Home Smart TV Reviews Panasonic DX902/ DX900 (TX-58DX902B) 4K HDR TV Review

Panasonic DX902/ DX900 (TX-58DX902B) 4K HDR TV Review

Panasonic DX902/ DX900 (TX-58DX902B) 4K HDR TV Review

Panasonic’s flagship TV for 2016 is the Viera DX902, otherwise marketed as the DX900 elsewhere in Europe. The DX902 is the world’s first Ultra HD Premium television to hit the market. It uses LED LCD rather than OLED display technology, but what sets the Panasonic DX902 apart from other LED TVs is its full-array local dimming backlight technology that can illuminate 512 zones independently on screen.

Because the LEDs are placed directly behind the panel, the design is not as slim as most other TVs on the market today, but this didn’t really bother us, because to us picture quality is the most important factor.

The screen is angled slightly backwards, which may annoy some users. The design of the stand means you’ll need an AV rack that’s almost as wide as the entire screen on which to put the television. There are 6 cooling fans behind the top of the TV, which are quite quiet, and shouldn’t trouble most users with normal TV volume on.

The power cable is hardwired to the TV and cannot be detached. The connections are found to the left of the TV, which includes 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2. A detachable panel is supplied if you want a cleaner look, but because only one outlet is provided at the bottom of the panel, you’ll have to take the panel off if you need to plug in a USB stick.

The DX902 comes with two remote controls, the first one is a Smart touchpad and the second one is a conventional remote. We really like the standard remote, it gives superb tactile feedback and feels really good to hold in the hand.

It has backlit buttons, and a lovely brushed metallic finish in the front. Let’s talk picture quality. Out of the box, the colours are decent, but after calibration, the DX902 produces stunning colour accuracy that cannot be matched by any other TV brand on the market.

Contrast performance is outstanding thanks to the 512-zone local dimming, ensuring that black areas remain black and bright areas remain bright without contaminating each other. Helped by its high peak brightness and accurate tone mapping, HDR presentation is as good as we’ve seen from a consumer TV so far.

To sum up, the Panasonic DX902 is a beautifully-engineered 4K HDR TV, and the best LED LCD we’ve tested to date. We’ve given it our “Highly Recommended – Best in Class” award. If you’ve enjoyed this video review, please click the like button, and subscribe to the HDTVTest Youtube channel for future videos.

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