swing read the full review at WP central com


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