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PDi medTAB14 Smart Personal Hospital Healthcare-grade 14″ LED touchscreen HDTV TABLET, Android-based OS, Interactive Patient System for Infotainment, Entertainment and TV. Complete arm-mounted system.


Price: $1,433.57
(as of Dec 03,2020 04:49:34 UTC – Details)

Deliver patient experience on-demand with the complete enhanced patient infotainment solution to bring your patients entertainment, relaxation, and a better patient experience on a medical tablet at their fingertips. The medTAB interactive patient system powered by PDi is the industry’s only fully integrated TV-TABLET device. Our 14” touchscreen is equal to a 90” viewing experience with a footwall TV! The medTAB is low-voltage, continuously powered over coax and is securely attached to the wall with our arm-mounted solutions for a complete system. This complete solution includes our medTAB14: a healthcare-grade, 14” LED HDTV Android-based tablet. It also comes with a theft-resistant swing arm and low-voltage slim power mount. Built to meet strict UL policies and withstand heavy use from the healthcare industry, the medTAB is the ultimate patient experience solution. Out of the box the device comes with TV, games and relaxation apps – no internet access required! When you are ready to allow internet access to patients via either the built-in WIFI card or ENET cable, the personal device offers shortcuts to news apps, social apps, and an internet browser for patient entertainment. The medTAB solution is a simple and scalable entertainment system that is easy to use for all ages. It doesn’t need special support, and PDi designs our hardware to be future proof. The medTAB was designed with healthcare in mind and especially for hospitals, dialysis clinics and other healthcare environments. Nurses love how easy the arms are to use and the experience the medTABs give their patients.

ENHANCED ENTERTAINMENT: Comes with Pro:Idiom and MPEG4 to provide a full HD television experience, as well as Android-based SMART functionality (OS 7.0 Nougat). Patients can enjoy TV, games and relaxation without any internet connection! Or connect to the internet for added distractions.
EASY TO USE: The medTAB offers out-of-the-box entertainment. Designed especially for healthcare, the medTAB bundle is easy to use for all ages of patients and easy to install.
GET STARTED QUICKLY: Does not require ADT or EMR integrations. No special IT or on-site concierge staff is required. Perfect to improve patient satisfaction for hospitals, dialysis, and medical clinic applications.
BUNDLED SOLUTION: Healthcare industry’s only fully integrated TV-TABLET patient device. This medTAB14 bundle includes our 14″ personal Android-based touchscreen LED HDTV Tablet (medTAB14C-GB2-MP), a theft-resistant PDi arm, (PDI-AA1407-GB), a low-voltage slim power supply mount (PDI-871-G) to power the device over coax, and a backer plate for 16″ studs (PDI- 255E-G). For certified installation, call PDi ProServices.


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