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Palm Companion Phone unboxing & first impressions

Palm Companion Phone unboxing & first impressions

so Elena and Dan you two are the are the small phone lovers in fire like this new Paul I’m excited to see this I haven’t I haven’t been aware of its existence so let’s say let’s see what’s inside so this is not the palm of the past no this is it’s a new company license in there yeah so yeah box this is this got announced a couple weeks ago it’s a Verizon exclusive how much it’s $350 if you buy an outright outright but the problem is you have to you have to have another phone you have to have a main smartphone accessory to your file yeah it’s $10 a month to get an extra this extra thing on your ear account that’s the cost the phone yeah yeah but it will receive cold wow it’s so tiny okay so here’s my hand for caught for comparison yeah this is actually look look everybody I can’t actually get my full stomach ransom can you touch the top corner no close close okay unboxing there yeah we’ll receive no there’s no slips well there’s a slot there’s a more that for memory card though Oh see a pen because it can’t work standalone cable is it USB see yeah it is okay yep this is just a standard not nothing fancy no braided it just kind of yeah what what what is the charging cable Dan how about you take this and I will look at the end so yeah it’s used to be typing on one side and then see the other let’s pop this sucker out only point two amps my my pin is too big what oh that’s weird really see if I can find another way I know you have to go into Verizon to get special one that you need then this is a fairly standard size yeah I mean all of them are the same that’s baby look in the in here if there’s anything yeah now we’re going old school no paper clip all ethical paper clip which I think looks like it’s smaller and let’s see oh wow maybe this is so I think you have to take it into the store right so you the sim unless it comes preloaded with some lunch power or much appeal at all and I don’t I’ll let you do it I’ll let you do the honor because Elena never gets to do this because she protects all her stuff so much quiet you I really like this – it’s like I’m in that do you what do you think the logo the super yeah I think it’s I think it’s fine oh my god it’s glossy yeah like it’s clean it’s clean looking so a lot of people are saying it kind of looks like an iPhone that they ripped off the design how so you know oh my god yeah and the the back camera I mean array it’s pretty similar I’ll peel this but that’s just kind of modern design I mean like even the edge is kind of a little bit I phone a dish so you have you have the the 10s this is the 10s so size computers on color once you once you put down for size comparison real quickly so yeah here’s a iPhone 10s and we actually have some older phones that we brought out just so we could compare size is appalled this is actually a poem I think it’s a poem pre old school physical keyboard I found this randomly in a drawer somewhere it’s a Motorolla something and then here is my old iPhone 4s this was this was Dan’s love this is I think was the best design phone for a good long time when she asked jobs would want you to believe and if you can just imagine this being edge to edge scream oh man that like that would be I’d buy that today we also know that bread is a Nazi and he’s on the SE and I had the 5 s is he still on it mm-hmm onto that into infinity I think because the fact that all the Apple phones are now large well once you power it up let’s see it does run a special Android launcher I hope it’s charged up there you go I felt the vibration mm-hmm so it’s not edge to edge that’s a pretty big change yeah you can see there you can see that there’s a chin and a forehead Wow so I was reading these specs and it says that it’s a 12 megapixel camera on the back yeah so I guess you’re gonna have to need some kind of space for that circuit true and the the PPI on the actual screen I couldn’t find the specs for the screen itself but it’s a pretty high PPI supposedly it’s higher than the 1 plus 16 720 spoon oh that’s not bad for this size because the iPhone XR is 720 isn’t it it’s like eight something like a low so this effectively three point eight inches by I guess two inches it says 1.

