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Phaz P2 Headphones that Charges your Phone REVIEW

Phaz P2 Headphones that Charges your Phone REVIEW

hey guys Johnny talked with view I spin a while since I review a powered headphone I haven’t really found anything interesting for me to repair or you know in a good price rings and recently I finally found a pair that is pretty nice and these are the fat p2 they also make a PT version which is a wireless version but I’m reviewing the p2 version here a disclaimer this was sent to me to reveal a company asked me to have an honest review and see what I think about quality of this headphone because I’ve been reviewing a lot of them and they saw my youtube so they wanted me to check it out the unboxing experience was pretty nice the box was really well made and has a really cool nice silicone handle and beside the user menu uses pretty much everything that come in a package yeah just a nice little carrying case it’s maker just kind of like a new phone man you know fab fabric material this off is not her heart carrying case you have the headphone cell which can also be full up just like this and you retract them properly like that you can fold it up you have used to in have no media audio cable here that come with a you know control hear playback control you have multi function of in the middle and then volume up and down for track changing I tested this on iOS and it worked well and then finally you have another USB cable Desa for charging the unit which is inside this guy here so it has this nice common fiber accent all the way on the outside here and you have the fed’s logo right here and more carbon fiber X and L so the unit is make our pretty much a metal and plastic you compute out the bandits make our middle but it’s rapping it’s plastic it’s a soft touch plastic and feel pretty nice a pop here you have again the fact logo and the load of rubber here is actually listening for supporting the headphone on your head and I didn’t feel any fatigue wear a nice pair of headphones here’s the pad the pads are replaceable they have them on the website a thing for like $29 or some like that and you can have different colors but it come when you stock one right here it’s not real leather it’s kind of like you know I guess false letter it’s perforated and it’s pretty pretty ball usually one letter have for my ear gets pretty hot after about an hour so I usually remove them but this actually does a pretty decent job and you can see how big they are fitting my ears pretty well the middle bands are fallible but of course you have to be in your small form you can extend it of course but you had to be in your small form if you want to fold it up and list like that for storage the band opened up the various different settings as you can see I usually use them totally and you know the big end because I have pretty big head at the bottom and the unit they have a few different function here as you can see over here you have the B for basically bass boos and then here is the charging port as you can see right now here’s the in for the 3.

5 millimeter cable that you can plug to your mobile device or phone and then on the left side here you have the power button along with a charging port and another 3.5 millimeter out this one is cost-share because you can actually use this headphone and block another headphone to hear and share your music which is pretty cool you can use it port here to charge your phone while you’re listening so you can run a cable from you know here to your phone and you can run another cable from here to your phone so I’ll try use put my iPhone and I was able to charge using our lightning cable plug straight into here with no problem of course there’s only half a tonne of milliamp battery so don’t expect a lot of charger for your phone but yeah it’s there just in case of emergency uses next let’s talk about the sound quality these power have phone i’ve been using a lot of different power headphone and you know a lot of time I don’t even reveal them because of one reason or another the support is not good enough or I’m just you know don’t feel like reviewing them because there’s so many reveal demand on them already and these are definitely unique and when I was asked to review these I was kind of you know intrigued by the way they’re designed they said it can charge your phone and I was worrying how much battery that we have I tell now not a lot but other than that the iPhone se attracted me with the design and it sounds pretty good for the sound quality you can expect pretty nice a low bass the bass are pretty impactful even in the passive mode where you haven’t turned it on yet basically use their phone with no power and when you turn it on you get the extra amplifier but anyway the mid are a little bit slightly emphasized and the vocals seem to be a little bit for wildly highest on release are clean and extremely crispy and I really like listening to dance music especially EDM hip-hop this kind of music they sound really good on this pair of headphones in general like pop vocal jazz and top 40 sounds pretty good and rock music and jam band in particularly sounds pretty awesome oh nice I listen to a lot you know a fish and a lot of jam band when the pianos and the saxophone come out they sound really amazing on these I was really surprised on how good the sound of course these headphones are not really designed to be monitor or reference or by no means they definitely have the local emphasis especially on low but it is a little bit emphasis on the mid and the highs also when you power you some are just holding this power button just light will come on blue here and that basically activate a internal amplifier and what that does is kind of give the whole sound range a lot of booze so you can expect a little bit better sound in general and it’s actually a bit louder too and with that you can also press B here to turn on the bass boots and when you space boots here it actually give like a nice little bass boost but to me it’s a little bit muddy when I’m listening to it so I didn’t really use it as much but other who want a lot of bass you can enable use button here that kind of give you an extra bass boost right now when turning on your amplifier here the headphone goes from Bruce a typical headphone to a very lively pair of headphone and it sound like you’re listening to music in the club which is kind of cool next I want to talk about the sound leak on these para headphone they look like a closed pair of headphones but when these past being kind of you know perforated and breathable they actually leak a decent amount so I have a fan sit about three feet away from me and he was able to hear my music quite well and when I kind of volume up he was able to make out the look of the song I was listening to so definitely if you’re looking for a private pair of headphones to listen to these are not it they definitely leaked a little bit of sound so keep that in mind but sadly actually have a one advantage and that is a to provide this / – a decent nice sound stage the South Asian on this are more expensive than I would originally thought for a pair of closed back headphone just like this but of course they actually has a decent amount of swimming separation and you can actually hear the different you know instrument come from various different part of your head of course you cannot compare were used to something like an HD 650 that I have but definitely you know it actually has more sound stations in something like my Audio Technica m50 and definitely speaking of the m50 I think this is pretty much on par with that headphone that have fun with being a little bit more clear and precise and every aspect but this is a more lively and more fun so that kind of giving you an idea the different between these two have fun overall ours are quite impressed on the sound quality of these previously I listened to one of my friend opal pm3 and those who are quite impressive for a close match power headphone you know but being $400 these about half the price and they sound almost as good at stating the p.

m. – he has a lot more to offer definitely a better premium build these and a letter pad on those are a lot better than these also including you know you have some smartphone for control functionality also that this guys doesn’t have but yeah this is half the price and the sound quality was actually quite good and I was impressed with it so guys that’s pretty much conclude my quick review I found that these headphones are pretty impressive for the price I think they are pretty well priced off for around $200 you can probably get them a little bit cheaper online of dependent very different discounts but I think for the price there are performing quite well so guys that’s pretty much conclude my quick review of this fat p2 headphone I hope we helped you in your budget decision and if you have any question just let me know in a comment below and as always stay tuned for future review thank you


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