Home PC Reviews PC Gamer: wazX Mini Beetle RR A13w – Review (PT-BR)

PC Gamer: wazX Mini Beetle RR A13w – Review (PT-BR)

PC Gamer: wazX Mini Beetle RR A13w – Review (PT-BR)

hello guys welcome to another video i’m fabrício augusto and today i I want to introduce you to a third party aimed at the gay public and that I I’m sure they will like it a lot I’m talking about the sexy girl released me rr credible model but first I would like to take the opportunity to thank to the voice staff who gave us the opportunity to experience this super pc and to start let’s talk on Sunday about this pc’s office which is the beach and made prot model of type like mini and tx personal cabinet has a beautiful design but this design besides being beautiful according to the manufacturer was developed so that the even when being transported absurdly slight impacts it has its chassis manufactured in the other parts people manufactured in high quality plastic compounds another cool thing about this case is that he doesn’t have any feet, the cabinet structure itself is what gives support while avoiding those unwanted scratches on your table the hit planet explodes also has an excellent airflow system that the manufacturer that exists with great elegance adding grids and filters around the entire cabinet without compromising the design at any time a front part has a dialogue of the phoenix bits and the oz mark made in high relief and on the right side the power buttons 7 what your rr technique and model 13 data mounted on this case has some interesting functions personal among them we can mention the filters against dust that can be removed whenever the user wishes to make a company or even maintenance another important resource for you to can connect all your devices is that the cabinet has the right side with two usb 3.

0 ports, one microphone input and one audio output audio all screws are of the all excluded type dispensing the use of keys screwdriver with chavez philips the rear connections of the azteca and released rra 13 data is a ps2 port for the keyboard or the mouse two usb 3.

0 ports are also available two hdmi outputs a tv output on youtube from a small boat although you will not use them because the pc has a much better dedicated video card connections for two wifi antennas two rj45 connectors four usb 2.

0 ports five analog audio connections and one digital and video card outputs dedicated that are a tv and a tv and an hdmi and a displayport but let’s talk about what interests us more than the configuration of this fantastic pc this version of the 13 data we’re analyzing account with intel processor and 51 3330 third generation a 77 m gear ngaba motherboard with a gigabyte nvidia gtx video card 760 8 gb ddr3 memory 1 terabyte 128 gb sata and dvd recorder 5.

1 audio with five analog and digital rj45 connections and faults float source 600 watts and it’s already installed with an operating system windows 7 home premium 64-bit we did some performance tests of the a 7 thousand é e a13 w to see if these pc is really fast and suitable for the latest game launches to get started we check the experience index of the windows that evaluates some items with the graphics memories processor in games and hd as you can see we have three top notes we also did practical tests from day to day those tests that the user himself realizes without using a benchmark tool like for example booting a system or start the computer we can really say that the restart of the system was much faster than we expected we also tested and 3d mark cosi as well as some newer games and of course the performance was magnificent in all aspects the whole game is wanted to have a pc as the aspect inhibit the trl presented ie a fact both for its design and its hardware to play games from nowadays as it was a field powder formula 1 in 2013 it has two goals with the better visual effects excellent performance it is a satisfaction that is second to none so if you liked spc access now www.

w1tv.com.br in addition to this model there are other models with the configuration that best suits what you need around here but I leave a big hug for you but first don’t forget to leave your light and share with your friends if also feel free to leave your comments here in this video bye


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