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Phone Review: LG G2 Unboxing and Intial Review

Phone Review: LG G2 Unboxing and Intial Review

hello YouTube restitution here and today we’re going to do another phone review had a lot of these going on but we keep getting a lot of new phones and the phone today is Casey can tell this is the LG g2 or the 980 I’m gonna crack this guy open we’re gonna do an unboxing an initial review and we’ll go from there so without further ado let’s get to it so here we have the LG g2 and it’s really nice and pretty packaging so let’s get this guy opened up and see what’s in the box pretty RT floral paint splatter packaging interesting alright so here we have the phone underneath the phone we have my enables that will never look at USB cable and a travel adapter so nothing fancy in the box nothing out of the ordinary um well that is except for the phone itself um phone is a very unique phone so let’s turn this guy on um and do a initial review in the phone um in the hand of the phone is a little bit thicker than I was led to believe by the pictures that we have here which I have right there but I can’t show you because the camera can’t see it um really wow large edge to edge screen um while it’s a turning on which oh it’s already on so going over some of the hardware features of the phone let’s get started the screen if we can see here is a 5.

2 inch display from corner to corner and it really is as the edge there is no bezel on this phone whatsoever the back home and menu button are built into the screen so they’re not physical buttons like I’m accustomed to on the galaxies and the new HTC One but not really all that concern on the back here we have a 13 megapixel shooter same one that’s going to be in the galaxy s4 now this is a really unique design choice here on the back beneath the camera we have volume up power and volume down I really like the placement it’s really a comfortable thing to hold adjust your volume and turn the power on and off without having to fiddle with this also if you’re gonna be gaming it’s going to be great because I’m not going to be in your way if you’re holding the phone like this we’re not going to accidentally hit your power button like I do a lot on my tablet um unique choice they’re real clean on all the edges because the volume rocker and power button are on the bottom we have a sim card tray here on the site which you can’t really see and the headphone jack and the charger on the bottom so really nice feel to the phone like I said it is a little bit thicker than I thought it was going to be but that being said it’s a it does feel comfortable in the hand 5.

2 inch display like I said the new Snapdragon 800 processor which is a ridiculous two point three gigahertz fastest processor in any phone that we have currently on verizon two gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of on-board storage I thought there was a external expansion but I was wrong which made me a little bit sad but 32 gigs is plenty I don’t really need much more than that so I’m going to be okay with that 2.

1 megapixel front facing camera speaker bar speakers on the bottom pretty straight forward now to unlock the phone and bypass activation as I like to show you guys remember volume and is on the back it’s going to be volume up volume down back menu home and D are you sure you want to leave the setup wizard yes I do we’re going to leave the setup wizard that’s okay now very pretty screen look at that now does look very samsung like with the widgets and the display that we see right here but maybe that’s just because I’m used to playing with a note to and a galaxy s4 the screen on this is an IPS LCD just like on the HTC One and the HTC droid DNA which means are going to get a more true-to-life color it’s not going to be as bright and vibrant as the galaxies and their AMOLED displays which is normally one of the things that really makes this screen stand out for me amongst the s4 and then note 2 it’s going to be just a little bit nicer of the screen overall it’s running one of the newer versions of Android i believe it is four point two point two let’s take a look and I am doing this through the camera let’s see its status that’s cool so you get your phone number all this good stuff but routing statistic there is a simple part here to tell you if it’s rooted her I don’t know if that means it’s going to be more developer friendly or not but here we are here android 4.

2 point2 so one of the newest versions it should be getting 4.3 update shortly alright so overall initial impression I really like the phone I love the screen the screen is definitely going to make me consider giving up my note 2 finely and exchange for the gallic for the LG g2 but yeah a lot of point 2 inch screen 1080p two point three gigahertz stupid fast processor with two gigs are am definitely gonna give this a try be sure to check out sold by tootie for the full review which should be coming up in a day or so this is restitution as always be sure to check back subscribe for more app phone accessory reviews and like I keep saying the educational stuff is coming I promise I just I’m working on the curriculum and recording and editing there’s a lot more work to it and then I initially thought so hopefully that gets up sooner rather than later this is the g2i give it as solid thumbs up be sure to check back for possibly a more full length review in the near future take care guys


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