99 the specs on there aren’t that I’m looking at right now it says the reading of bytes of RAM in this thing yeah I mean it’s it’s running full Android does even see like the status bar I mean that’s that’s Android yeah look at that setup screen agree to the grace yeah sure sure we don’t read no terms of T of C’s to see what the activation is okay well you can do it I don’t think we have a verizon account to attach it to yeah we’ll see I have Verizon well let’s come back we’ll come back in a second alright so we’ve gone through some of the setup just normal Google Android set up stuff but they’re gonna show us a little bit of the navigation alright so single press is where the dots are you back ok double presses home long press is task switcher ok next only shown navigation bar Auto hide then take away too much screen space yeah it’s right in that chin oh no no what’s above because look at the design there’s three dots and then it’s on screen everything yeah well no what I’m saying is if you look you can actually see like this is the screen part yeah this is further down so why not just show well but see where the back oh yeah that’s why this is the navigation all right then I agree I don’t know how to read the instructions everybody mood so we want life mode off for right now cuz then it’s the full experience life mode on is like it’ll run in low power oh yeah no I want to be digitally connected all times yes and an Android message message pluses loaded Jim yes I think it Gordon uses it but yeah let’s just skip that but that’s how you are able to sync your SMS text I feel like this is necessary though if you’re actually using this as an extension or feel like you would actually want to have this on I mean there’s other options but yeah I mean I think most people probably would so I we have to skip it now I would be curious so there are you sure I’m super sure so there’s no I’m ready to go ready go got it I don’t think it’s needed if you have whoa it’s like Italy Romania Apple watch yeah yeah so it is it’s full Android but it’s a custom launcher like if my thumb is blocking the screen or looking like how much area you’re losing oh this is how you cause an accident cuz you can’t see here they’re better actually you wouldn’t be using on the car so much yeah kind of scroll around see how fast it refreshes is there like a watchband could it like cuz I pressed directions that took that long for this to pop hmm that’s true we it is fresh set up so maybe there’s some updates right is it raining a Snapdragon oh it looks like it might be a raw chip mmm I feel like it said it was a Snapdragon 4:30 Pacific I have no idea what that means listed differently okay oh that’s my name oh sorry yeah okay so what do you what do you think how did that how do i oh there it okay oh yeah because of the on screen navigation I see on the smite moment gonna swipe up to get to it let’s see what it’s like looks like it still has the run of the Android apps well yeah I mean it you it has full play support so you can go into the Play Store and load load up whatever like that out to you Adam that was your email address that’s fine that’s public so I think okay let’s go to PC world yeah PC world calm where’s my well that took forever Department yeah I mean if anything instead of using it on Verizon is actually very impressive that I was like it registered that really well I wonder if it works can you buy it without the incentive like direct through palm it and I don’t think this idea warm in my hands oh really yeah I don’t feel it I mean it this first set up it’s not burning it’s not hand burning no I can feel that it’s warm yeah can you read that new article on PC will calm your hand is a heatsink it’s called vapor a vapor in fact it uses the sweat on your hand to cool the phone how long is it gonna take to register there we go oh yeah I love it this is like when you use use mobile sites like yeah what was it called nothing and I can’t remember I I am a little disappointed by how slow things are right now I that’s not fast maybe there’s an update who knows well once you go to Settings I’m curious to see if you max out the font size how big a big the font size but I could see someone taking this and if they only needed a Wi-Fi for example largest it’s already on the largest here go to the small that is so small oh wow see I like my font size small but that’s pretty maybe this is supposed to be 720 screen so I mean if you’re going small no defaults to the largest usually it defaults to like the middle I think it is in the middle of doing stuff like you can see download yeah it might be updating yes you know I think that the the initial I want to throw the kitchen is like yeah yeah bring it bring up the camera yeah it’s weird how it kind of snaps like that maybe just click it from there maybe I read it’s all well maybe not yeah yeah okay no what all right that really looks like a basic Android camera yeah 12 megapixels this should be a last count of standing oh yeah this will be definitely in left that’s under chin area I can actually see the screen kind of stuttering a little as it tries to like follow your movement oh nice well done there we go I don’t think this is gonna look perfect on Instagram without filters but oh man how does a front-facing camera look I don’t know how really good capturing you at your best Dan Louise let’s go back to camera all right then we’re so usually let me swing it’s so tiny my best ace everybody I wonder how wide of it oh my gosh it’s gone from 20% to 2000 yeah like he was it was 40 I think so yeah well it said seven and a half hours I’m wondering about that so also when you put it on life mode that’s when it kind of like Tunes everything down yeah yeah let me see how wide this camera dance thank you for you to do like selfie that’s not too bad here is their volume button like nope it’s just one just one button so I I think it’ll just turn off if I tried to use it yeah you can shut ur okay so what do you think what would you guys would you guys switch to something like this I mean not fully I think I thought you loved small phones I do but I also hate waiting for things to load it’s a little well let’s reserve judgment you know for when it’s a it’s fully updated yeah right but I mean if you’re going from a flagship to this you’re definitely gonna see it a step down performance because you know the flagships aren’t going to be stuttering true all they’re doing updates the background yeah I’m gonna say it would be very hard to make this my primary phone as a secondary phone I have I don’t know if I would spend ten dollars a month on that but I could see having this be a Wi-Fi you know especially if you can use whatsapp or things like that and then just be like you know what can i gather off your phone it’s like it real quick like you know you’re just gonna cafe cuz you’re not like if you’re using this phone you don’t obviously care about using it constantly right this is more for just checking the occasional message looking yeah which is how its marketed – yeah yeah I would totally have one as a secondary phone if it wasn’t for the fact that it’ll cost me 350 plus another 10 bucks a month yeah plus being on Verizon which is not a cheap carrier to begin with like when I’m like you know if I wear a suit I switch I change to like a money clip basically and not use a wallet so it’s thinner like my phone is like so big and heavy that it’s like and you just see it so this is yeah this would be you know good for something like that and it would probably pass your your pocket pants test right yeah actually small enough to scare women’s teams let’s see if it fits and we minion in the mini park we always wonder what this is for there we go it’s wrong it’s for the there you go I think that’s where it’s wart it’s been waiting for this to be invented levi-strauss because the camera pokes up so you can be just like searches leave oh that’s good you know those little tiny fancy evening bags for me too so MIT like now that we’re doing that let’s just do put in your wallet let me make sure like I hide any ID let’s just see what fit in my wallet almost it’s a it’s just a tad too big for that that’s good alright well that’s the poem yeah you know I’m gonna be checking it out we’ll see we’ll see what what it’s like under actual use I hope this is the trend because I’m tired of phones getting bigger and bigger but you bought one I had no choice I mean you always have a choice I coulda waited for this yeah anyway thanks for checking it out alright thanks alright see it


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