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Owltech IP LPR camera review

Owltech IP LPR camera review

hello my name is Josh and I want to do a review on this license plate recognition cameras that I got from Al Tech they’re selling them on eBay for 228 bucks this is a 2.1 megapixel IP camera and it has automatic shutter speed and stuff setup in it but I’m using the I Pro view a camera system here and I want to show you what it looks like at night time and in daytime so here’s a here’s a shot from a nighttime let’s go to this one here so this is a car you can see a vehicle coming at it and it’s a police car obviously but so I’ll click on this one here so this is what it does at night and kind of hard it you can see it clear on the screen and you can on a camera but the camera will focus in on it it picks up the plate pretty good so there’s a front shot of the of the car and then let’s do a rear shot car comes back okay you can see it picks up the license plate it’s pretty clearly at nighttime and this is three o’clock in the morning so it’s gonna be pitch black but it makes it to where the license plates are pretty legible at nighttime on any vehicle so I chose this vehicle just for you know it’s easy to see what kind of vehicle it is but but there you go you could pick up license plates with it very clearly at nighttime if I go to a date I’m shot so this goes seven o’clock in the morning BAM so you can see how you can zoom into the vehicle and you can pick up the plate I can go to next my next frame here even for ones that don’t reflect very well man okay you can pick them up very clearly eternity see that one again okay there’s a daytime shot very clear so but sometimes on shots like these takes a little time to clear up but it does it’s still legible the whole time through so you can i probe you you can zoom in on the plate and see exactly what it is so just yeah just to show you guys what it looks like when you guys want to get license plates if you have any crimes in your area


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