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PC Specialist Recoil RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop Review

PC Specialist Recoil RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop Review

let me preface this video by saying that I’ve already reviewed a PC specialist recoil two links in the currents up above but if you you know still just want to know all that’s new and all about the RTX version then this video will still cover basically everything but if you want to see an extra video just to see you know a specially if you’re planning on buying one and then feel free to check out that video as well so also the deal with this RTX 2060 laptop then let’s run you through the good the bad and the ugly is starting off as always with the good size wise this is an impressive laptop it’s 15.

6 inch it has thin bezels all around the screen overall pretty decent packaging and beautiful styling with this a brushed aluminium top and actually an RGB LED light bar on the front set of look as well in terms of Io that’s also pretty good with 2 USB 3 ports 1 USB 2 1 type C HDMI 2 mini DisplayPort Gigabit Ethernet headphone and microphone jacks and DC in as well spec wise this thing is strapped it’s got a hex core 8750 H which boosts all the way up to 4.

1GHz which is impressive and you can spec it with up to 32 gigs of ram although my model has 16 gigs you can also spec it out with up to an RTX 2070 max Q although this model has the 2060 which is actually the one that I’d recommend as the 2070 is 178 pound option and well it is faster it’s not significantly faster that I would really overall recommend it.

You can also have up to 2 m.2 SSDs as well as a two and a half inch hard drive which is great for expandability and of course if you just want to add in later it’s actually pretty easy to take off the screws in the bottom lift up the top cover and install another one yourself if down the line you need to upgrade it.

Performance wise this thing is also pretty impressive let’s take a look at the gaming results. Starting off with 3D Mark fire strike we have a pretty impressive score of 13,442 you can check out 3d marks website to see how that compares to other laptops but suffice to say it’s pretty good when it comes to dirt rally on Ultra settings obviously it’s 1080p we’re looking at 90 FPS average this is actually a great pair for the high refresh rate display we’ve got here and in terms of unigine heaven obviously this is more of a benchmark so the minimums and maximums are definitely to be taken with a grain of salt it’s but 125 FPS is certainly nothingto stay quiet about when it comes to PUBG again on ultra settings looking at 95 FPS average which again appears really well with the high refresh rate display that the laptop comes with same thing on fortnite here we’re looking at 115 fps on epic settings and again good minimums and maximums as well so overall a pretty competent and I suspect fairly long lasting gaming laptop with some pretty impressive performance to go with it on the display side of things is actually a 144hz 1080p panel it’s actually a very nice very smooth and enjoyable gaming experience which is great to say from well a gaming laptop color accuracy wise it’s not all that impressive whether thinks 80 to 90% of the srgb spectrum covered but overall it’s still pretty impressive and actually viewing angles are also pretty impressive too with only the really extreme side to sides being a major problem of course it’s a laptop so you can fairly easily adjust it to suit your needs.

Moving on to the bad things the keyboard is still something of a bit contentious for me I’ve actually just come from the Acer Swift 5 which I don’t think is potentially my benchmark for the worst keyboard and laptop so coming from that I’m actually not as offended as I was in the previous review of the recoil 2 – but it’s still a bit of a shame to see you a fairly wobbly keeve as you can see by this control key wobbling around like crazy and also the fake clickiness really doesn’t make much of an experience for me and overall layout though it’s quite nice so if you can get past the mushy yet clicky typing feel then it’s not too bad.

The trackpad is also not too bad either the only real gripe that have with this that puts it in the bad rather than the good is that I’ve had a recurring bug on basically all of PC specialist laptops where when you hold your finger down the cursor will just jiggle around like crazy now it’s something that they’ve said that they can’t reproduce themselves buts it’s something that I’ve had in multiple units so hopefully that will get addressed and software anyway.

Another thing isn’t too fantastic about the laptop is actually the webcam and microphone here’s a quick test of that so test of the built in and webcam reveals that it’s okay it’s 720p and while I’m in full studio lighting is still a little bit soft so take it or leave it it’s certainly fine for you know family Skype calls or whatever but considering that your phone is about 100 times better than this it’s kind of sad to see that that’s not anywhere near the same level otherwise the microphone is actually pretty decent and the built-in speakers are also pretty good too battery life is also something that’s jumping on this list too with only 2 hours and 10 minutes on battery with the PC mark battery life test, now this is just web browsing and that sort of stuff so bear that in mind if you’re planning on using this out and about you’re gonna want the charger fairly nearby because you don’t get all that long without it.

And the final note on the bad list is the noise no it’s not the worst laptop that I’ve had in terms of its noise output and most of it comes from air flow although there is a little bit of high-pitched whine from the fans but otherwise it’s not too terrible again here’s a quick test of that And finally moving on to the ugly we have the temperatures – there’s actually two facets to this the first one is just the temperature that the CPU hits it maxed out at a sustained 99°c on all cores just with gaming load with the fans on full boost now this is something that you may be able to remedy with a fan curve tweak or potentially opting for the apparently better thermal paste but otherwise do keep that in mind that it will get incredibly hot.

The GPU is actually sitting around about 80 degrees Celsius which is about what its temperature target is so that’s okay but the CPU really is a bit too hot for me and the second facet of the temperature problem that this laptop has is the heat that gets transferred through to the top where the keyboard is now they’ve done a good job of shielding where your left hand is gonna be while gaming on you know WASD but the right side and in full irony specifically where the cooler boost button is the the fan boost button that hits a maximum of about 60 degrees Celsius and just while recording I recorded it at 53 degrees Celsius which is plenty enough to burn the top of your finger when you want to press that button which is again in full irony the button that you need to press to make the laptop cooler it will literally burn the top of your finger that’s kind of crazy and I really wish that had some more heat shielding on the bottom here so that he didn’t transfer so readily through to the keyboard.

With that said though it is actually still a pretty impressive laptop just shy of 1,500 pounds it’s actually not too bad value when it comes to the RTX laptops that I’ve already looked at and that you can find that on the market and you can also get a bit of a discount using the link in the description for this specific model if you do customize anything I think the discount gets kicked off and I don’t make any commission from that link it’s not an affiliate link although they do track who clicks and buys through it so keep that in mind but either way it’s still again especially for that price point pretty impressive if a little on the flawed side of course the question that asked in all of these videos is what I put one of these on my desk if I was looking for a laptop in this sort of price range then I think it’s actually an interesting shouts especially because of the performance and therefore the in theory longevity of the laptop in terms of still being able to play games and good settings I think this could be a pretty interesting option of course well there are plenty of other options you can check out feel free to check out this one so with all that said I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below what do you think of the laptop what do you think of its temperature problem or its keyboard or that beautiful display let me know it down in the comments if you want to support the channel and keep making these videos on a monday wednesday and friday basis with live streams on thursday nights then take a look at the links in the description down below there’s Amazon and overclockers UK affiliate links which don’t cost you anything to use but mostly how me when you do use them so thank you very much you can also support me directly with the patreon link and get Corso doing so or check out the Humble Bundle or private Internet access links or even the domain comm link if you want to sample I’m saying there’s plenty of options down below you can also check out the other videos over there including the review of the other recoil too that I’ve reviewed and of course if it knew the channel hear that subscribe button as well otherwise thanks for watching hope you enjoy it or seal in the next video


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