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Panasonic TX-55C320B 55″ Smart TV Review

Panasonic TX-55C320B 55″ Smart TV Review

hi this is a review of the panasonic TX 5 5 C 3 2 0 B it’s a 55 inch LCD HD Smart TV from the C 300 series now first thing I’d like to touch on is South the setup itself is really really easy very one-person doable although I do suggest you have the second person just to be able to help you lift the TV onto the unit now it’s not through the weight of the telly because it is just 22 kilograms but it’s just for the pure size of the telly it is easier if you’ve got that second pair of hands to help you out now because the two feet that supports the TV instead of a central stand it does mean you have to have a much longer TV unit which at the moment we don’t have so we’ve had to fashion one and until we get one through in a couple of days and but also because you don’t have this central stand it does also mean that you don’t have a swivel capability to the TV which means you also have to take into account the width of your TV unit to how much room you’ll have before having to move the unit itself that being said if I pop over here I’ll show you the seat the quite sturdy very durable you have a section that comes up the back here it has three screws on the back just pop the screws in and that is your fee attached to your TV very very simple and easy to do now if you can see the bottom corner if I raise my hand up just slightly I’ve now got my fingers on a few buttons at the back you’ve got an on button a source button you’ve also got your volume up and down and your program up and down buttons right here and if I go up to the top just so it’s easy for you to see one thing I love about this TV is that the screen goes near enough to the edges means you’ve only got a little tiny bit of casing around the sides and the reason I love this is because it means that your 55 inch TV is not much bigger than 55 inches rather than having big massive casing like some TVs which makes your TV 58 59 60 inches plus so you can a nice big screen in your room without it overpowering your room which i think is a fantastic feature now I can’t get to the back of the TV because the position it’s in and again and because we’ve had to fashion it I don’t really want to mess around with it and but I have got some pictures of the back of the TV on my laptop now since it focuses so you’ve got your VGA you’ve got your LAN TV antenna you’ve got your your 4 HDMI ports here you’ve got some USBs up here and this section here you’ve got your auxiliary plugs here you’ve got your Scott lead some more USBs you’ve got headphones etc and so you’ve got all that good stuff on the back of the telly and the last thing I’d like to talk about before 10 and TV on is the remote control the remote control is quite a standard remote control it’s got all your your regular buttons that we all know and love and a few extra as well it’s not a tiny tiny remote so you’re not going to lose it on the backi so far but it’s not very very chunky either got a nice weight to it it’s not too heavy so if we start off we’ll put this on here it does take a second to come on it’s not the quickest TV in the world but it’s definitely not the slowest I’ve ever seen either now straight away it will come up it will come up with your channel how long you’ve got left of your program what’s on now what’s on next and the times so this is your first one that I’ve just popped it onto so if we start with the volume about 30 I found it’s quite a normal sort of volume to pop it onto if we push it up just for show sake so it’s quite loud it’s not overpowering it’s not an buzzing it does that there’s no interference or anything like that and the louder you put it so that’s quite a nice sound to it you can attach a sound bar or the surround sounds at speakers and stuff but you don’t have to do it still a good quality sound to the TV now the TV picture itself and I don’t know how good this camera is actually picking up but it is a really clear picture it’s really really good the only thing I’d say is that occasionally if you’ve got small writing on the screen be it from those adverts that have it at the bottom or like films where the credits go up and it’s quite small and it is slightly blurry you can still read it but it’s not quite crisp but if you pop the TV over so that was channel 4 ibly if you pop the TV over to a HD channel you can tell the difference and not so much in the picture but when writing comes up even the picture is a bit more crystal but it’s it’s mainly the writing that I’ve noticed it on it’s very crystal clear and right so if we go to this one here this much a TV Guide so you’ve got all your nails next you schedules etc etc on your TV Guide and very very easily usable and easy to navigate and so if we come out of here you’ve also got your menu buttons but there’s one here you’ve got your menu button so you’ve got your picture menus and sound menus you’ve got things like your your parental menu of your timers things like that and all on there you’ve also got other menus here as well which is there for you you’ve got media and you’ve also got a quick media button here which will take you straight through so that would be all your videos and picked photos music etc you can play it straight on to your telly just by plugging it in at the back really good feature and you’ve also got your smart capabilities which is this one here so with your smart capabilities again it takes a second to come up it’s not the quickest but definitely not the slowest and so you’ve got all like your apps at the side you can go across catch up on your telly and and things like that and so you’ve got all of that there and and you also have a Netflix button at the top pop that on it goes straight to your netflix account overall I think the telly is really really good telly and it’s a great picture a great sound the only downfall I’d have is the fact that it doesn’t have a central stand and that’s my review thank you very much


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