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Panasonic G7 as a Vlogging Camera Review

Panasonic G7 as a Vlogging Camera Review

hey guys Justin Rivas here just wanting to talk to you a little bit about vlogging cameras now blogging is very very popular on YouTube these days got KC nice dad you’ve got all these other guys doing this kind of style of video and it’s a lot of fun and a really interesting way to see into people’s lives and maybe you yourself have been thinking about doing it I’ve been thinking about doing it just to challenge myself creatively and give me a few more options with clients and expand my video talents I guess you could say and so I decided to buy a camera and get into doing some vlogging now the first camera that I started with I’ve got a video somewhere I can post up here was a Nikon d50 500 and IND Doug at camera I did six vlogs fit but I wasn’t really happy with it and I’ve ended up with this a Panasonic Lumix G 7 but before I talk a little bit more about this let’s just talk about what makes a good vlogging camera and there’s really two things for me that I need one is I need the camera to be really really light the camera I’m recording on right here is my primary photo camera it’s a big digital SLR weighs about five to six pounds depending on the lens that’s on it and that is very very heavy when you’re trying to hold this up and talk to the camera you can barely do it or you can maybe do it for a minute and so finding a camera that’s very very light is important in the case of this Panasonic with the lens and the battery and the card it’s about 1.

2 pounds and this mic doesn’t really weigh anything and you know this gorilla pods may be a little bit but that is so much lighter than something like a big camera like that so when it needs to be light to the other most important thing is it needs to be able to focus very very well focus on yourself when you’re talking to the camera or when you spin it and are showing other things it needs to be able to focus on those things well the d50 500 which is I guess another let’s just let’s just interject here I won’t even cut the video will just say there’s a third thing and it’s important to say is a flip-out screen this is important that you’re able to look at this and see what you’re doing now you don’t want to be staring at the screen all the time because people can tell that but it’s nice to be able to check every once in a while and frame it up if you’re putting it on maybe the – a car or you’re putting in some places to be able to see what it’s shooting that’s really really important and so even for me that’s why I picked the nikon d5500 because it had the flip out screen I shoot Nikon so I figured I could use my good lenses and then it has continuous autofocus which means it’s constantly checking for focus and tracking which is good because if you’re talking here and then you back it up and then you come in close and then you turn around and you’re shooting on other things it’s got to constantly be able to focus and and pick the right things to focus on and in the case of the d50 500 what I really wasn’t happy about was it could find the focus but it had to hunt a lot like it had to work a lot to keep the focus and the thing about that camera is in order to find the focus it would have to like go all the way out of focus all the way out of focus this way and then lock in on it couldn’t do it quickly and so in a lot of those vlogs if you see the first ones it’s like going mmm got it and then you move slightly and go Lieut I was just talking with cousin today and she said like I really love the vlogs but like what’s up with the focus well that camera just didn’t do it for me the other thing was is the focus on it was really noisy and you could often hear it picked up in the microphone as it was constantly trying to work for that to be he is awesome he’s all about social media giving bateau focusing is very very important and you need something that has that full time auto focus so it’s always finding focus for you and so I knew that I was going to return the d50 500 I almost bought Canon 70d which I talked about in my review of the d50 500 is you know that’s a camera that Casey Neistat uses and a lot of other youtubers because it has really really good focusing capabilities and constantly when it’s when it’s constantly focusing it does a really really good job of that and so I was looking at that strongly and I honestly I went down to the store to buy one and they didn’t have one in stock I had them checked to see how long it was going to be but it was only about 300 dollars more than these cameras which depending where you’re at in life $300 is a lot of money but I was already spending $900 on the 5500 and 900 on this so $1200 wasn’t that much more but I do want to be able to shoot a little bit of kind of slow motion and so those the 70d only shoots at 30 frames per second so when you’re slowing that down to try and do some smoother slow motion it couldn’t do that and I’m using this for more than just vlogging I’m using it for some other video shooting and so I wanted to be able to slow