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[Overwatch] Laptop Review & Giveaway (i7 KBL & GTX 1070)

[Overwatch] Laptop Review & Giveaway (i7 KBL & GTX 1070)

Ay what’s up guys (Kephrii here) So it’s 4:30 in the morning (do you even sleep???) And I meant to give you guys this video sooner rather than later But I’m gonna make it quick, because I’m fucking tired So, you guys know I got this beast-ass (that mean sexy?) laptop, like a while back I’ve been playing on it and I’m too lazy to like – I’ve been too lazy to make a video about it But you guys have been asking me to, like, to do reviews of the shit that I get So, really simple review (quite) For those that don’t know the laptop, it’s got 16 gigs (GB) of DDR4, Like 1TB harddrive, a 500 (512) gig solid state that’s running in RAID Ah, fucking, it’s got an i7-7820HK (4.

3GHz), I think it is (yes, it is) Ah, 120Hz and 1080(p) 1920 by 1080 So, that’s all the specs [Devyn, off-camera: What is it?] Oh, what is the – that is a good point. I don’t even know the model name. It’s like a G, it’s the G7 – [Shows box] No, no, that’s the giveaway one (!giveaway on Twitch or link down below!) [Devyn: Aw, FeelsBadMan] It’s the, ah, G- Sorry, my wife, my wife’s helping me record, ’cause I’m, I don’t want to have like, a selfie (why not) So, it’s the G752, I think? I dunno, I have it written down Yeah, G752VS-X – there’s a bunch of shit, I’ll link it (G752VS-XS74K) You don’t have to worry about it But, the thing that you guys actually care about, if you’re trying to get a laptop is – like, does it, does it fucking work, right? Like, I can spit numbers all day Also, it has a (GTX) 1070 in it, I kinda left that out, that’s kind of important [shrug] (yeah, maybe) So, I’m gonna go to the training range (and using touchpad? wut) And then, at the same time, I’m gonna record it in ShadowPlay So, that way you don’t have to see the shitty, like, camera to game So, ALT + F10 I think it is, or ALT + F9 – there we go, it’s recording So, bust out the Widowmaker (obviously) So, right, right off the bat, we’re at 220 frames (per second) Erm You lose frames when you’re in the menus And we’re running on Custom right now So that way, it’s not even display-based I don’t recommend using the trackpad if you’re trying to snipe (it’s a very, very bad idea) Contrary to popular belief (Kappa) This is Holy shit Holy shit If you play like this, I am super proud of you, but I would up your DPI game (yes, please do) (how do I even subtitle this noise) LETSGOCHAMP (fail) Nope, right, anyways So 280 frames right here, 270, 260, 250.

.. It’s running at 72 degrees (or 22.22 Celsius) – it’s honestly not bad at all, like… For a laptop to be pushing 260 frames in Overwa- I cannot use the trackpad to save my life (trackpad stream challenge? Kappa) Alright Kill myself (:o) So It’s pretty good, I would say it’s pretty good, erm.

.. Anything over 200 frames on a laptop Especially Overwatch I’m, I’m pretty impressed, not gonna lie, I’m pretty impressed (so you’re pretty impressed?) The thing doesn’t get hot (I mean, it will eventually) Ah, so those wondering what it physically looks like.

.. Wanna bring the camera in a little bit? I dunno how close it is The thing’s actually really fucking beautiful looking – it’s really sleek, it’s got the lit keyboard, but my house is really bright (awh such a smart house) Really big monitor, got a web-cam, cool shit, yep yep yep And this fat (thicc) ass back here – look at this Thing’s got a fatty, man (wot) It’s 4:30 in the morning, I’m really tired, I’m not all there Oh yeah, “kicked from training range”.

Hey Blizzard, if you’re watching (yes, you, Blizz) Stop kicking me from training range for being AFK for about 2 minutes, it’s getting a little old (yes, it is) Erm So, yeah, this is my laptop, this was given to me by ASUS, you guys know I’m sponsored I just – a lot of you asked, how does it work, how does it run Now you know So “Great” “Brian, you just toot your own horn and bragged about your awesome fucking laptop, why do we care?” (wait for it.

