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Phone Review of the CellAllure Lite S

Phone Review of the CellAllure Lite S

what’s up guys it’s james of tech reviews 22 what I’ve got for you today is a phone review I was contacted by this company called sell a lure and they were kind enough to send me out a review unit on one of their phones that they are selling so let’s get started and again this is the name of the company it’s called sell a lure this is called the light s it’s a 4.

5 inch screen has 4g this is what I what it would be considered a budget phone so just give you guys a heads up on this this is not going to be some high in spectral quality but you know this is a niche market and I think a lot of companies are trying to find that that a lot of people are not looking to to buy a phone that’s locked into a carrier this phone is not it comes to the 4.

5 inch isp screen it’s got 480 x 854 pixels it has 512 x I megabytes of RAM 4 gigabytes of storage but it does have additional storage it has dual SIM cards 8 megapixel camera on the back 4G Wi-Fi edge all the usuals there it has a 1400 milliamp battery so and it comes pre-installed with a jellybean 4.

2 jelly bean the company is I believe out of Florida Miami specifically and as it says right here it says the seller lower light is on this side here we go the cellular light s is a new type of smartphone to combine its core on-the-go benefits with various mobile services mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability to create a whole new user experience okay let’s check this thing out and box okay this is the phone will set it off to the side real quick see what’s inside the wood all they give you inside okay first thing then you actually give you a screen protector it’s not bad and a case yeah yeah so this goes on the back and it flips over so it’s the flip case whether it actually has a protective screen on the front iPad usual basic lets you get with the our basic earbuds wall charger wrong with your USB charging cable and of course the book in English and Spanish yep okay we’ll sit all this stuff to the side let’s get to the phone all right like I said this is called the light s 4.

5 inch screen as you can see it tells you some of the things that can do this is a blue I think this also comes in black and white it’s a soft matte material it’s not a it’s not real tacky but it’s it’s not slippery in the hand it’s thin peel this off this side and I screen you have your three buttons on the bottom on the on this side you have your volume rocker this side you have your power top headphone jack bottom you plug it in to charge and it’s like some microphones in the back there’s your speaker here along the back it’s pretty good-sized speaker looks like the camera on the back is a 8 megapixel I do believe so let’s turn this thing on see what happens again this is a you know a budget phone and it’s for some for individuals who are not looking to buy a phone will be tied to a contract you can buy these phones outright can go to the website and check out they have a lot of different types of foam this is just one of them and screens not bad and I said it comes with jelly bean so you know it’s pretty responsive and has the here so you can use your shortcuts go to about phone and as you can see four point two point two okay home button give your home of your back and your settings here overall it’s a not a bad phone for anyone who’s looking to buy a phone it’s not tied to a contract you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money this is probably one of the ways to go on the back pop open this real quick comes off as you can see it’s the battery sim cards here and here so that’s really nice now I do know what the pricing is on these but think if you go to the website and check it out you’ll be able to find out but this will just a quick little review on sell the lure it’s called the light s I would say go check them out go to the website and see right there it is cellular com it is designed in Miami they have a wide variety of other phones besides this one they have bigger phones more closer to the phablet style no phone so yeah go check them out give them a shout if you’re not looking for Raya you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a phone and be tied to a carrier this might be an alternative for you so once again it’s selalu the light s this is james with tech reviews 22 do me a favor if you would like this video be sure to subscribe follow me on twitter and you guys have a go and i’ll see you next time


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