Home Phone Reviews Orange Rio 2 White phone review (part 1)

Orange Rio 2 White phone review (part 1)

Orange Rio 2 White  phone review (part 1)

hello it is the nerd from Wales this is a one of the first reviews I’ve done in a while mainly because I’ve worked with my birthday yay and this review has come about because sadly yes it has is time to retire my old ancient sony ericsson there’s served me well for many a year now but that means time to review a new phone is the orange rio 2 or rio 2 from orange only it’s not that color you can see that lady in the box it comes with a lot of junk i previously opened it cuz i had to using blah whatever then some more juggling already need to read says read me first be don’t need to of phone marshaller junk yeah i’ll be by the belated then another load of junk then some all I haven’t tested out these headphones yet so i guess um sim card which i’m not using i bring my own put the sim card for my old phone in and then under a white concludes the box it’s sort of a nice box it says this and this is that like the most useful thing in the entirety of the box I’m not kidding yes and then it has a dolphin yay I on the front just 3g mmm well now to the phone whenever someone reviews a phone I like to have some sort of reference to how big the phone is so I have 50 pence piece and that’s how big it is compared to a 50 pence piece and it aside the white one I didn’t quite like the white one is and I don’t know why it’s just nice so yeah it’s uh it’s a face well it’s a fake blackberry basically but I’ve been on my friends blackberry and I hated it I absolutely hated it because the use of in the user interface is just a bomb and abomination so I used this one I’m going to turn on have to hold the red thingy the red phone for a couple of seconds and then it serves you orange and you can see a nice reflection of my room ceiling and maybe the cupboard and that’s money and then it takes a bit startup but then maybe I should have read the readme things because when I first turned it off how do i get to these things here down here oh oops well it’s actually a semi touchscreen so want to look at contacts there they go and so basically if you want to set your ringtone you do you press the middle button then you go down to settings profiles weirdly and you general edit now when i was first setting up I didn’t know what to didn’t know how to click so I was like how do i click that so if it a voice call ringtone here if you can’t read that oh never mind us um I’ll play at you no recognize what that is no really Sevendust forever only it doesn’t really work out well as a ringtone because it starts are quite quiet I think I might cut it on my computer for this part okay enough that although it is a nice song it’s like one of the only really metal pieces that I like I mean normally I just like muse dubstep I have a lot a lot of dubstep me why oh yeah queens of the stone age are quite liked them and obviously the Foo Fighters Foo Fighters that reason I sleep for my birthday I got a documentary on them I was I was very interesting it’s quite funny as well one of the drummer but will their an assistant ask them what so what kind of things do demand on tour and then the drummer just looked and said instruments maybe love quite a lot like although retelling it isn’t it isn’t that funny well when I telex I was never very good at telling jokes no so yeah it is I I believe as a three point five megapixel camera there it is on a three-point oh there’s my camera allows 3.

5 can’t really remember then you can see my ipod in the reflection and it has a qwerty keyboard yeah I’ve never done a phone review before that this phone is very phony and what else has a male thing if you click this ban on inside it brings you to your mail but I don’t want I haven’t logged in so I thought having mail on your phone is completely pointless do you know what you get mail on your computer or and everyone’s going to hate me for this but I think the ipad is a bit of a gimmick I did I just said it I mean that’s what laptops are for online I mean sure I mean the argument is you know they’re smaller than a laptop they’re better whatever but I actually no I take that back it’s not a gimmick it’s just not for me yeah it’s bit as a better way of saying it see ya reference 50 pence and what else can I say jump diving don’t think I can see much more and then he press here and slide back comes off and then there is your SIM card and the wee little sandisk thingy the battery and then get me getting it back on is a bit hard after sort of click click click I don’t know it see I just I done did it wrong there we go and notice that it isn’t actually it isn’t flush it’s does it still got a bit of a ridge here I’ve mind them yeah overall I actually quite like this phone because it’s the first phone I’ve had there’s a touchscreen it’s the first phone that I’ve had which is it has a qwerty keyboard and it’s got quite a loud I mean compared to my old old old phone me turn depends of us battery


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