it down and use it for that and so I found this guy which is the I mention this for Panasonic Lumix it’s a g7 I think the kid is a I’m just looking at the Box g7 K so it comes with a on it I think it’s written a 14 to 42 millimeter lens it goes from pretty wide not super super wide but wide enough to get your face and a couple other things into it too being able to zoom in a little bit further this is fairly standard kind of lens that comes with most cameras but what I love about this camera is it’s really really light and so far I’ve just on one vlog with it I think yeah just one and I could I’ll throw that up here and you definitely want to check that out if you’re interested in this camera to see how it did now my initial thoughts were again I’ve only really done one vlog with it so I haven’t used it a ton but I use the 5500 for a while and now this was one I think it’s the picture quality looks fantastic when it’s in focus that it’s super super sharp this camera does do 4k I think technically UHD I think there’s a minor difference there doesn’t really matter but it does you know four times the resolution of normal Full HD and so that can be really really cool now me personally like this monitor is not a 4k monitor I shot it in 4k to try it and I’m sure there’s some people that are really into that stuff that maybe can appreciate that extra resolution but for the future that’s nice to be able to do this test shoot 60 frames per second so if you want to slow it down doesn’t shoot that in 4k but in normal full HD it’ll shoot 60 frames a second what other important things again I mentioned how light it was the big thing for me is it seems like the autofocus on it is quite good now I still need to play around the modes and decide I had it set to face tracking so as you know trying to watch for my eyes you know would pick up my eyes and focus on that I don’t honestly know if that’s the best motor if I just have it for you can set it so it just focuses on whatever is in the middle and that could be a better mold but I tried the face tracking and I would say 90% of the time I was really happy with it it also is very very very fast at acquiring focus if you actually use the like shutter button and you say hey just find me the focus it’s super quick and even in its full time auto focusing what I liked about this as opposed to the Nikon d50 500 is that d500 had to work so hard to go all the way in focus out of focus like hunting around to try and get it this thing has a technology that I think was called depth from D focus where it can like really quickly calculate where the focus needs to be and it seems to do a really really good job it’s also so quiet when it does it and another important thing you want to have in a camera is a little bit of image stabilization so as you’re kind of bouncing or moving or you’re never going to be quite still that it’s compensating for that and smoothing out your picture this did a really really good job and so I would say so far I’m pretty pretty happy with this I want to do a couple more vlogs and just kind of confirm that it’s as good as I think it is I really like how compact it is like it’s really really small I mean if I take this and put it on here you know if you’re shooting bright sunlight it’s you know a little bit bigger but it’s still that’s a nice thing about these mirrorless cameras is they can be really really light and really really compact I haven’t really used it to shoot photos I’m going on a trip sometime soon and I’m going to use it for that and we’ll see but yeah so far it seems to be like a good vlogging camera now it is still in Canada anyway just under $1000 and so that’s a lot of money for some people and I totally get that and so you know you don’t have to use something like this there’s a number of point-and-shoot cameras that will work for that but if you are starting to get a little bit more serious into it and maybe you don’t have more than $1000 yeah you know or you want to shoot slow motion like me then maybe this would be a reason to pick this over that 70d Canon has a new EDD coming e8e a number 80 and then deep coming out to replace the 70d and that will shoot 60 frames per second and do some of the things that I wanted to do but I think that one’s probably going to be sixteen or eighteen hundred dollars and it’s not even out yet and so this seemed like a you know pretty neat option so overall I would say I’m happy with that but I hope there’s maybe a little bit insight there into vlogging cameras and something to help you as always if you have any questions just drop a note below I’m learning along with you guys and so I encourage you to if you have a passion for creating vlogs or you know just being creative in general or you want to learn more about you know social media or websites or I do that stuff for living this kind of logging and video and photography I’m learning it all to help me in that space and kind of expand my repertoire of what I can do so appreciate you guys following along checking me out and yeah leave it at that Thanks talk to you later


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