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Olympus XA2 Camera Review | Mastin Labs

Olympus XA2 Camera Review | Mastin Labs

hi I’m Kirk Mastan from Masson labs and this is a practical camera review of the olympus XA 2 this is an incredible tiny pocketable camera with a 35 millimeter 3.5 lens and zone focusing it’s about the simplest camera that I know of the only thing simpler would be one of those disposable cameras to see at a grocery store where you use it once and you send it in for developing what makes this camera is so amazing is that you’re getting the ease of use of a disposable camera with a top-quality lens in a very very solid metal camera body that can fit in your pocket it doesn’t have a flash it doesn’t have autofocus it doesn’t have a lot of things but what it doesn’t have is what makes it so amazing this is what I think of as the Zen camera this is possibly the best street photography camera I’ve ever used because all you have to do is set one of the three focusing points and get it ready to shoot you can and then you can put it away and when you pull it out it is ready to go you don’t even have to wait for autofocus the autofocus is zero and the shutter release is just feather touch it is absolutely the quickest photo or camera to shoot on the street you can pull it out of your pocket slide it into whatever zone focus as you’re pulling it out of your pocket take your shot and put it away in like three or four seconds it’s absolutely incredible these cameras were made in the millions I think it was like one of the most popular Olympus cameras when it came out and it was advertised as being the smallest point shoot camera you could buy they’re super easy to find you can go on eBay and find one right now for I don’t know 75 bucks 25 bucks they’re all over the place I’ve seen them at garage sales and you should definitely pick one up if you see one there’s not as I said there’s not much to it if you want to there a few tricks I can tell you about it is that if you want to really control exposure because right now you know just out of the box it’s just automatic exposure like a point shoot is that you have control over the ISO the film ISO with this little tiny knob here so what I often do is for example I’ll put kodak goal 200 in this camera but I want to make sure that I’m always over exposing it a little bit because that’s what makes that that film look really good and I would always rather have over exposure than under exposure what I do is I set this little ISO dial to 100 so what that means is the camera thinks that I’ve got one hundred speed film in here but I’ve actually got 200 speed and I can take this out and shoot it wherever and know that I’m going to get a usable negative if it’s a little bit overexposed awesome but I know for sure well in most cases that is not going to be underexposed which you really can’t do anything with when you go to scan your film the viewfinder is nice and bright I don’t know how they got such a nice view finder in such a tiny camera it slides open and closed easily with one thumb and I mean this is just like with such a simple camera this is such an incredible bonus I was just thrilled it’s got its own little kickstand so you can set this down you don’t even need a tripod and push and it’s also got a timer and you have a timer and a stand it’s the most incredible camera for what it is highly highly overlooked by everybody and underrated definitely pick one up if you need a street photography camera see how good you can get with this before you get a Leica m6 and let me tell you you might not ever get a Leica m6 I don’t have one anymore I use this if you’d like to learn more about this camera and other film cameras go to my blog at Mastan labs comm /blog and you can also check out these incredible film emulation presets that I’ve made for Lightroom and Photoshop you can now you can just totally match your digital and your film shots together and they are seamless you have to see it so thank you very much and I’ve got more great reviews coming


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