..) This one This one’s for you guys (hell yeah) and by “you guys” I’m partially lying to you (it’s only a part of “you guys”) So, this laptop is to give back to the community that’s given to me – all of you have given to me – however, the Twitch community has been like, they’re the ones that I’ve been, like, receving the most from They’ve really helped me, that’s where I’ve started, erm (roomba in the background?) So, I’m giving back to.

.. my subscribers on Twitch, so for the people who have subbed to me and have given like… They’ve put their faith in me – I dunno man, they just make me feel good, alright They’ve let me quit my job, they’ve given me a lot of potential and capability, and a lot of shit that I’m really grateful for It’s opened doors I’ve never had I dunno, I was commuting 2 hours a day or 2 hours there, and then 2 hours back, everyday to work And I thought that was my life, you know.

I was like, you know man, this fucking sucks. And Twitch was like, yeah, you don’t have to do that, we’re here, we got you, and I was like, yeah, okay, cool (trusting Twitch chat, yike) And then, they weren’t wrong, so, this is my way of giving back So, I got a laptop – it’s not the same one But it’s an i7-7700HK – I think it’s an HK, I don’t know the fucking laptop ones (it’s an i7-7700HQ actually), but.

.. I’ll have the specs below in the links It’s got, I think, a 1060 in it (no) Ah, let see, it’s on the back This is the GL502V (GL502VS-DB71) It’s… Let’s see… i7-7700HQ 1TB harddrive 128 gigs SATA III SSD DDR4.

.. Let’s see… 8gig… (go to the link to understand) Annnd, I think it’s 1060, where does it say – it’s 1070 my bad, (GTX) 1070 Good news is, it’s not a 1060, it’s a 1070 So, the other shit that I wrote down It’s a 120Hz display 16-inches, 7700HQ, i7 The new Kaby Lake refresh that just happened – I think that’s how you say it, if not, don’t correct me (actually it’s about right) Er, yeah, so Kind of a cool thing, so That’s for you guys (Twitch subs) I’ll have the Gleam link below so you guys can enter Really, the cool thing about it like – I don’t like gaming on laptops, I never did I used to have one, it was really cool, the G – what was it, the G74SX, that thing? When I was in the military for 4 and a half years, that was my go-to, like I brought it with me to boot camp – couldn’t use it Brought it to AIT (sorry if I get this wrong), there I could use it, and it’s what I gamed on Erm, I kind of gave up on laptop gaming, because Laptops were kinda like, inferior to desktops.

They just couldn’t – you couldn’t get a 120Hz, you were stuck on 60Hz, so you’re stuck to like, shit So, it’s kinda neat that I can have a 120Hz and, fucking erm, I’m still recording, oops. (RIP) It’s kinda neat that I can have a 120Hz and not have to sacrifice anything, like.

.. I plug in a mouse and I’m good to go It’s kinda nice, so When I’m going to my family’s on the weekends, or if I’m going to events – like I got DreamHack Austin coming up It’s kinda nice knowing that I can sit in my hotel room, and I can actually play And it’s not a big deal Whereas, I didn’t have that capability before But, there ya go, now you know what this is, now you know what that is Good luck I feel like she’s still recording (you’re not wrong) She’s still recording [Devyn laughs] [Asking Devyn] You’re still recording? Oh god I don’t know what to do [Devyn: Do something crazy] Do something crazy? I do one-handed push-ups [Devyn: Okay] AWSHITCHAMP 4:30AM push-ups? I – if I can’t do this, can we edit it out? (no!) [both laugh] It’s been a while, alright? (excuses) [Devyn: You got this] [Back cracks] (yike) I’m crackin, doc (?), I’m crackin [Devyn: Alright, now you’re just showing off] Alright Everything cracked, when I did that, my back just gave me like the most intense crack of my life So, [That was awesome] I should probably sleep I just did a 20-hour stream, so if you guys were watching at the 20-hour streams (which one? You did too many) Now you know.

“What does Kepuri do after; does he sleep?” No. (sigh) I don’t. Should I? Maybe. I really wanna play PUBG (it fun) [Devyn: No.] Anyways, thanks ASUS, appreciate you guys for hooking me up with a laptop Thanks for hooking up my fans with a fucking laptop And thanks for not giving us shit laptops Really appreciate that – it’s kinda nice that they’re actually nice fucking laptops, that’s really cool So, love you guys, ‘preciate it Okay.

[Devyn: Bye!] [creepy laugh]


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